Fame Residence Kemer & SPA 5 * (Turkey / Kemer / Kemer Center): photo and review, features of the service

Kemer is one of the most picturesque regions of Turkey, where tourists from Russia prefer to relax. It has a great nature that allows you to have a great time even with children, despite the tropical climate. The most comfortable conditions for rest are offered by local hotels, one of which is Fame Residence Kemer. Let us further consider in more detail what kind of recreation conditions are offered here and how tourists respond to this place.

Fair residence kemer

General information

The Fame Residence Kemer was built in 1996. It should be noted that, despite the relatively long period of existence of this place for recreation, its territory at the moment looks quite modern. This result was achieved through regular work aimed at maintaining the appearance and overall condition of the hotel. One of the last renovations was made in 2015.During the meeting, the hotel’s rooms had a slightly modified interior and replaced some pieces of furniture.

The total area of ​​Fame Residence Kemer Hotel & SPA 5 * is small - it is only 2500 square meters. However, the administration of the complex notes that there are excellent places for guests to relax, as well as entertainment, a beautiful aquazone and, of course, the building in which the whole room fund is located.

The administration of the Fame Residence Kemer hotel assures that the conditions of this place are perfect for family or youth recreation. It is often preferred to spend a romantic holiday together with your loved one.


The hotel, considered in this article, is in a very advantageous place - this is what the travelers, who rested in it, say so in many of their comments. First of all, it should be noted that it is located in the very epicenter of a cluster of entertainment and interesting places that any tourist will be happy to visit. Moreover, literally 40 km from here is the central part of Antalya - the country's largest resort.

Despite the fact that Fame Residence Kemer has its own plot on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, many of its guests prefer to go on holiday to nearby public beaches,which are famous all over the world. Less than a kilometer away are such beach recreation areas as the Moonlight and Kemer Pier. They are distinguished not only by their picturesqueness, but also by the amazing conditions for recreation, as well as the mass of water entertainments that are available to tourists of any age.

The nearest international airport is in Antalya, which is 50 km from Fame Residence Kemer. As a rule, the journey of foreign tourists to Turkey begins from its territory. Due to the fact that the distance from the airport to the place of rest is quite impressive, almost all travel packages include a paid transfer service in both directions.

It is no secret that most tourists prefer to visit the sights while on vacation. What can you see while staying in Kemer? Experienced travelers say that when you stay at the Fame Residence Kemer & Spa, you should definitely visit the ancient city of Phaselis and the Goynuk Canyon. In addition, some travelers prefer to go to the ski base, located almost 15 km from here.


In this hotel only 110 rooms.All of them are located in a large modern building, which has excellent technical equipment, it also made a modern renovation. All apartments available here are presented in three categories: Standard, Family and Superior.

Each room has a spacious bathroom, which is equipped with modern plumbing equipment, bathroom amenities, and a hairdryer, which can be used to dry hair.

All rooms presented in the Fame Residence Kemer & Spa are equipped with modern climate equipment in the form of air conditioning. With their help, tourists, staying in their apartments, can create the most favorable temperature conditions for themselves, no matter what the weather is currently on the street.

Often the guests of the hotel in question are businessmen, for whom it is important to constantly maintain contact with the public and business partners. To do this, they can use the Internet access provided by Wi-Fi. The service is provided for a fee.


Fame Residence Kemer Hotel & Spa has 89 apartments of this category. Each room is represented by one room, the area of ​​which is only 16 square meters.m, however, this is quite enough to accommodate a couple of guests - it is for such a number of people that the furniture is designed for the apartments.

The central place in the room is a large double bed. In some rooms, instead of a double bed, there are two single beds, which are covered with quality linens, and they also have orthopedic mattresses. For storing personal belongings of tourists there are two bedside tables.

At any time, apartment guests can drink a cup of their favorite hot drink without leaving their room - you can always cook it with the help of an electric kettle installed in the apartment. There is also a mini-bar filled with soft drinks - their assortment is updated every day, and absolutely free.

Hotel Fame Residence Kemer


Guests of the Fame Residence Kemer 5 * hotel (Turkey), who rest with friends or with the whole family, prefer to choose the apartments of the Family category. The hotel has 12 rooms of this type, all of them are located on a fairly spacious area - 31 square meters. m. As for the division of apartments into rooms, it is simply not there.

Furniture equipment rooms designed for three guests, for whom there are two beds: single and double. If desired, guests can request the installation of an extra bed in the room. Some rooms have single bunk beds, which, according to the guests, is also very comfortable.

There are not only bedside tables for storing guests' clothes, but also a wardrobe. In addition to all this, in every room of the category in question there is a well-equipped workplace, represented by a combination of a desk and an armchair.

Tourists, vacationers in the Family Apartments of the Fame Residence Kemer & Spa 5 *, notice in their reviews that you can enjoy watching TV, which is connected to a satellite broadcasting system. By the way, some travelers from Russia positively say that it is possible to broadcast Russian-language channels here.

