Dumplings with berries. Dough for dumplings with berries

In the summer, a good cook has a lot of new possibilities to dream in the kitchen. After all, there are always vegetables, fruits and berries of all sorts at his service. One of the most popular summer dishes are the dumplings with berries. What they do not prepare their hostesses. Cherries, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries, currants, strawberries and strawberries ... Everything that can be found on the market or in the summer cottage is used.

berry dumplings

Today we will tell how to cook dumplings with strawberries, cherries and other berries. Let's talk about what kind of dough to use for this exquisite dish. Open some of the secrets of the cooking process and filing. So, let's start ...

How to cook the dough on water

Cooking dumplings with berries begins with the selection of dough. If you do not want to try anything new, but prefer a reliable and proven recipe, you can use the following.

  • Take the white wheat flour and sift slides on the work surface.
  • In the center, make a small depression. Outwardly, everything should look like a small volcano.
  • Now you need 1-2 glasses of ice water and 4 tablespoons of starch.
  • Dissolve the starch in a few tablespoons of water and carefully pour into the well. Salt a little.
  • With your fingers or a tablespoon, slowly begin to roll and expand the walls of the "crater" by mixing the flour with water.
  • As the deepening of the deepening in small portions pour water.
  • Knead soft enough elastic dough. Wrap it with a pastry wrap and place in a cold place for 30–40 minutes. During this time, gluten will be released, and the dough will become even more elastic.

This recipe does not indicate the exact amount of flour. It all depends on the quality of this product. Act on the “how many take” principle and watch the dough consistency. It should be soft enough, but not sticky, it is easy to lag behind the hands.

dough on dumplings with berries

Choux pastry

There are many recipes for making dough with berries. One of them is the brewed version. You will need:

  • flour - 230 g;
  • milk or water - 80 ml;
  • vegetable oil odorless - 40 ml;
  • salt - 3-4 g (pinch).

At first glance, the cooking process may seem a bit strange. But there is nothing difficult in it:

  • In a deep bowl, mix the flour with salt and vegetable oil.
  • Milk (water) bring to a boil and carefully pour a thin stream into the flour. It is necessary to constantly mix the contents of the bowl with a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • Set the dough aside for 20 minutes to cool.
  • As soon as the mass can be picked up and not burned, we spread the dough on the table and intensively crush for 3-5 minutes. If necessary, you can fill up a little flour. To do this, simply sprinkle the dough on top of it and knead it a little.
  • You should have a soft com, a bit like children's clay.

strawberry dumplings

Kefir dough

Another option for cooking dumplings with berries - kefir dough. Make it easy. You need to prepare these ingredients:

  • sifted flour - 0.5 kg;
  • chicken eggs - 1 pc .;
  • kefir (not very fat) - 1 tbsp .;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • a pinch of salt.

You do not need to boil or boil anything in this recipe. Kefir dough is made as follows:

  • In a large deep bowl, break the chicken egg, add salt, sugar and whisk thoroughly with a whisk.
  • To the resulting mixture add kefir and beat again until complete dissolution of the dry ingredients.
  • Now you can add flour to the bowl. Do not forget, it is necessary to sift it. So flour will be enriched with oxygen, and the dough will turn out even tastier.
  • Knead a rather soft dough and knead it well. The ball should not stick to the fingers.
  • Wrap a flour ball in a bag or cling film and send it to rest (30–35) minutes. Now you can cook from it.

Sour cream

Dough for dumplings with berries well cooked on fresh sour cream. As in the previous recipe, it will need about a glass. Otherwise, everything is done in the same way as described above. If you are afraid that the dough will be very dense, you can add a pinch of baking soda to the cream dough. Just do not overdo it, and then the dumplings will fall apart during cooking.

wild berry dumplings

Curd dough

The most delicious dumplings with wild berries are obtained from dough with the addition of cottage cheese. For a particularly original taste, try adding this dairy product to the berry filling. The result will be simply amazing.

To make cottage cheese dough, you will need:

  • wheat flour - 4 tbsp .;
  • chicken eggs - 4 pcs .;
  • cottage cheese –250 g;
  • sugar sand - 150–250 g;
  • soda and salt - 1 pinch.

From this amount of dough products there are quite a lot. So if you decide to just experiment, portions can be reduced by half.

