Features of the passage of "Heroes of Might and Magic 6"

Every fan of computer role-playing games is familiar with such a popular series as Heroes of Might and Magic. The first part came out in circulation at the end of the distant eighties, and since that time, the developers of the NewWorld Computing team have not ceased to amaze gamers with their pleasant surprises.

Passage of heroes of sword and magic 6

With the release of the new part of the game "Heroes of Might and Magic 6", the passage promises to be no less interesting and exciting.

The main advantages

Generally speaking, the sixth part of the popular RPG was a success. What are the surprises that pleased the developers?

  • The introduction of a fully three-dimensional game world with the ability to float in the air.
  • High-quality graphic design, for the full operation of which does not require special accelerators and powerful computers.
  • The storyline with excellent and thoughtful moves, thanks to which the players have complete freedom of action.
  • Many unique weapons, a variety of magic spells and other useful artifacts in battle.

Of course, no game is complete without flaws, but during the passage of the “Heroes of Might and Magic 6” they are almost imperceptible.

The beginning of a new story

Passage of game heroes of sword and magic 6

In the sixth part, the developers decided to move away from the options with the universal cataclysms and focused on the implementation of the plot in the new world. If you look back a little at the previous game in the series, it becomes clear that we are being thrown back by as much as four hundred years. The griffins had not yet managed to seize the Imperial throne, and Duke Paul during the next battle with the monsters overtook death. After this event, the crown went to his son named Vyacheslav. He, in turn, managed to see much more than his father during his reign, he had five children, and the orcs who settled nearby did not cause much trouble either. In general, everything that Vyacheslav did was aimed at strengthening his own kind. In this regard, he was much more far-sighted than Paul.

Story and chapters

The passage of the campaigns of "Heroes of Might and Magic 6" is tied around Vyacheslav and his heirs. For them we have to play. The number of main campaigns consists of seven pieces - each corresponds to one of the heirs of the Griffin, plus an additional prolog with an epilog is present.By the way, the right to choose the order of passing "Heroes of Might and Magic 6" goes to the player himself, which sometimes causes a little confusion in the chronology, but at the same time gives a little time to rest from the battles for the same factions.

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 Campaign Passage

Detailed information is most pleasant to learn from personal experience, so we strongly advise to get acquainted with the plot during the independent passage of the game "Heroes of Might and Magic 6". We only note that he is really good and is one of the best examples of narratives in RPGs. Everything is there: intrigue, betrayal, love and hate, unexpected turns and original scenario moves. One has only to recall the exciting mission inside the subconscious of one of the main characters, in which she fought with her childhood fears.

Game component

As we said earlier, the passage of the companies "Heroes of Might and Magic 6" stretches into seven main parts. The number of fractions corresponds to the number of Griffin's heirs, that is, there are five in total. If with four of them - "Heven", "Stronghold", Necropolis "and" Inferno "- we are already familiar with the previous games in the series, then we encounter the" Sanctuary "for the first time.There is a feeling that such a small number of factions developers will be able to fill up thanks to future additions and addons. With the amount of resources the same situation - their cuts were justified by an attempt to clear the gameplay of unnecessary details that could somehow affect the level of complexity.

Another notable innovation was the decision of the developers to share the map. It now has several distinct areas that are controlled by the fleet or city. If you capture them, you can immediately seize all the buildings in the territory. As for the mine, it can be obtained without the occupation of the above-mentioned key facilities, but this option is not reliable. There is no more protection in the mines, so now the war for the necessary resources can only be waged by assault or defense.

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 passage companies

What is the conclusion?

To some, such decisions may seem a bit strange, especially to those players who have come a long way along with the series. If in the previous parts it was possible to undermine the economic stability of his rival with the help of constant raids, now such tactics will not work.In general, any attempt at sabotage may fail miserably, so it will only have to attack with a large army. Fortunately, it became much easier to assemble your own army.

About heroes

You can give preference to any heroes, be it the Alliance of Light or Inferno - the passage of Heroes of Might and Magic 6 is based on the player’s choice. Based on the third part, the developers have provided for each faction of the default magician and warrior. In the process of passing the "Heroes of Might and Magic 6", the player will be asked to choose another specialization, choosing between two - Dear Blood or Dear Tears. This decision, as a rule, is based on the actions and decisions taken related to events in the course of the plot. One of these moments will be the choice of the player in a situation with neutral monsters - we noticeably surpass them in the force plan, so we can both attack and leave alive. The first option, in which preference is given to bloodshed rather than pardon, increases the points of the Blood faction, while the second, on the contrary, improves Tears.

The passage of the heroes of the sword and magic 6 infferno

What went and what appeared?

The Wizards Guild has been removed from the game, and the process of learning spells has become similar to how we get logistics or luck - while raising levels.The character is awarded one unit of ability at a time, so it will be easiest for the soldiers. Some fighters have the opportunity to use magic, but in the event that we want to manage only passive skills during the battle, this is also quite realistic. And if you add to them also artifacts together with the specialization of the character, then it is likely to be a great advantage on the battlefield.

And the latest novelty that deserves attention is the creation of dynasties. Thanks to the convenient editor, you can create truly unique characters, which will then be used during a game of multiplayer or a single player campaign. Dynasty bonuses obtained are spent on various improvements, for example, on additional parameters or on some distinctive heraldry.

The order of the passage of the heroes of the sword and magic 6

"Clean" classes

  1. A warrior is an experienced fighter for whom all types of weapons and armor are available. He has the largest supply of vitality, which allows him to withstand the onslaught of the most powerful enemies. What he is unable to do is to use magic, which may seem like an obvious and main drawback.However, with proper use of basic skills, you can achieve no less power and without the help of magic.
  2. A cleric is a clergyman who has chosen a battlefield instead of a temple. His weapon is a mace, and his defense is chain mail. A rather average strength hero who covers up his weaknesses with offensive and defensive magic. Just like with other heroes, you can use codes during the passage of the "Heroes of Might and Magic 6" codes.
  3. Wizard - does not require special presentation, as it is one of the most recognizable classes in any RPG game. He has one of the smallest reserves of vital energy, but the highest level of mana. Having reached the expert level, you can teach him to use a couple of daggers. When the Wizard is not engaged in combat, he takes up the study of elemental magic.


The passage of the heroes of the sword and magic 6 codes

  1. Paladin - Warrior and Cleric are mixed in this class. The first one conveyed the ability to handle heavy weapons (for example, a sword) and the ability to wear board armor. Thanks to the contribution of the Cleric, the Paladin can handle the magic of Body, Spirit and Mind. All qualities are located on the mark "medium": he fights well and has good reserves of life and mana.
  2. The Archer is another hybrid, but this time the Warrior and the Wizard. Prefers weapons of long-range defeat and tries to avoid near confrontations. Uses Elemental Magic, inherited from the Wizard. A small amount of health can try to protect with chain mail.
  3. The Druid is the last hybrid class in which the Cleric and the Wizard are united. The successful combination of magical abilities allows him to learn more than seventy spells. As for the shortcomings, this includes the impossibility of wearing strong armor, the restriction in the use of weapons and a strong de-concentration of skills.

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