Dream interpretation. What dreams of feces?

During the night rest, dreams sometimes accompany us all. We see in our nightly dreams of people, animals, natural phenomena and much more. Dreams are often beautiful, but not always their solution bears in itself some kind of positive. And it happens that we see things extremely unsightly. For example, in a dream we can see feces. But this does not mean that the interpretation of this image will be just as unpleasant. Therefore, let us turn to the interpreters and find out why feces dream.

Interpretation of Freud's dream book

The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud explains such dreams by the fact that there are serious problems in your personal life that have caused your spiritual experiences. But you don't want to discuss it with anyone.

  • If in a dream you happened to get dirty in someone else's feces, you will soon find out the details of the love affairs of one of your colleagues. But he himself will not guess about it.
  • Freud also interprets this image as a dreamer doing a shameful act in which he dares not admit to his loved ones.Although, perhaps, such a line of conduct will allow him to maintain his reputation.
  • You try to clear your feces in your night visions - in reality, you will face an unpleasant situation, which will be provoked by the ill-wisher. Just this dishonest person will know some of your secrets and will want to harm you.
  • Freud also gives an explanation of what a person’s or animal’s feces dream about. This may mean that in order to achieve your goal you are not squeamish about any methods.
what dreams of worms in feces

What dreams of feces. Interpretation of Miller’s dream book. Dream interpretation of Nostradamus

Gustav Miller interprets such dreams in his own way.

  • You dreamed that you saw feces - wait for a significant increase in your income in the near future.
  • You saw a manure in a dream - if you are a businessman, you will have good deals and successful completion of the business, and if you are a farmer, you will have a rich harvest.
  • But if a dung heap dreamed of a young girl, very soon she will have a successful marriage.

Nostradamus treats such a dream as very favorable.

  • He considers feces in a dream a symbol of gifts and surprises. Sometimes people like that can dream on the eve of a birthday.This explains the interpretation of the image.
  • He also has another interpretation of what he saw in a dream feces. Perhaps the dreamer will finally acquire a long-awaited expensive purchase.
what dreams of white feces

Interpretation of the dream book Grishina and modern dream book

In the dream book of Grishina, an interpretation is given of the most varied situations associated with the feces seen by the dreamer.

  • If you just saw the feces - this dream is a dream for money, wealth, success in all your endeavors.
  • You dreamed that you were lying in a pile of feces - you will meet in a fun company.
  • But why dream of feces, if you hold it in your hands. This night vision promises you many pleasures in life.
  • If you see yourself recovering, in real life you have to spend a lot of money.
  • I dreamed that you had diarrhea - in reality it could lead to losses.
  • If in order to recover, you are given an enema, such a dream is a symbol of constant need for finances. If an enema is put to someone else, you are in trouble.

In the Modern Dream Book, you can also look if you saw a similar dream.

  • You have a glimpse of feces - a symbol of the fact that things that seemed hopeless to you, will suddenly bring greater profits.
  • Also, a dream like this can bring you inheritance.
  • Especially favorable sleep with manure - in reality it means getting pleasant surprises.
what dreams of human feces

ABC interpretation of dreams and the Chinese dream book

The ABC of the interpretation of dreams has its own interpretation of various situations associated with feces in night visions.

  • For example, why dream of human feces, here explains how the hardness of your character, the ability to concentrate the experience and knowledge to achieve goals.
  • You saw liquid feces in a dream - your merits may remain unrecognized.
  • If you defecate in the wrong place for this, in real life, the help you offer to someone and the accumulated experience may not be accepted or rejected.
  • You saw a lot of your own feces - it is an omen that you can implement all your knowledge and experience in your projects.

Interpretations on the Chinese dream book of feces, seen in a dream, are also interesting.

  • For example, why dream of staining with feces, dream book explains the upcoming wealth.
  • The feces scattered on the ground appeared in a dream - a high position in society awaits you.
  • If you are recovering with difficulty while in the restroom, you will soon have a new position.
  • But if the dreamer has fecal incontinence, it is a harbinger of forthcoming losses.
why dream of staining feces

Interpretation of different dream books

This topic did not go around with their attention and many other dream books.

  • The newest dream book believes that the appearance of fecal masses in dreams foreshadows your annoyance and grief.
  • What dreams of feces, dreamman Wanderer also interprets money and enrichment. If the stool is liquid, be careful: you can be deceived, betrayed or defamed.
  • The hypothesizer also gives his own definition of what dreams of getting dirty in the feces. If it’s another person’s feces, then you’ll get a lot of money from him, if it’s your feces, you can get sick, but if it’s animal feces, you’ll get a profit.
  • According to Rommel's dream book, just seen feces symbolize the reproaches and condemnations of others around the dreamer, and if you eat it, great wealth awaits you.
  • According to the dream book, Denise Lynn, feces in night visions indicate that you do not need to harass yourself with the suspicion that someone treats you badly. It can also symbolize some features that you judge not only from others, but also from yourself.
  • Interpreter Tsvetkov considers such a dream a harbinger of financial losses.Therefore, you need to control all the important points in your business, be careful when you sign important documents.
  • Miss Hasse, in her dream book, agrees that excrement in night dreams symbolizes a stable financial situation. But at the same time she believes that you need to earn money honestly.
what dreams of man's feces


As it turned out, such an unpleasant sight in a dream for the most part has a positive interpretation. But interpretations of some dreams are quite rare. For example, what worms dream about in feces, in some dream books it is explained by the fact that a person will choose an illegal way to get his profit. The unpleasant smell of feces in a dream warns that you need to limit communication with people who are unpleasant to you. But what the white feces dream about can be interpreted so that the dreamer expects a white stripe. All the money he invests in his projects will bring great profit.

Considering the many options for interpreting what he saw in a dream feces, it becomes clear that you should not be afraid of such images, because you may well have to wait for financial well-being.

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