Feliz Faun slimming history

This article focuses on the girl Feliz. She had everything that a modern seventeen-year-old girl ^ friends, beloved boyfriend, hobbies, but ... Having seen her photos after one of the youth festivals, she realizes that all her previous ideas about herself were wrong. And to change herself, Feliz decided on a radical step.

Feliz Fawn

Meet Feliz

It is a happy and successful girl Felice Faun lives in England, works as a photographer. Slender and beautiful, she herself often poses for cameras. It is now. A few years ago, she was faced with a terrible diagnosis - anorexia. Everyone knows that this disease does not pass without a trace, the consequences remain for a lifetime. Today, Felice is doing well with food. But until the end of her life she will have to pay attention to what she eats and how.

How it all began

Feliz in his seventeen years never thought about what calories are. She was not interested in diets, the content of fats and carbohydrates in food.Felice was quite pleased with her appearance and led a normal, measured life. She went to school, went with friends to relax, went to parties, met a guy. In general, she was an ordinary teenager.

In August 2007, she and her friends participated in the reading festival. These were incredibly hot days. Around it was full of young girls in bathing suits c tanned and fragile bodies. Felice Faun considered that in their background she would look terrible if she wears a swimsuit. She put on a loose T-shirt and went in it.

The path to harmony

After returning home, Felice sat down at a laptop and found that her friends captured most of their trip, and the photos were put on Facebook. The girl saw on the photo and herself, and that image turned everything in her head. Staring at a laptop, Felice found herself so horrible and monstrous that she simply burst into tears.

Felice spent two days in tears, from time to time she came up to the mirror, looked at her reflection and simply became distraught with her figure, which she saw there. Felice phoned all friends and asked to remove the photo, which was she. At that time, her weight was 72.5 kg, height - 167 cm.After that, the girl became isolated and stopped communicating with friends. Just disappeared, as she wrote in her blog itself Felice Faun.

felice fawn before and after

Weight loss history

Feliz sharply reduced the amount of food, for two or three days did without food. By 2008, the girl's weight was 54.4 kg. She heard compliments from friends that she has a great figure. But she hid from everyone that she achieved this in a not quite normal and healthy way. Felice could not share this with anyone and felt terribly lonely. The girl got herself a diary on the Internet, found like-minded people with the same problems.

Her "colleagues in misfortune" shared in their diaries ways of losing weight and their results. Reading their reports, Felice Fawn felt a little better. “Before and after losing weight” - such photos only stimulated her desire. And she continued her hunger strike. In early 2009, Felix was surprised to notice that she was 3 cm higher, and her weight was 48.5 kg.

Felice was just obsessed with his body. Several times a day she photographed herself from all angles, hoping to catch the image that she liked, placed the photo in her anonymous diary.The girl did not know that she was suffering from an eating disorder until she came across an article, after reading which, she discovered an incredible similarity between the behavior of the sick and her own.

felis fawn photo

Few steps to tragedy

By the end of 2009, Felice could not eat anything except water and drinks. Could go without food for seven or eight days. The BMI at that time was 16 (a BMI of 18.5-4.99 is considered the norm). She felt very weak, she abandoned her hobbies, stopped going out. If her friends managed to persuade her to go out somewhere, Felice was nervous, knowing that they would definitely go where they should eat.

Critical condition

Felice by this time left the parental home and lived with her boyfriend Rich. He also sounded the alarm. The girl began serious psychological disorders. Felice in her diary shared everything that happened to her at that moment. She lost all interest in life, completely refused to eat.

She hid from Rich as much as she could, that she was not eating anything — throwing out food, causing vomiting after eating. Once, sitting on a windowsill, she almost fell out of the window. Miraculously, Rich noticed this and managed to keep her.Soon, Felice almost stopped getting up, breathing problems began. Rich called the doctor.

Feliz Faun was taken to the hospital, where the doctor said that she had serious atrophy due to malnutrition. Doctors asked questions, how it happened that worries her. But neither he nor her boyfriend Felice confessed either to her hunger strikes or to her complete lack of appetite. BMI was 15.4 at that time, doctors prescribed treatment and diet, according to which the girl had to consume at least 1500 calories a day.

Felice did not like being forced to eat, and the girl, without thinking twice, leaves the hospital. Depressed, she returned home, hung up the windows, lay down in bed and refused to eat for 13 days. Desperate to try to help her, Rich called the girl’s father and told them what was going on with their daughter.

slimming felice fawn

The hard way "back"

Felix was returned to the hospital, prescribed professional treatment, they were told that the stage of recovery could last from five to nine months. A completely weakened girl, who could no longer do without outside help, was decided to leave in the parental home. Here she was under constant supervision.

Felice Faun again learned to eat. As the girl wrote in her blog, she looked at the food, and to eat at least one spoon for her was tantamount to suicide. She stubbornly continued to fear for her body, for the fact that she would recover again. Despite the best efforts of doctors and relatives, the girl's weight continued to decline.

When BMI reached 14.3, she was offered the help of a psychologist and inpatient treatment. She continued to collapse in front of her eyes - her legs were covered with yellow spots, heart palpitations began, her hair began to fall into scraps. On her own feet she was already struggling. Doctors were very concerned about her condition.

felice fawn slimming history

Informed decision

All summer 2010 she spent in the hospital. Tensions between her and close people increased, as she was forced to eat and did not understand that she might become overweight again. Felix passed this painful recovery period. Her family was with her all this time and her boyfriend Rich. In the end, she began to eat solid food little by little.

Constantly talked with her psychiatrists. With their help, Feliz took the first step towards going to dinner in a public place for the first time after her illness.They pointed at her and looked around; she was so thin. She was able to go out in the top and shorts only after talking with a psychiatrist and with the encouragement of medical staff.

Felice first realized her thinness. She felt ashamed and embarrassed for such a "weight loss". Felice Fawn decided to undergo further treatment and recovery. This was already a deliberate and deliberate action.

felis fawn photo


2011 was decisive for the girl. It was a big breakthrough in recovery - she began to gain weight, began to quietly eat in public places, ceased to fear for her figure. Distorted perception of the girl returned to normal. Felice again began to enjoy life.

Now she accepts all her faults as they really are, rather than inflating them to universal dimensions. Including everything related to weight and shape. Felice wanted to tell everyone what kind of tragedy hasty decisions might lead to, obsession with her figure and an attempt to withdraw into herself. She started a blog, where she frankly talked about what was happening to her.

“This is a desire to help others not to make such mistakes,” writes Felice Faun in a blog post.The photo of that period the girl sincerely posted in her blog with only one purpose - to protect others from disaster. Unfortunately, in many social networks fan clubs began to appear, followers appeared. Many have accused the girl of promoting anorexia. Whenever possible, she deleted all her photos from the Internet. Including your blog.

Now Feliz is the owner of a figure with enviable parameters: 82-60-84 cm. But in pursuit of harmony, this girl barely escaped tragedy, and the return journey to normal life will last for many years. And Feliz tells everyone to love themselves and their body. In the fight against excess weight to play sports and eat right. Do not repeat its mistakes.

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