Friendship is not just words

Many people often use the notion of "friendship" in their vocabulary. This is a common word that we often use. But what does it really mean?

Friendship is a close concern.

friendship isA friend is not a person who is with you only in happy moments. This is the one who can play different roles in your life. When you feel bad, he will substitute his shoulder and become a "waistcoat." In a difficult situation, he will listen, understand and try to help. Perhaps he will tell you that you are wrong, but he will not judge you. And you will listen to his opinion. When you get sick, it’s a friend who will fly to your home or hospital with a package of oranges and will methodically make them eat to get better quickly. When you decide to commit a rash act, a friend will try to dissuade you or even take more drastic measures. If you call him in the middle of the night, he will not say that it is too late, he will try to do something for you.

Friendship is a community

You have common interests, goals, aspirations. They hold you together. And even if you develop in completely different areas of life, you are bound by similar values. You understand each other without words. You do not need to spend hours explaining your position.Even if you do not agree with each other, you still understand the point of view of another person. It is easy and pleasant for you to be together. You can talk for hours or be silent for hours. Because you and so well. You feel that next to you is your native person. Native in spirit, not by blood.

friendship what is itFriendship is sacrifice

You do not feel sorry for your time, money and energy to help a friend. You are ready to share the last piece of bread, give the last money, or run all night long through pharmacies and look for a cure for a sick comrade. You can spend the last drop of diesel fuel to drive a friend who was late for the bus from the village, knowing that you will have to walk for a few days. You are ready to somehow forget about your own interests in order to help your loved one. And you know that he will do the same if necessary. True friendship is not exploitation. This is mutual care, help and understanding. You do all disinterestedly. And you know that in a difficult moment they will help you too.

Friendship: what is it? The opportunity to be yourself

true friendship isNext to a friend you do not need to pretend and put on different "masks". You do not smile when you want to cry.You do not hold back when you want to scream in pain. You do not try to look and seem better than you really are. That is unnecessary. After all, you and so will accept and understand the way you are. With all the pros and cons. You can sincerely tell about your feelings, experiences, thoughts. At the same time, you are sure that if you do not agree with you, you will not be ridiculed and will not be reproached. You also know that the comrade behind your back will not discuss topics that you would not like to make public. After all, he does not want to hurt you. You can simply, honestly and sincerely "lay out all the cards" and ask for advice without fearing to show your vulnerability. Because you know that a friend will not use these revelations to hurt you. But it is worth remembering that friendship should be mutual. It is necessary to give to receive.

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