"Emerald bracelet" - salad with kiwi

You wonder what kind of salad you want to give totable for the wedding or its anniversary? Prepare the Emerald Bracelet! Salad, the photo of which you see, is effective, but extremely simple. The usual products are used for it. The only exotic, intertwined among the ingredients - kiwi, it's not too difficult to get. But the look of the salad will amaze your guests. A dish for a large company can be designed as two woven rings. Get a spectacular and culinary symbol of the wedding. This appetizer is very nutritious - due to chicken meat and hard cheese. But the sourish-sweet kiwi pulp makes the taste of the salad subjectively easy. In general, try to cook - it's not difficult.Emerald salad bracelet

"Emerald bracelet" - classic salad

All the ingredients are cooked in separate bowls.First of all, boil in salted water with spices chicken fillet - about 500 grams. Cool and cut the meat into small cubes or thin strips. In exactly the same way, we crush two or three fresh cucumbers without skin. Piece fifteen olives without pits we cut into rings. About 200 grams of Dutch, but you can also any hard cheese, three in a large shavings. A dozen of the nucleoli of walnuts are crushed with a rolling pin. Two fruits of kiwi are peeled and cut into circles or crescents. Now add all the components. "Emerald bracelet" is a salad puff pastry. Therefore, for him we take in moderation a flat dish. We establish in the middle of it a glass bottom up. Around this cup and lay out a ring of lettuce, layer by layer. The bottom of the bracelet is chicken, which is covered with cucumbers and soaked with liquid mayonnaise. Next go olives and cheese. This last layer is also greased with a sauce. In the end, sprinkle the salad with nuts and decorate with kiwi mugs. We send it to the refrigerator for an hour. Before serving, do not forget to clean the glass!

Emerald salad bracelet pictures

Emerald bracelet salad: winter recipe

This dish is prepared even easier, because it is notpuff. All components, except kiwi and nuts, are poured into a common vat, seasoned with mayonnaise, spread out with a ring around the glass, and then decorate. Why is this recipe winter? Because we replace fresh cucumbers here with salted ones, we use not boiled breast, but smoked chicken and, in addition, we add two boiled eggs and two cloves of garlic. It will also be original chopped together with a total mass of 1-2 kiwi, leaving two more fruits for decoration. Nuts should be baked in the oven or on a dry frying pan.

Salad Emerald Bracelet Recipe

A very hearty version of a salad

For him instead of a chicken breast we userabbit (200 g). Fry the meat until golden in oil. Cool it, finely chop it. Five boiled eggs rubbed coarsely, and two carrots - finely. A large bulb is shredded by semirings. Fry it with carrots. A handful of raisins are steamed for softening. Two cloves of garlic is passed through the press, mixed with 100 grams of grated cheese. We put a glass in the dish and lay out our "Emerald Bracelet" (this puffed salad): rabbit, mayonnaise, raisins, onions with carrots. Again sauce, nuts, eggs, cheese with garlic. Cover the ring with mayonnaise, decorate kiwi.

Autumn recipe

First, cook half a kilo of chicken fillet, four eggs andtwo carrots. We clean root crops. We grind these ingredients in small cubes, with separately proteins and yolks. In mayonnaise squeezed through the press 1-2 cloves of garlic. Three kiwis are also cut into small pieces. The apple is cleaned and three, sprinkled with lemon juice, so that the flesh does not darken. We start spreading the ring layers: chicken, kiwi, mayonnaise, squirrels, again sauce. Next comes the carrot. Then an apple. Between them - a layer of mayonnaise. Above and on the sides are also densely coated with sauce. Finely crushed yolks sprinkle our "Emerald Bracelet". Salad should be infused in the refrigerator for an hour, after which it can be decorated with kiwi slices.

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