Dough for ravioli: cooking at home

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It is believed that the dumplings came to Russia during the time of the Mongol-Tatar yoke, and they came not from anywhere, but from China. There this food is called "yu-pao." Generally, dumplings in one form or another are found in almost all cuisines of the world: the Italians have ravioli, the Uzbeks have manti, the Armenians have boraki, and the Georgians have hinkali. The Russian name of this dish comes from two words in the Finno-Ugric dialect: “pell” - an ear, “nannies” - dough. Fillings use a variety of: boiled vegetables, mushrooms, fish, but still most often meat. And certainly three different varieties - pork, beef and lamb. This combination also came to us from the depths of the centuries - this dish was previously used in symbolic sacrifices.

Dough for ravioliDough for ravioli

Here, it would seem, there is nothing complicated, however, there are some nuances. Not every housewife will be able to cook the right dough for dumplings - rather tight, but elastic and uniform. How to make it? The best dough for ravioli contains only four ingredients - water, flour, salt and eggs. So, proceed to cooking.First you need to sift the flour well to saturate it with oxygen. This is not so important as for yeast dough, but experts believe that this procedure affects the taste of the dish. Then pour the flour in a heap, make a small depression in it and release one or two eggs there, pour in water and add salt. The number of ingredients is determined "by eye". After that, we begin to knead the dough for ravioli - strictly in one direction, otherwise it will be divided into parts, and gradually add flour, so that it becomes sufficiently dense. Remember that this procedure is lengthy and requires strong hands. When the dough is ready, it should “rest” a bit in the cold, about half an hour. It is better to cover it with a damp cloth - so it will not dry. And remember, a good, properly mixed dough for dumplings in no case should not spread across the surface of the table. If this happens, it is necessary to knead it, while adding flour.The best dough for ravioliHostess on the note

After the dumplings dough is ready, it remains only to roll it correctly. This is done in two ways. The first is when the doughs are made of dough, about the thickness of a finger, which are then cut into small rounds. Then they are sprinkled with flour and rolled out individually.This method is quite fast, but it requires some skill and skills - with the habit you may not be able to “juicy” a round shape and the same size.The correct dough for ravioliThe second way is that the dough is first rolled into a thin cake, from which the circles are then cut. They can be squeezed out with a glass or a suitable size glass. This method of “sochni” is made much slower, but they all turn out to be the same, which means that the dumplings will turn out as from the picture. The main secret of a good test is that it should be very subtle, since its function is to hold the stuffing, and not to dominate the dish. If everything is cooked correctly, the dish will turn out - just you will lick your fingers!

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