Filmography and biography of Tatiana Doronina

The Soviet period gave the industry of film and theater of incredible women - actresses, directors and screenwriters. But only a few of them are truly outstanding personalities. Biography of Tatiana Doronina, actress with a capital letter, is another confirmation of this. A woman who came from an ordinary working-class family has become a real legend in the world of Soviet cinema and, most importantly, theater.

Early childhood

Parents Tatiana Doroninoy come from a small town in the Yaroslavl region. Wanting to improve their lives, they moved to Leningrad, where on September 12, 1933, the biography of Tatiana Doronina began. The number 12 will once again manifest in her life - so many films will be released on the screens of Soviet cinemas with her participation.

Her parents were ordinary workers. During World War II, while her father was at the front, Tatyana Doronina herself, a biography, personal life, whose children interest her fans, along with her sister and mother were evacuated to the Yaroslavl region, to the city of Danilov for their parents.And still in this city, Tatiana Doronina has many relatives. And she considers its inhabitants to be her countrymen.

After the war

biography of Tatiana Doronina actress

After returning to Leningrad after the war, Tatiana continues to go to school and attends all sorts of circles. It seems that the little girl Tanya wants to try everything. She worked in the sections of rhythmic gymnastics, learning French, singing and even shooting sports. As a child, Tatyana didn’t do without amateur performances: she often participated in various productions and recited poems.

As a child, Tatiana Doronina, whose biography was consecrated in the article, was already very different from her peers not only with astonishingly beautiful appearance, but also with real talent. In 1949, not having finished the eighth grade, she was the indisputable favorite of the audience in amateur performances. This inspired her so much that she secretly left her parents for Moscow, where she passed all the entrance tests at the Moscow Art Theater School. There was no limit to the surprise of the admissions office when they learned that the young entrant had not yet graduated from school. That is why she had another year to return to Leningrad.

Acting training

Tatyana Doronina Biography Children

Ending school again pushed Tatyana to a trip to Moscow. This time she filed documents at once in several metropolitan theater schools, each of which was ready to take it. But even in the conditions of choice, the future actress again stopped at the Moscow Art Theater School. This is where the creative biography of Tatiana Doronina began.

She studied on the course with Pavel Massalsky. This course can already be called truly stellar. Together with Doronina such famous actors as Evgeny Evstigneev, Mikhail Kazakov and Oleg Basilashvili studied.

In 1955, the actress was lucky - she was noticed by the famous Soviet director Mikhail Kolotozov. And he invited her to play in his film "First Echelon" in a small role.

Many noted the incredible beauty of the young actress. And many tried to look after her, but she was impregnable. But already in 1956, Tatiana graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School as the wife of Oleg Basilashvili. The wedding was modest, what is called student - without a dress and rings.

First acting steps

Tatyana Doronina biography personal life

Biography of Tatiana Doronina begins to present surprises. So, after receiving a diploma, Tatiana went to Volgograd, where she was sent to distribute her husband.After a year of work at the Volgograd Theater, Doronin was suddenly invited to join the troupe of the Bolshoi Drama Theater in St. Petersburg. And the main director of the theater himself, Georgy Tovstonogov, invited her. He staged a play by M. Gorky “Barbarians” and could not decide on the choice of an actress for the role of Nadezhda Monakhova, until he saw Tatyana Doronina. So fate brought her and her husband back to Leningrad, where she grew up. Accepting Basilashvili to the theater troupe was a key condition for Tatiana’s consent.

The roles in the theater went one after another: Valya in “Irkutsk History”, Nadya in “My Elder Sister”, Sophia in “Woe from Wit”, Lushka in “Raised Virgin Land”. Each role was special and filled her biography with new and new achievements. Tatyana Doronina became the real leading actress of the main theater of Leningrad.

In parallel with the work in the theater, the young actress did not give up shooting at the cinema. In 1958, Leonid Trauberg released the film “Soldiers Went,” starring Sergei Bondarchuk. In this picture she found the continuation of the film career Doronina - she played Christ. And in 1961, Tatiana managed to play in the film “Horizon” right by Joseph Kheyfits.

In the eighth year of her acting career, in 1964, Tatiana Doronina received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Personal life and the heyday of career

biography of Tatyana Doronina

The official recognition of talent by the authorities did not make Tatiana Doronina dwell on her achievements, but seemed only to redouble her efforts. In 1965, she played Masha in Chekhov's Three Sisters and Nastasya Filippovna in Dostoevsky's Idiot. These two roles have caused an amazing delight among the public. In the same year, Tatiana starred in two films: in the role of Nina in the movie “Roll Call” and Polina in the film “Workers Village”.

