Fohow: reviews of women and doctors

The art of healing originated thousands of years ago. People at all times needed doctors who had drugs from various ailments in store. It so happened that Asian healers advanced a little further than others in this art. They initially turned to nature and tried to take from her the knowledge necessary to get rid of those or other health problems. As a result, there appeared tools created on the basis of plant components. Chinese healers became famous for their particularly effective prescription drugs. In medicine, they have not been equal for several centuries, and so far funds from the Middle Kingdom are in great demand among Europeans.

Today, you can find a lot of comments about the miracle tools developed and released to the market by Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Of course, not all of them are a treasure of Asian medicine, but many do help from an impressive list of diseases. The increasing interest in patients in recent decades is the production of Fohow.Reviews of doctors and ordinary consumers are sometimes mutually exclusive, as some advocate the use of funds of this company, while others write about their uselessness and therefore recommend to refuse such treatment. We will try to most fully consecrate the activities of the company Fohow. And reviews of products will allow readers to form their own opinions about the feasibility of purchasing medicines.

Chinese corporation

Meet the company

In the nineties, the Russian market was flooded with Chinese firms offering miraculous dietary supplements and other means to the Russians that could solve any health problems. Their success was overwhelming, but only large firms withstand the competition in almost all cities of our country withstood the competition.

In the wake of this success in 1999, a new company was registered in China, setting as its main task the production of effective products based on natural ingredients. This was the start of Fohow. The feedback usually pays great attention to the company's products, but the characteristic of its activities rarely becomes the property of patients and even doctors.

Literally in the year of its foundation, the company was able to open and manufacture. A few years later, Fohow already had about twenty factories, which are now one hundred percent loaded. Approximately two years after the foundation, the organization had its own institute. From that moment on, Fohow began to develop its own drugs that successfully compete with other similar companies. Interestingly, Chinese celebrities often take part in company promotions. This makes the company's products even more attractive to consumers, but even without this PR move, the reviews of Fohow products are mostly positive. Many believe that the funds of this company are much more effective than counterparts produced by third parties. There are cases of detection of fakes, with which they associate negative reviews about Fohow, found on the Internet from time to time.

product reviews

A few words about the components of medicines

In Fohow reviews, consumers often describe the composition of the company's drugs. This indicates that the manufacturer does not hide the information about what exactly gives his funds such high efficiency.Although this information often causes many questions for doctors. We will touch on the components of drugs only briefly.

Chinese medicines have a large number of components. Sometimes their list can reach hundreds of different plants and substances. When physicians leave reviews on Fohow on specialized sites, they always note that an expanded composition serves both as a guarantee of effectiveness and a factor that can cause an allergic reaction.

The business card Fohow (reviews confirm this) are extracts from mushrooms. Powder from dried mushrooms is also often used. They are the main active component of all kinds of dietary supplements, elixirs and Fohow serums, reviews of which are left by the consumer.

Cordyceps mushroom is considered the most secret ingredient of the company. In ancient times, the Chinese, on pain of death, were forbidden to take it out of the country and even mention it under the real name in the recipe. Only members of the imperial family could allow themselves to be treated with Cordyceps, and even now it is extremely expensive. The healers who recommended this mushroom to their customers for the production of tinctures always clarified that it was very difficult to take everything useful from it.When released into the human body, Cordyceps does not give half of all amino acids that it contains. Therefore, to obtain the desired effect, it was necessary to consume a lot of fungus, which made the treatment process almost endless.

Nowadays, scientists have learned in the laboratory to make all the useful substances of cordyceps available for absorption. In this way, using one or two packages of the Fohow product can cure many diseases. An extract of mushrooms can be treated and cancer. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of products Fohow. However, even the manufacturer does not recommend using their funds as monotherapy. They give the best result in combination with traditional drugs taken according to the scheme.

products based on natural ingredients

Assortment of medicinal products

Even a cursory analysis of the positive and negative reviews of Fohow products gives an idea of ​​the wide range of products offered to the Russian buyer. Conventionally, they can be divided into three categories depending on their purpose:

  • Cleaning up Drugs in this group establish all metabolic processes in the body, stimulate the removal of toxins, which ultimately helps to get rid of those extra pounds.
  • Regulation.Adjusting the work of all organs is rather difficult, since our way of life often leads to a complete imbalance of all systems. Therefore, our body needs help in the form of various additives and drugs.
  • Recovery. Often it is very difficult for a person to get into the usual rhythm of life after a serious illness, stress or hard work. After the course taking funds from Fohow, the body returns to normal.

In addition to these groups, there are other categories of tools developed by the company. By the way, it is worth noting that Fohow regularly updates its product range. In recent years, appeared:

  • “Pearl of the Princess” tampons from Fohow (women leave feedback about them very often);
  • aromatic patches designed to relieve pain in the joints and muscles;
  • energy corrective lingerie;
  • bio-energy-immune modulators.

On the Internet, you can find consumer comments on each of the listed products. However, most often buyers and doctors leave feedback about:

  • Fohow tampons;
  • "Phoenix" (elixir that helps with many diseases and is used for prevention).

These products we describe in the following sections.

elixir "phoenix"

Fohow Company: Phoenix

Reviews of this dietary supplement are overwhelmingly filled with laudatory epithets.Many Russians, having experienced this product, begin to recommend it to their friends and acquaintances. What is so unusual about him? Let's figure it out together.

