Edgar Wright - the new face of British cinema

Edgar Wright, being British to the bone, is known to the entire cinema public as a film director with his own unique style, producer and part-time actor. An outstanding visionary of our time is known for a wide audience on the “Blood and Ice Cream” trilogy, the screen version of the comics about the adventures of Scott Pilgrim, as well as an extraordinary sense of humor, which are saturated with his film production.edgar wright

The modern face of British cinema

Skillfully moving characters and performers from one film project to the next, while creating countless, confused allusions, director Edgar Wright with a constant sense of taste and style arranges a real celebration for the viewer who prefers beautifully shot films with intellectual overtones. Shooting his first pictures, the director began with ironic parody, playing up stamps and imitations on the most popular genres in the film industry.Then his author's vision, the original style of shooting, turned into something more, forming his own style, which is now the calling card of the visionary. Edgar Wright, whose filmography contains extremely rich in content and visual terms of film, honors the form and plot of each of his creations, leading them to almost perfect. Sometimes the director, with the characteristic calmness of the British and subtle humor, gives the viewer a film similar to a theater of complete absurdity, but at the same time, each of his work is brought up by the cinema public into cult status.edgar wright movies

short biography

Edgar Wright was born in the second half of April in Dorset, Poole. His childhood and adolescence took place in Wales, due to family relocation. The future director of the cinema began to get involved in early youth, and the peak period of the hobby was the time period of the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s. While still at school, Wright shot short films, on occasion exposing his projects at amateur contests and festivals, and received the following work for the prize money received. The very first pictures of the director were stylized popular paintings of the time, for example, "A Fistful of Fingers."The parody spaghetti western shot in 1995 by Wright was even broadcast on cable television.

Thanks to his talent, Edgar Wright was soon noticed by producers and invited to act as a director for several television series. In 1996, the young director met Simon Pegg, and in 1999 the series “Weird” appeared, bringing together the currently famous Trinity-Pegg-Frost trinity. This series Edgar filmed in an unusual comedy genre. He filled the action with dramatic perspectives, inserting episodes with visualization more characteristic of horror or science fiction. Also, the narration was utterly filled with many allusions and references, which the author did not think to hide.edgar wright movies

The prehistory and trilogy "Cornetto"

The incredible success of the “Weird” allows the creative union of Wright and Pegg to start working on the production of the romantic horror comedy “Zombie named Sean”. The film is released in hire in 2004, receives the highest IMDb rating: 8.00 and two significant awards for the script. The creator of the horror classics George Romero, being impressed by their masterpiece, immediately invites gifted filmmakers to play in his next project, Land of the Dead.

After the cinematically and commercially successful "Shona", Wright and Pegg decide to consolidate their success with the trilogy of British comedies, later named "Cornette", as each episode from it is associated with one of the flavors of ice cream. The first film of the trilogy is the one “Zombie named Sean”. The second picture is a cool comedy type action-thriller action (IMDb: 7.90).

In 2007, Edgar Wright manages to shoot a trailer for the project K. Tarantino and R. Rodriguez "Grindhouse". A little later, he receives an offer to take the director's chair in the movie Mission Impossible 4, but as a result, the director was Brad Bird.director edgar wright

According to the usual path

In 2006, Edgar Wright, whose films had by this time become moronly popular, began to be adapted for comics. First, he makes a film about the superhero Ant-Man, then writes the script for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, and directs the fantastic comedy melodrama Scott Pilgrim Against All.

In the period from 2010 to 2011, Wright is fond of producing, under his strict guidance black comedies “Once! Two! Three! Die! ”And“ Aliens in the area. ”

In 2013, the final episode of the trilogy, the film “Amageddets” (IMDb: 7.00), is released.

Currently, there is no information about the director's projects launched into production, but I would like to hope that Wright will not make the next masterpiece of fans of his work wait long.

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