Enhance immunity folk remedies

Our body daily struggles with the effects of external factors, fighting off bacteria and infections that haunt us everywhere. Indeed, in communicating with colleagues at work, in transport and even just on the street, you can catch a serious illness. Increased immunity folk remedies will protect themselves from possible ailments. Daily stresses, unhealthy diet, difficult working conditions undermine the body’s natural defense, making it vulnerable to external aggressors.

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When is an increase in immunity by folk methods required?

When a person is often nervous, becomes hot-tempered and aggressive, his moral state inevitably affects his physical well-being. In addition, chronic fatigue, rapid fatigability, sleep disturbance can be a cause for alarm. A sure sign of a weakened immune defense is frequent diseases of a cold, and at any time of the year, even in summer.The inability of the body to fight the infection leads to its rapid spread, which in turn stimulates the development of more serious diseases.

increase immunity folk remediesEnhance immunity by folk remedies: correctly select products

As you know, we eat what we eat, so food should be chosen with great care. A weakened immune system requires a qualitative review of the diet. It is necessary to significantly increase the amount of vitamins from food, which means that we prefer only natural and fresh products. Pre-clean the intestines of toxins and impurities that clog the body. Then you can start the recovery program. There are various ways to improve immunity, among which the fornings are occupied by fortified mixtures. For example, honey-lemon mixture gives excellent results. For its preparation, you will need to chop two lemons and two heads of garlic in a blender, add a glass of any berries and half a cup of liquid honey. Stir the slurry thoroughly with a wooden spoon until smooth.Take a tablespoon in the morning and evening, or use with tea as jam. Some pickles that can be prepared at home have unique properties. Sauerkraut, for example, is a product saturated with beneficial trace elements, making it an excellent means of preventing many diseases.

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Enhance immunity folk remedies: use herbs

For a long time, herbal infusions and decoctions have been used as a powerful therapeutic agent. Nowadays, people have forgotten the benefits of herbs, replacing them with medicines. And it is worth noting, it is in vain, because, for example, Eleutherococcus or ginseng, the pink or lemongrass radiola affects a person no worse than any tonic preparation. Improving the immunity of folk remedies can not be imagined without broth hips, yarrow and St. John's wort. In the evening, you can make teas by combining various herbs. You can combine St. John's wort, lemon balm, nettle and mint. This drink will prepare the body for sleep, as it has a calming effect.

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