By this time, the marriage with Basilashvili had finally and officially broken up. And Doronin married again - for theatrical critic Anatoly Yufit. But the marriage did not last long.

Marriage and Divorce Again

And in 1966, a sharp change again occurs in the biography of Tatiana Doronina: she leaves the Bolshoi Drama Theater in Leningrad and makes a move to Moscow. This was due to the new marriage of the actress. Her husband was a playwright Edvard Radzinsky. It was an amazing union of two talented people. The marriage was fragile: after about three years, the couple broke up.But even some time after the divorce, Radzinsky wrote many plays especially for his already ex-wife.
In Moscow, luck accompanies the actress, and she is accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater.

Universal acceptance

In the same year, Tatiana starred in the lead role in the film “The Older Sister” by George Natanson. The picture was very popular. But this popularity is interrupted by the role of Nyura in the film “Three Poplars on Plyushchikha.” He had tremendous success in the Soviet Union. Thanks to him and the film “The Older Sister”, according to the results of a survey of the magazine “Soviet screen”, Tatyana Doronina became the best actress of the year The viewer was sincerely in love with an actress named Tatyana Doronina. Biography, the children of a talented woman - it all became interested in millions.

Every year - a new well-known role and a new husband

Tatyana Doronina biography

The year 1968 brought one more role to the film career of the actress - Natasha in the film “Once again about love”. And it is not surprising that for the second year in a row, readers of the Soviet Screen magazine have named Tatyana the best actress of the year.

1969 brought the actress the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR. And 1970 - the role of Nadezhda Kazakova in the film “Wonderful character”.

In 1971, the theater career of Tatiana changes its direction and she goes into the troupe of the Theater.Mayakovsky.

In 1973, Oleg Bondyrev's film "Stepmother" was released, where the actress played one of the main roles - Shura Olevantseva. In the same year, she again gets the title of the best actress of the year, according to readers of the magazine Soviet Screen.

In 1974, the role of Larisa Ogudalova in Konstantin Khudyakov’s television film “Duty Free” will remain a bit unnoticed. But in the same year there is another important event in the life of the actress: she is getting married for the fourth time - to the actor Boris Khimichev, whom he met several years ago during the samples for the film “Once again about love”. The marriage was hard, because Doronin was already a real star of theater and cinema, and Boris was just starting his career, which could not but affect their relationship. Union collapsed after 10 years.

Last marriage

Tatyana Doronina biography personal life children

The actress was married for the fifth, last time. Doronin decided to buy a cottage in a garden partnership, where Robert Tikhonenko was the chairman. That was how Doronina got acquainted with her last husband. Robert was a man far from art. The sphere of his activity was the oil industry. But this did not prevent him from practically worshiping his wife.However, this marriage was not lasting.

In 1975, the films “On the Clear Fire” and “Olga Sergeyevna” with the actress in the lead role were seen, and in 1981 - “The Capel”. In the same year, the actress obtained the title of People's Artist of the USSR.

Full return to the Moscow Art Theater

And in 1983, she returned to the Moscow Art Theater.

In 1985, the film “Valentin and Valentina” was released, where Doronina played her latest film role. In 1987, after a split in the Moscow Art Theater, she headed the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky. Begins hard and painstaking work, in which there is almost no support from others. Once a young actress from the people could become a strong and thinking leader of one of the main metropolitan theaters.

In subsequent years, Tatiana is rightfully awarded the following orders:

  • 1998 - Order of Merit for the Fatherland, IV degree.
  • 2003 - Order of Merit for the Fatherland, III degree.
  • 2013 - the prestigious Golden Mask theatrical award for outstanding contribution to the development of theatrical art.
  • In the same year she received the Order for Services to the Fatherland, II degree.

Tatyana Doronina: biography, personal life, children

Doronina Tatyana Biography Children Doronina

Photos of the actress can still be seen in various media.But mostly these publications are related to her personal life. Despite the large number of marriages, she managed to maintain warm and friendly relations with each of her former husbands. None of them ever said a bad word about this amazing person, no matter what happened between them. This great woman, who came out of a simple work environment, was able to take from her parents not only the habit of hard work, but also education based on respect for people.

Was Tatiana Doronin's mother? Biography, Doronina’s children interest many, but, unfortunately, she has no children of her own. Her brainchild - movies and performances.

Five marriages actress for someone may seem a sign of levity or inconstancy. Who is really Tatiana Doronin? Biography, personal life, children - all this is not the main thing. In the first place is the fact that she will carry through her whole life one of the biggest and purest love - to the theater. Once a little girl, inspired by the play in school plays, she began to recognize the theater. And it is obvious that nothing in her life could take as much space in her heart as he takes.

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