Electrical Safety Group. How to get a group of admission for electrical safety

Compliance with safety regulations is mandatory for any enterprise. And only those personnel who have been instructed in performing a certain type of activity should be allowed to work. This is especially true of working with electrical installations and appliances, since non-observance of safety requirements can end in tears and cost a person life.

Electrical Safety Check

Having hired an electrician, electrician, power engineer and employees of other professions whose activity is related to work with electrical appliances or electrical installations, the company is obliged to certify them.

Its purpose is to assign the electrical safety team and obtain the appropriate permit.

electrical safety group

The electrical safety approval confirms that the employee has completed the necessary training, that he has a qualification certificate,the ability to handle electrical appliances and installations without risk to health and life.

Group 1 on electrical safety can be assigned by an instructor in an enterprise to personnel having a non-electrical profile and performing temporary work in places that present a risk of electrical damage.

To obtain admission, an employee is sent to pass an exam with assignment of an admission group to him, in accordance with the Rules for the Technical Operation of Electrical Installations of Customers and the Safety Rules, at a training center or to a commission specially created at the enterprise.

Certification composition

The commission for testing the electrical safety knowledge of an enterprise, as a rule, consists of 5 people. Among them are necessarily - the chief engineer, the chief power engineer (or responsible for the management of electrical facilities) and an engineer for labor protection and safety engineering.
electrical safety group 3

Two employees should be in case of replacement of the main members of the commission during vacation or absence due to illness.

All members of the attestation staff must have an admission category not lower than the one they assign to employees.

The assigned employee electrical safety group is always lower than the smallest category of one of the members of the attestation commission.

An employee passes the exam by checking. By the results of which his existing category of admission is confirmed or a new qualification is assigned.

When applying for a job, a newly hired employee is required to confirm the group he has and obtain a new certificate. The old, issued at the previous place of work, is considered invalid, even if it has not expired.

Electrical Safety Tolerance Groups

There are five categories for electrical installation personnel: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The first group of electrical safety must have "non-electrical" employees of the enterprise, from the second to the fifth - "electrical" or "electrical" staff.

All the necessary knowledge for "electrical engineering" personnel is defined by the "Intersectoral Rules for Occupational Safety in Operation of Electrical Installations", approved by Decree of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation No. 3 of January 05, 2013, Order of the Ministry of Energy No. 163 of December 27, 2000.

1 electrical safety tolerance group

Personnel who are exposed to the risk of electric shock in atypical situations, for example, short-circuiting or equipment failure, its breakage should receive the lowest category.

Group 1 on electrical safety is assigned to employees who do not have special electrical qualifications, but who have basic knowledge of the danger when working with existing facilities and devices and the rules for providing first aid to victims when working with them.

To train employees and assign them the first category of electrical safety, there is no need to assemble a special commission or invite technical supervision for certification.

electrical safety group 4

It is enough for the manager (or the person in charge) to gather all non-authorized employees and conduct briefings.

It includes the general provisions on electrical safety, information on injuries from electric shock, which can be obtained during operation. As well as measures that need to be taken to provide first aid to victims when working with electric current.

When assigning the first group, an entry is made in a special log book.

The certificate for employees of this category is not issued.

2nd group of admission for electrical safety

Employees of an enterprise whose activity is connected with electric current must receive an admission of at least category II.

It, as a rule, is assigned to students of vocational technical schools who have undergone training, as well as to persons who have studied electrical safety in special courses. Group 2 concerns people directly connected with electric current in their work.

Their activity is mainly related to working hand tools - a drill, a screwdriver and others. Most often it is the welders, machinists.

Minimum work experience for personnel whose electrical safety group II is one month.
1 electrical safety group

Maintenance of electrical installations (RTP, TP, etc.) by these employees can be carried out only under the supervision of personnel having a group higher than the second. It is forbidden to connect and disconnect installations.

In order to pass the electrical safety test (group 2), the employee must have knowledge of the device design and their equipment. It is also necessary to have an idea about the danger of electric shock and when approaching live parts.

This personnel must clearly know the rules of electrical safety, precautions when working. Not less important is the ability to provide first aid to victims of electric shock.

3 electrical safety tolerance group

After a three-month term of work under supervision, an employee with category 2 can pass an exam for her promotion. And with the successful delivery of a new admission (electrical safety, 3 group).

Personnel with the third category have the right to work independently with the tool and maintain the equipment.

electrical safety group 2

Admission (electrical safety, group 3) must be:

  • At the superintendent when working on the work permit, or supervising the installer, working on the support.
  • When workers are in wells, underground cable structures, when servicing luminaires located above the ceiling, installing and dismantling antenna-feeder devices, for using measuring ticks.
  • The members of the team when testing electrical equipment, work under voltage or during its supply.

Also, an employee with the third category must be present when the work is performed by personnel from the second.In this case, only the presence of one third-group player per each second group member is allowed.

4th electric safety tolerance group

The personnel of the enterprise with a fairly high level of qualification in the field of energy, work experience in the third group from two to six months (2 months for employees with higher education, 3 for the average electrical or technical, half a year for the average), good practical skills and theoretical knowledge may be revalidated.

After completing a course of study, a medical examination for fitness, and giving positive answers to test questions, the specialist receives the fourth group of admission.

With her, an employee can take a beginner’s training and help him learn the electrical safety rules for the subsequent passing of the commission exam.electrical safety rules

Basic requirements for staff

Admission (electrical safety, group 4) can be obtained only by employees who have:

  • Knowledge of regulatory and legal documentation in the field of energy, electrical devices in the enterprise.
  • The ability to ensure the safe execution of work by subordinates, to provide first aid in case of electric shock, to conduct briefings and to lead the brigade.

The admission (electrical safety, group 4) must be:

  • At the superintendents, when working separately from the team, in unattended reinforcement points and underground structures, when cleaning insulation under voltage, when rearranging the cable and transferring the coupling, while the subordinates are inside the transformer, during testing, for instructing the seconded personnel.
  • One employee from the team when installing or servicing antenna-feeder devices, portable or transportable high-frequency bridges.

5 electrical safety tolerance group

Engineering and technical personnel, whose work experience with the fourth category ranges from three months to two years, can be re-certified. According to the results of the exam, he will be assigned the highest electrical safety group, the fifth.

assignment of an electrical safety group

An employee applying for this category must:

  • Read single-line and schematic diagrams of electrical installations, equipment and know all technological processes.
  • To be able to organize a safe work and manage it.
  • Know the basic provisions on safety, regulatory documents (EMP, ПТЭЭП and others), as well as conduct briefing to personnel whose electrical safety group is lower than fifth.
  • Have the skills to provide first aid to those who are electrocuted, as well as the ability to teach them subordinates.

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