Dream Interpretation: What is the dream of perfume?

Human dreams are diverse in their characters. The question of what dreams of spirits, can not give a definite answer. In order to come to the right decision and the solution of this symbol, the details of the circumstances of the dream are necessary. Moreover, today there are numerous variants of dream books, where the interpretation of the same symbolism is different. Consider in some interpreters of dreams decoding the image of the perfume in various circumstances.

Perfume in the interpretation of "Dream Miller"

Feel the scent of perfume in a dream - to a happy adventure. The one who suffocates them is included in the confidence of the flatterer. If you feel a weary smell, from which you are choking, then this is a sign of mental illness from an unjustified hobby of empty business.

To shed outside the spirits means to deprive the source of joy. Also an unpleasant sign will be a broken bottle of spirits - the collapse of innermost desires without their fulfillment.

If in a dream to extract the essence, it is connected with the presence in the life of pleasant colleagues. Separately marked women's dreams about perfumes.So, a woman who takes a scented bath in a dream is waiting for interesting events. What dreams of female perfumes as a gift from a man? The answer from the dream book - risky pleasure. But if you dream about the choice of perfume in the presence of a loved one, then you need to be on the alert: your elect is distinguished by his stinginess.

what dreams perfume

The image of spirits in the "Modern Dream Book"

Spirits here have the purpose of an unexpected gift that a stranger will present. Their purchase is a warning not to feed in vain illusions. The feeling of aroma will be associated with the imminent appearance of joyful events, romantic acquaintance, and for a young girl - with the preparation for the wedding.

If the owner of the dream sprinkles perfume on the clothes of others, then this is a solution to personal problems with the use of low flattery. And if you sprinkle perfume on yourself, then this is a sign of the unjustified desire to live in luxury. Again, the spilling of spirits - the deprivation of joy, and the accidental damage to the bottle - the unfulfilled secret aspirations.

Perfume in "The Dream Interpretation of the XXI Century"

Why dream of smelling perfume according to this interpreter? To the fact that at work or in life changes are coming. But the feeling of gentle aroma will be associated with the identification of something secret fromof life.

Getting a perfume as a gift will be a good sign. This anticipates a pleasant purchase or news. It is also very positive to see cologne in dreams. The owner of such a dream is waiting for a romantic adventure with a possible escalation into something more serious.

 why dream of smelling perfume

Interpretation of spirits in the Dream Book of the Wanderer

What dreams of perfume? According to the interpretation of this dream book, dreams that are associated with getting perfume as a gift have a negative background. This is a commemoration of a difficult life period, as well as a possible foreshadowing of betrayal by a loved one. And what is the dream of buying perfumes? The plot of such a dream foreshadows the fulfillment of desires, but with some obstacles. It is only necessary to be patient.

Perfume for "Esoteric dream book"

What dreams of perfume? This type of dream foreshadows pleasant changes. This is a sign of a cardinal change in personal perception of the world. If the one who has a dream sniffs toilet water, then such action will be associated with a pleasant rest and meeting with old friends.

Do you spray perfume in your dream? This indicates a lack of communication.The owner of sleep is too self-contained, he should communicate more live for full relaxation.

If in a dream there is some kind of obsessive and unpleasant smell of perfume of unknown origin, then this can lead to some hassle and anxiety. It means that it’s time to relax and unwind, since in the near future, a painstaking and hard work plan is expected.

According to this dream book, why do you dream of giving perfumes? If the owner of the dream is a young girl, then for her it promises new acquaintances and generally new in her personal life. Well, for a married woman, this topic may be related to the appearance of someone else in a relationship with her husband; she is likely to fall victim to some kind of temptation.

To break the bottle with the spirits and in this interpretation is a negative sign. Such a plot foreshadows new priorities and plans. Favorite spirits broke, and there is no way to find them? It means that in real life there is an extra fuss that can take away from a stable position in life. You should stand your ground and not change the already coherent plans.

 what dreams of female perfume

Perfume on the "Women's Interpreter of Dreams"

In terms of receiving perfume as a gift, this dream book indicates a quick rest and receiving joy from it.If the spirits in night dreams had to be given, it means that, in reality, one of the relatives is engaged in vain business, shifting the blame on you. And if you feel the smell of perfume girlfriend in a dream, be ready for an early meeting with her.