  • Beat the eggs in a large deep bowl and add the cottage cheese there. Using a fork or crush for mashed potatoes, mix the mixture until a homogeneous mass.
  • Add sugar and a pinch of salt. If you are going to cook dumplings with blackberries or another rather sour berry, you can add sugar to a whole glass. The taste of this will only benefit.
  • Add a little soda to the resulting mixture, but by no means extinguish it with vinegar or lemon juice. Stir until smooth.
  • Now it's time to add double sifted flour. This should be done gradually, in small portions.

At some point you will need to lay out the mass on the work surface and continue to knead manually. The dough should still be soft and stick well off your hands. You do not need to set such dough, you can immediately start making vareniki.

How to sculpt dumplings

The process of making dumplings with strawberries or other berries has some peculiarities.

  • First, it is necessary to sculpt them very quickly and in small portions.Berries - quite juicy stuffing. If the process is delayed, the juice will soak the dough, and the dumplings will simply crumble. Therefore, it is necessary to cook them in portions of 15–20 pieces, then boil them immediately, or place them in the freezer.
  • Secondly, the dough on the dumplings with berries need to roll out a little thicker than, for example, on the dumplings. Too thin dough can quickly soak.

steamed berry dumplings

The cooking process is very simple:

  • Take the dough, cooked according to one of the recipes outlined above. Roll into a layer of 3-4 mm.
  • Using a glass with thin walls cut the required number of circles.
  • Put some sugar and some berries on each cake.
  • Fold the circle in half and tweak the edges. Make sure that the sugar does not get on the tuck line, otherwise the dumplings will be unstuck when cooking.
  • Boil the dumplings in portions in boiling salted water, remove with a slotted spoon and peremazhte butter.

Steam Dumplings

One of the most popular dishes of Ukraine in general and Poltava region in particular is vareniki with steamed berries. Most often, they are made from cottage cheese or yeast dough and boiled without contact with water. We have already told about the curd dough. But the recipe for yeast:

  • wheat flour - 3-4 glasses;
  • sour cream (15–20% fat) - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • softened butter (butter) - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • egg - 1 pc .;
  • yeast - 15 grams;
  • fine granulated sugar - 1 tsp.
  • warm milk - 3/4 tbsp.
  1. Take the yeast and grind with sugar. Mix all the listed ingredients and knead smooth dough. Set aside in a warm place for half an hour to dissolve.
  2. While the dough is resting, do the filling. Berries need to be washed, remove the bones and tear off the stem, if any.
  3. Cook a steamer. Who does not have it - not scary. You can take a wide saucepan and install a sieve suitable for the diameter on it. He is also not? No problem. Take a piece of gauze and fold it with a scarf. Wet the cloth with water and tie up the edges of the pan so that the top is flat. The edges are tucked under the knot so that the fire does not reach them. The improvised double boiler is ready.
  4. Roll out the dough with a small sausage. Enough diameter 3-4 centimeters. Now cut the dough into “pyataks” about 2 cm thick. Roll each flour into flour and flatten it a little with your hand or with a rolling pin. You should get pellets about half a centimeter thick.
  5. Type in a pot of water and put on the fire to boil.
  6. Put some sugar and berry filling on each cake. Securely pinch the edges. When the water boils, place the dumplings on cheesecloth (in a double boiler) and cover with an inverted bowl.
  7. Depending on the size of the dumplings, cook them for 5–10 minutes. When ready, we lay them out on a chopping board and give a little to wind down. This is done so that they do not stick together. Now the dumplings can be shifted to a bowl, pour with butter and, if desired, pour sugar.

blackberry dumplings

Few secrets

Berry filling for dumplings is very juicy. So that the juice does not flow out and is not wasted for nothing, you can do this.

Take berries, for example, cherries. Remove the bones from them, pour in the sweet sand and leave it aside for 2-3 hours. Drain the resulting juice, and use cherries as a filling. Boil the resulting juice with sugar until thick and use as a gravy for a dish.

Pour into a separate bowl a few spoons of sugar, which you will add directly to the dumpling. Add 2-3 teaspoons of potato starch and stir well.When cooking, the juice released from the berries will be mixed with sweet starch and will turn into a thick, viscous syrup. Therefore, nothing will splash and flow out. Bon Appetit!

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