Dove in the window flew? A sign for goodness it?

doveIf the dove in the window flew - a bad omen:in the house someone will die (the death of the person living in the house). In the people there is a huge amount of signs about pigeons. They are both bad and good. Many people take this attitude very seriously. However, this superstition has many nuances that should not be ignored.

In the case when your window is unbuttoned and the dove inthe window flew, the sign can carry and some positive information. First of all, you need to pay attention to the beak of an unexpected guest. If he holds a leaf, a blade of grass, or a twig, then the message will surely be good. But there are cases when all the windows in the house are closed, and the dove is still inside the house, then you should expect trouble or a great grief.

the dove knocks on the windowIf the dove knocks on the window, unfortunately thismeans trouble, or rather death. The pigeon is just a harbinger, and no one knows what he is trying to say by knocking at the window. The best way out in this case will be a calm reaction to what is happening. A person is able to attract different phenomena with his thoughts. Try to think about the good, and then the troubles will not come to you.

The dove flew to the window and settled onwindowsill - do not be afraid of trouble. Different birds, including pigeons, have some peculiarity to portend troubles and accidents. And if the pigeon has settled on your window, then your house will be safe and nothing threatens him. Now you need to constantly feed the feathered friend and monitor his behavior. In case of loss of the pet, you need to be more careful and accurate, to notice everything that is happening.

The dove is a bird from God, and if you look closelyyou can see a rainbow on his neck. Some people believe that these are messengers from the very angels from heaven. If the dove in the window flew - a sign says that in the owners' home will always be prosperity, good and happiness. Usually pigeons arrive only on clear and warm days, as they are very sensitive birds.

As already mentioned above, people only think aboutbad. And as a result, everything bad happens. Pigeons are only harbingers and are not guilty of what awaits you, so do not bring down all your troubles on them, they have nothing to do with it. In the case when the dove in the window flew, - a bad omen, as many think. Do not think about the bad, smile, think about something good and pleasant. Birds are good-natured and they never approach bad people. They feel the character of a person. Usually these mysterious birds ask for food only from good people.the dove flew to the windowAnd anyway, if a person gave them food, they neverthey will not wait for evil from him. On the contrary, they will become gullible to this person. What could be nicer than this? If a person is good, even birds notice it.

Drivers often face the fact that these birdstag their cars, do not be angry in this case. If you are marked by a dove, you can consider yourself the happiest person in the world. Pigeons are messengers, and people should take care of them. Appreciate these birds, thank them for their foreknowledge, and perhaps with their help you will be circumvented by all the misfortunes and misfortunes that are waiting for you in your life.

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