The interpretation of the perfume on the "Frederick Dream"

What dreams of perfume? What can a popular dream book tell about this? The perfume here is a display of hidden dreams of love and romantic relationships. Why do men smell perfume according to dream interpretation? When a beloved perfume appears in a dream, the uncertainty of its exact origin will be associated with acquaintance with an interesting woman, a complete mystery. The union, however, does not imply longevity, but it will certainly give a richness of life.

As for the female version of sleep, in which the woman feels a pleasant male cologne, such a turn of events promises her a romantic adventure with a stranger, which can even replace already relevant relationships. And then comes the choice between two fans. In such a situation, you should pay attention to other details for a more accurate prediction.

A dream in the dream of buying perfumes for yourself is a wonderful sign, promising happiness in your relationship. And the acquisition of perfume for someone from loved ones - a joy for them.And a split bottle of perfume does not carry a strong negative interpretation if you still enjoy their fragrance. Perhaps the restoration of the past, even already forgotten hobbies.

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Perfume as an image in the "Intimate Collection"

Why dream of choosing perfumes according to this interpreter? You should not trust someone who flatters you. Also, a warning will be the fact that the owner of sleep begins to choke on the smell of perfume: he pays too much attention to cases that do not represent value. This should serve as a reason to revise their plans for life and think about serious actions.

Perfume in the interpretation of "Islamic dream book"

Seeing spirits in a dream involves future participation in good deeds, and for a young girl - soon marriage. And if you already have a loved one, then soon disappointment in him and his intentions.

If the owner of a dream about using toilet water is a person who has committed a crime or a deception, in the near future he will confess to everything. Well, if the pleasant aromas appear in the nightly dreams of the incurably ill, then this is a sign of the imminent demise.

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Perfume in the "Dream Interpretation Longo"

To dream about packing perfume - providing an opportunity to start a new event. Dreamed that you smell the perfume? It means that soon you will fall madly in love. Be careful with the excessive use of perfume in a dream: the loss of the old place of work is possible due to an attempt to occupy someone's new. In accordance with this dream book, giving of spirits to you is associated with a profitable, in the opinion of your friend, work that will not be worth it. And if you give the perfume yourself, then your closest people will be engaged in your fault with useless work.

Explanations to the image of the spirits in the "Dream Interpretation for the Bitch"

What dreams of perfume on this dream book? The spirits themselves symbolize disappointment. If you had a dream about their purchase or gift - this is the emergence of a new relationship and the termination of the old. And accepting spirits as a gift means persistent courtship of a person who is not interested.

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The interpretation of the spirits in the "dream book Maya"

How will the “Dream of the Maya” spirits interpreted in a dream? If I dreamed of men's perfume in dreams, then this is a good sign - the appearance of a strong man in life. In addition, to enhance this value, it is recommended to prick the fingers with three needles and then break the latter.Female perfume foreshadow malaise and weakness. For the prevention of this condition, it is advised to drink coffee, after dropping corn oil in it.

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Interpretation of the image of spirits in the "Children's Dream Book"

According to the interpretation of such a dream book, the soul begins its awakening. The state of the soul is similar to the appearance of a blooming flower in spring in its active growth and development with the hope of a good future. This may be a sign that memories of a pleasant period of life will soon be remembered.

It is very interesting to interpret dreams. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to build life on the basis of predictions only, which are often contradictory. After all, the nightly dream associated with the presence of perfume can be interpreted by associating with a recent visit to the perfume shop. On the other hand, the human subconscious is always trying to help. So, hints from dreams often want to warn us against possible life difficulties. Dreams provide general clues, and everyone decides for himself whether to accept them or not. Try to remember as many details of the dream and successful solution as possible!

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