The manufacturer classifies this drug as intended for regulation. The main ingredient of the elixir is the same cordyceps mushroom that we mentioned earlier. The remedy consists of approximately seventy-five percent. Among the remaining components can be distinguished mushrooms lingzhi and fragrant, bamboo shoots. Naturally, this is not the whole list of substances in the composition of the elixir. But they are all natural.

The drug itself is a vial with a thick aromatic liquid sweetish taste. Many in the reviews compare it with peach juice. One package of "Phoenix" contains four bottles of one hundred milliliters and tubes for more convenient intake.

Indications and dosage

The elixir "Phoenix" is called by many Russians "ambulance" and is actively used. The manufacturer promises that the drug will raise the immune system, will have an antioxidant effect and ease the symptoms of overwork.It is also highly valued for its ability to resist the spread of cancer in the body and to treat it. It is recommended to take an elixir to protect the liver, and also in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory and vascular systems. "Phoenix" has a sedative effect: it normalizes sleep, helps relieve stress, and so on.

The manufacturer in the annotation to the tool writes that it can be drunk even for newborns. They need to start with half a milliliter and gradually bring up to five milliliters. Daily intake should be divided into two or three times. Adults can immediately take two milliliters of money and bring up to fifteen milliliters per day.

Interestingly, those who have lived for a long time in the Middle Kingdom, tell about the Chinese love for this elixir. They drink it for preventive purposes since childhood almost daily. Their dosage is one bottle per day.

Reviews for the elixir "Phoenix"

What do our compatriots write about this tool? We immediately say that most of the comments are laudatory. Some Russians note that Phoenix was used externally for allergic reactions to antibiotics and other drugs.Surprisingly, it usually takes two days of treatment to completely get rid of the rash on the body and face.

The elixir is very effective for colds, accompanied by fever, runny nose and cough. If we start taking Phoenix on time after every two hours, then the disease will recede the next day. And in two days there will be no trace of her left. In situations where the disease is already running, it is necessary to combine the reception of "Phoenix" with antibiotics. Thus, the effectiveness of treatment will be enhanced, and the harm from antibiotics is reduced to a minimum.

There are reviews from women awaiting the baby. They took the elixir in all trimesters during seasonal epidemics and after catching a cold. Relief came immediately after the first dose of the drug, and the full course did not harm the unborn child.

Older people in their reviews often mention such effects as improving vision, getting rid of problems with the digestive system and normalizing blood pressure.

In general, the experience of receiving the elixir is almost all rated as positive. Some negative causes only the price of dietary supplements.It does not refer to cheap, usually three bottles cost at least one and a half thousand rubles.

medicated tampons

Women's tampons: a brief description and composition

Our women have long been fond of the next product from the company - “Princess Pearl” (Fohow). Reviews of these tampons contain different information, but we will focus on the most important.

Doctors say that more than seventy percent of women suffer from various problems with the reproductive system. In this case, treatment with drugs developed by modern pharmacists, in most cases does not give a positive result. Therefore, women turn to traditional medicine and stop their choice, focusing on the reviews on tampons Fohow. They belong to herbal medicine and contain in their structure only natural natural ingredients.

The Pearl Princess Package is a well-packed box with six tampons in the form of balls wrapped in a net. The preparation includes Japanese gircha, dragonwood seeds, burnt alum, rhubarb root, thistle dyeing and other components. All of them are designed to remove impurities from the body, dead cells and make the uterus better contract.It also increases the sensitivity of cells in parallel, which allows to get rid of female inflammatory diseases and other health problems.


Indications for use of tampons: reviews and comments

Women who used the “Pearl of the Princess” write that it can be used in almost any disease. For example, if you suspect that something is wrong with you, then the introduction of even one tampon will help to identify the presence or absence of a problem by the nature of the discharge.

Many people write that once a month tampons can be used to prevent diseases. This approach helps protect the reproductive system and keep it in good shape.

Another effect from the use of this product is interesting. Due to the fact that it normalizes hormonal balance and rejuvenates the body, wrinkles on the face are smoothed, bruises under the eyes disappear, the skin acquires an even tone and literally shines. About this in the reviews write women who used the "Pearl of the Princess" course.

It is advisable to use this tool in the treatment of infertility. Usually women used it as a supplement to traditional therapy.After several courses, the state of the reproductive system returns to normal, as a result of which healthy babies are born.

Product Reviews Company Fohow: Pros and Cons

On the Internet, you can stumble upon a real debate between supporters and opponents of using in the treatment of Chinese traditional medicine. Both those and others lead a lot of arguments. People who have experienced Fohow products and have received a positive result write that the Chinese have had a wide knowledge of medicine since antiquity. Therefore, their methods can be counted on even when the disease seems incurable. At the same time, modern pharmaceuticals consider a person as a definite puzzle, whose parts do not depend on each other. In fact, if you have a certain disease, you need to help the whole body. And it is precisely such products that Fohow produces.

Opponents of such drugs claim that they are little studied, and therefore can cause significant harm. Moreover, this category of Russians fears that a negative result of treatment may appear in a few years. That will complicate its neutralization.

opinion of doctors

Opinion of doctors

Doctors also look at Fohow products in different ways. Many have a positive experience of its use, while others strongly oppose these funds, not even trying to use them. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to analyze all medical reviews, but experts clearly agree on one thing - Fohow should be used only in conjunction with medication prescribed by doctors. You can not rely only on traditional medicine, because there is a chance of its uselessness in your particular case.

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