Fiji received Russian weapons

As reported on January 15, 2016, the Fijian newspaper"Fiji Sun"On January 14, the Russian transport ship brought 20 containers to the capital of Fiji Suva with small arms and ammunition handed over to the Russian government for the armed forces of Fiji (Republic of Fiji Military Forces). The containers were heavily guarded by the police and taken to the headquarters of the Fijian army (the so-called Queen Elizabeth Barracks - Queen Elizabeth Barracks) in Nabua in a suburb of Suva. In addition, two Russian mobile repair shops were delivered to Fiji.
Transportation of containers to the armed forces of Fiji with Russian small arms and ammunition from the port of Suva to the headquarters of the Fijian army (Queen Elizabeth Barracks) in Nabua. 01/14/2015 (c) RAMA / Fiji Sun
Acting commander of the armed forces of Fiji, Rear Admiral William Naupoto on the evening of January 14 confirmed that "small arms from Russia were brought into the country and are located in the barracks of Queen Elizabeth in Nabua." Rear Admiral Naupoto reportedthat military property was received in order of assistance from Russia and that "I must thank the Russian government for its timely donation." A formal arms transfer ceremony will take place in February. Armament will be used to equip the Fijian contingent of UN peacekeeping forces (in which Fiji traditionally takes an active part).
During the first official visit in the Fijian history, the Prime Minister of Fiji Voreke Baynimaramy to Russia in June 2013, among other things, the parties signed an intergovernmental agreement on military-technical cooperation.
According to representatives of the Fijian opposition, supplies from Russia, in addition to small arms and ammunition, must also include "trucks and a helicopter."
Currently, the number of armed forces of Fiji is about 3,500 people and about 6,000 reservists.

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