If you wish, vacationers staying here can also use an electric kettle, a mini-bar, and a safe, which costs about $ 3 per day to rent.


Individual attention is paid to the rooms of the Superior category, of which the hotel has only 9. The area of ​​each room of this type is about 35 square meters. m. In their comments, hotel guests, who rested in such apartments, note from the positive side that amazing view that opens from their windows, as well as from the balcony - the sea and the mountains. The area of ​​these apartments is divided into two rooms, each of which is a bedroom, perfectly equipped in terms of both technology and furniture.

Each bedroom has a large king-size double bed, fitted on both sides with bedside tables. In addition, there is a dressing table with a mirror and a work area. Each room has a large plasma TV connected to the satellite system.

As for the technical equipment, in the apartments of this type it is concentrated on the balcony. There is an electric kettle, as well as a mini-bar, which contains only soft soft drinks.

Fame Residence Kemer Hotel & Spa 5 *


Fame Residence Kemer 5 * (Kemer) pays great attention to food, which is provided here.In particular, in their comments they positively respond to the work of chefs who work in catering establishments located in the territory of the hotel in question. They often recommend to try seafood dishes served in the main restaurant - according to guests, they are cooked in a special, truly extraordinary way.

All tourists who rest in the hotel on the concept of "all inclusive", have the opportunity to eat daily in the main restaurant, which is open-air, and therefore works depending on weather conditions. His visit is possible only by prior reservation. As for the menu, it presents dishes prepared in the style of Mediterranean and European cuisines, in addition, it has a considerable amount of real Turkish sweets. If you wish to visit the buffet, guests can go to the second restaurant, which is open from 7 am to 9:30 pm.

As for the bar, it is also available in the Fame Residence Kemer Hotel. He works in the lobby, from half past ten in the morning until ten in the evening.

Fame Residence Kemer Hotel & Spa

Conditions for children

In the comments left by tourists who prefer to arrange a family vacation in exotic countries, it is said that the Fame Residence Kemer (Turkey / Kemer) is a great place for such a pastime. This opinion is connected with the fact that in the territory of this place for recreation all conditions have been created in order to stay here was comfortable not only for kids, but also for their parents.

In the comments, the hotel guests say that the administration has done everything possible to make it pleasant for young guests to spend time in the open area of ​​the recreation area. For the restless equipped playground and swimming pool.

In any apartment, on prior request, a separate bed for a child from 3 to 12 years old can be installed.

Parents also note some amenities provided for babies in catering establishments. Here each child can be provided with a special chair, and also will be offered a separate choice of dishes from the children's menu.

Sport and spa

Fans of outdoor activities also will not be discouraged while staying at the Fame Residence Kemer (Kemer). Most of these tourists talk aboutthat a considerable amount of their time they spend in the area of ​​aquazone, represented by a combination of a sun terrace and a pool, the total area of ​​which is 100 square meters. You can visit this place any day of the week from 7 am to 6 pm.

As for lovers of relaxation, they can at any time go to the spa and undergo procedures they like. All of them are on a paid basis.

Billiards lovers here will also find such entertainment for themselves, but it also is paid for - the cost of renting one professional table with equipment is $ 4 per hour.

Fame Residence Kemer 5 * Turkey


The hotel in question has its own plot on the common coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located on the territory of the hotel and is completely covered with small pebbles.

Tourists in their comments about this area for recreation say that it is perfectly arranged, there is everything for a pleasant and safe pastime for both adults and children. If desired, tourists can sit on equipped sun loungers, under beach umbrellas provided free of charge. Vacationers can use beach towels and inflatable mattresses.

Along the coastline tourists expect a lot of paid water entertainment. Among them, water skiing and air cushions are considered especially popular. The walks, organized on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea on a rented yacht, are also in special demand.

Fame Residence Kemer 5 * Kemer


Speaking about the cost of a tour to the Fame Residence Hotel, many travelers note the fact that it is acceptable to most of the representatives of the Russian population. For residents of Moscow and the capital region, the price of a full package is about 75-85 thousand rubles, which is, in principle, inexpensive, especially if you consider all the provided conditions.

The price of the tour, as a rule, includes not only the cost of a weekly rental of a standard double room, but also buffet meals in the restaurant located on the hotel’s territory. If you wish to visit the main open restaurant, guests must reserve a table for certain dates separately. It should also be borne in mind that the cost of visiting the banquet area of ​​this type is 12 dollars per person.

Fame Residence Kemer Turkey, Kemer

In addition to food and accommodation, the standard cost of the tour also includes all those costs associated with a return trip and transfer from the airport to the place of rest and back.

If desired, vacationers can include tourist trips to selected attractions located in the vicinity of the hotel in the total package price. However, those travelers who are more experienced, recommend to buy excursions at the place of rest - in this case, their price is much lower.

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