The technique of "beads". Embroidery of icons and other images

Embroidery experienced moments of decline and rebirth.In Russia, it was a purely feminine occupation, and it did not shy away from either simple village girls or ladies of noble blood. At the beginning of the 20th century, embroidery was not very popular, such pastime was considered philistine and stupid, in the yard - a revolution, an era of change, and it was foolish to waste your time creating some vulgar pictures. However, very quickly this handicraft became fashionable again, and today it is possible to freely buy books, schemes or kits that help needlewomen create. There are different techniques and materials for embroidery: ribbons, threads, beads. Embroidery of icons is one of the most popular themes for craftsmen, but it also has its secrets.

beads embroidery icons

Thin Matter

Once write or otherwise create facesthe saints were the lot of the elect. A person who decided on this step, but rather felt in himself such a need, it was necessary to fast, receive a blessing and confess before the beginning of the work. It was also considered desirable to consecrate material for work, be it canvas or beads. The embroidery of icons was held in solitude and prayers. It's true that the lights appeared in the light. Today, such strict rules are few people adhere to, and everything depends on why this work is done. If you just like the process and want to make yourself or as a gift a beautiful image, then it's safe to start without preliminaries. If you are a believer and want a finished product to have a certain energy, it is advisable to visit the temple and at least get a blessing for such work.

 icons of sainted bead embroidery

Basics of embroidery

Like any other material, it has its own nuances andbeads. Embroidery of icons or other images will turn out beautiful and skillful if you adhere to certain rules. All beads should be the same size and shape, so the finished picture will look whole and neat. For this, each bead is sewn tightly to the others, making sure that the slope goes in one direction. The canvas can be of any color, but the threads are selected to it in tone, many needlewomen like to use a thin line. The base should be fixed on the hoop firmly, so that it was properly stretched. It does not matter what you want to embroider: nature, flowers or icons of saints, embroidery with beads suggests that the main element of the composition is located in the center of the canvas and framed by a background finish. The work itself is performed in rows, with the yarn or line for each row exceeding its length by 4-5 times.

beadwork icons

To help beginners

How to be the one who only discovers for himselfbeads? Embroidery of icons is not an easy task, it requires attention, scrupulousness and concentration. It is better to purchase special sets at first. Their advantage is that they contain a ready-made diagram and a guide to working with step-by-step detailed instructions on how and what to do. Also included are the base, threads and beads in the required quantity. Tone fully meet the scheme, everything is selected to create a beautiful picture. Such an embroidery with beads of the icon (photo illustrates this) turns out beautiful and majestic. You will only choose the appropriate frame for it - and you can hang a picture on the wall or present it as a gift to an expensive person.

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