Doctor at pregnancy - is he safe?

Many people with a cold or other illness do not rush to visit a doctor. Most go to the pharmacy right away and buy the medicine recommended by the advertisement for treatment. This is far from safe, especially for pregnant women. In this position, when receiving it is necessary to carefully read the instructions, because during this period, many drugs are contraindicated. Many doctors advise taking Dr. Mom syrup during pregnancy. According to experts, it is the safest and most effective.

The drug "Doctor Mom"

The main advantage of this drug are herbal ingredients such as licorice, peppermint, aloe extract, turmeric, basil and many others. Taking a syrup "Doctor Mom" ​​during pregnancy, you need to make sure that these ingredients do not cause allergies.

Drug action

The main action is the dilution of sputum and removing it from the bronchi. In combination, this medicine has an antispasmodic, antipyretic, antibacterial and antifungal effect, which provides the most effective treatment.The drug is prescribed for bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, inflammation of the lungs and other colds.Dr. Mom ointment during pregnancy

Contraindications and side effects

The only contraindication is individual intolerance to one of the plant components. If an allergic reaction occurs, it is not recommended to take antihistamines, especially during the period of carrying a child. When compared with other drugs, Doctor Mom syrup during pregnancy is a remedy containing the most benign components.

Release form

It is produced in the form of syrup, ointment, lozenges, lollipops. Each of these drugs has individual characteristics of action. The attached instruction will help to understand the properties of each type of medicine.syrup Dr. Mom during pregnancy


It has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect, due to which Dr.Mom syrup during pregnancy is prescribed most often.


Roller pencil will help during a cold. They lubricate the skin around the nostrils and nose. If there is a cough, then rub the back and chest with the same pencil.


"Doctor Mom" ​​ointment during pregnancy will also help to cope with a cold. It consists of nutmeg and eucalyptus oil, menthol, vaseline, camphor. It is recommended to rub the chest and back. The ointment has a warming effect and relieves cough, runny nose, and also eliminates migraines. With dermatitis and wounds in the place of application it should not be used. A preliminary test is conducted to identify an allergic reaction - a small amount of ointment is applied to a small area of ​​skin.Dr. Mom during pregnancyPastilles

You should pay attention to the fact that the safety of the drug depends on the form of release. Pastilles "Doctor Mom" ​​during pregnancy are not the best option, since in their production preservatives and synthetic dyes are used, which are contraindicated in the future mother. If, out of ignorance, a woman in the position has taken a couple of records, there is nothing wrong with that, but henceforth it is better not to allow it.

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