Elegant recipe: rose petals

Roses are widely used for gardening. Their buds of various colors, considered the standards of beauty, they pleases the eye during the entire summer period. They are also used in cosmetology and cooking. You can cook a wonderful and fragrant jam from the rose petals. The recipe, commonly used for making a treat from the tea grade of a plant, is proposed in this article in two versions.

recipe jam from rose petals

How to brew a jam from the petals of a tea rose. Secrets of cooking

  1. Use the specified grade of flower. It has the most stable and rich flavor.
  2. The petals of ordinary roses are hard and do not readily cook. But to get a brighter color of jam, you can add a small amount of them, finely chopping.
  3. Picking up petals is better done "on the dew" - early in the morning. At this time, the rose smells stronger.
  4. With a small amount of raw material, the petals can beharvested in several stages, as the buds bloom. After collecting a little, put them in a cellophane bag or hermetically sealed dishes to preserve the natural flavor. Then place in a cool place.
  5. To preserve the natural color, and to avoid sugariness of the jam, always add citric acid at the end of cooking.

Recipe "Jam from the rose petals": preparing dishes

jam from rose petals recipe

Prepare the necessary inventory, which you can not do without:

- Colander, so that the petals are freed from excess liquid after washing;

- a large enamel or porcelain bowl for infusion in syrup;

- a spacious and high capacity for cooking (for example, cauldron);

- sterile jars with lids for unfolding ready-made delicacies.

The recipe "Jam from the petals of roses": preparation of raw materials

Collected flowers are laid out on the table toscattered accidentally caught in the mass of insects, as well as for drying from dew. Then, the petals are separated with scissors or manually from sepals. After washing in a large amount of water, the raw materials are laid out in a colander to drain excess liquid.

jam from the petals of the tea rose

The first recipe is "Jam from the petals of roses"

Petals (half a kilogram) are finely chopped andfill with the same amount of sugar. After mixing, the mass is infused in a cool place for 24 hours. From a glass of water and a kilogram of sugar, cook the syrup. Candied petals dip in a hot mixture and cook for ten to fifteen minutes over low heat. Before being ready, add one lemon juice to the mass. Pour the jam over the jars and roll them up.

The second recipe is "Jam from the petals of roses"

This method of preparation does not require timefor infusion of rose mass. Pour into a pan eight glasses of water and bring to a boil. Then throw one kilogram of petals into the container. Light, like feathers, pink particles will float to the surface. Try to immerse the spoon in water, stirring. After boiling, the mass should boil for five minutes. Pour two kilograms of sugar into the pan, not stopping to interfere. After another five minutes, pour a full teaspoonful of citric acid into the boil. Jam is ready. In order to preserve the petals for the winter, boil the mass after cooling again for five to seven minutes and roll into the jars.

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