Eggplant color: shades and combination

Eggplant color is dark purple or brownish purple, something like the appearance of a European eggplant. Why European? And the thing is that in different continents and hemispheres the color of this vegetable is very different - from indigo to white.

The color in question is very rich and deep, attracts attention and absolutely does not need to be emphasized. It is not only one of the most noble shades, but also combines perfectly with the velvet texture. One has only to wear such a dress with a pleasant to the touch finish, as you can immediately feel not like a princess, but a real queen.eggplant color

The combination of colors: eggplant right choice

This color is a bit capricious, and in order not to look silly and ineptly in it, you should remember a number of simple rules about what colors to combine it with. Then your image will be harmonious and pleasant for perception. With bright purple saturated colors the most suitable will look white, black and gray.

eggplant color in clothes

Let us consider in more detail with what color the eggplant color is combined:

  1. Gray in tandem with purple (aubergine) becomes elegant and harmonious. This combination will look spectacular in business and evening dresses.

  2. If you combine purple with black, it will add to it glamor, sophistication and refinement. It can be used for evening activities and trips, and in the office style.

  3. Do not forget about the white color in combination with purple. The dress in these colors will be fresh, light and incredibly gentle. Often this combination can be seen in wedding dresses. Light and almost invisible blotches of violet will give tenderness and underline the youth and charm of the bride.

  4. The combination of purple and green. With this choice one color should prevail, and the second should act as bright details. These can be, for example, gloves, clutches, scarves, jewelry. The main thing - do not glut the image of heavy and rough additions.

  5. Yellow can be combined with purple, but it should be done imperceptibly and it is desirable that the yellow is present in the details. An effective solution will be the choice of gold jewelry.

  6. The combination with a red tint is perfect for fatal beauties, it will add them to the image of sexuality, audacity and mystery. If you pursue the goal to charm and seduce a man, you can be sure that with this combination you will succeed.

  7. Well, for romantic natures, we suggest combining purple with pink. These colors are best combined in light romantic dresses, emphasizing femininity and natural beauty.

Whatever color you choose, everything will look spectacular and beautiful, if everything is in moderation. Do not be afraid to experiment, because fashion is created to create.

Eggplant (purple) color in clothes

For any appearance and shape, you must have in your wardrobe purple colors and shades. You need to remember a few of the following rules to make your image fashionable and elegant:

eggplant color combination

  • In no case can not be dressed from head to toe in purple.
  • If the skin and hair is blond, then the purple in the clothes should be rich and dark.
  • If skin and hair are dark, then purple should be brighter.
  • You can also note that purple slim. Eggplant color in clothes at any time will create the perfect image of a woman.

How to choose shades of eggplant for everyday style?

Jeans and pants.It goes well with classic shirts of warm colors, sporty white T-shirts, black jackets, three-quarter-sleeved cardigans and leather jackets. If we are talking about everyday attire, then you can complement the image with T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatshirts. The main thing to remember is that purple (eggplant) is a bright color, so the top should always smooth it out. Light tones should be preferred. To complement the image, silver and gold jewelry and costume jewelry are well suited.

We select the correct color of the dress

Purple dresses are self-sufficient, therefore they do not require excesses. It is enough to complement the image with light elements, ornaments, a belt or a scarf. Most often in this color there are evening dresses in the floor or below the knee, made of flowing fabric. An important rule: for such a dress is better to take accessories and accessories of the same range, for example, extremely light or dark.

Outerwear.In this case, attention is focused on the upper part of the image - the chest, shoulders. In addition to this option, it is recommended to exclude dark shades of the lower part - black, blue.The combination of several tones or fabric with fashionable patterns is welcome, it can be a cage, flowers. This rule applies to both pants and skirts.

Eggplant color in the interior

Violet is the color of the bishops and important dignitaries of ancient Rome. He is calm and confident, noble and majestic, at the same time attracting and alluring looks. It is not surprising that many want to see him in their apartment or house. Eggplant color inspires creativity. People who work in the field of art and advertising, inspired by this color, but the logic and mathematics, by contrast, often can not work in such an atmosphere.

what color does eggplant match

Eggplant walls can be seen quite rarely, but if you want to glue purple wallpapers, then do not forget to use a large amount of white in this interior. This color scheme will make the room more fun and add light. Be sure to in this embodiment, the floor covering should be light, possibly white. You can complete the interior with a purple carpet on the floor. It is quite simple to use eggplant color in the interior as an accent.

It is necessary to choose two objects in your room, which will be color accents on a neutral background.You can use a sofa and a chandelier, a central wall and decorative pillows, it can also be a small sofa and curtains. But not necessarily follow our recommendations, you can come up with your own options.

eggplant color in the interior

Optimal colors for an apartment

Eggplant color does not have to be dark and bright. You can turn to muted or light colors. Grayish-purple shades in the interior look incredibly beautiful, airy and tender. If you want more vivid combinations in the interior of your apartment or house, combine the purple color with lemon yellow or pale green shades.

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