Fulfillment of wishes for Christmas. Effective rites and rituals

Residents of the 21st century still believe in miracles. Fulfillment of Christmas wishes is what many people continue to hope for. Why not all the cherished dreams expressed on this day come true? Because you need to be able to make wishes correctly so that they come true. How to do this can be found below.

What desires can and cannot be made

What wishes make for Christmas? It is important to understand that requests should not be mercantile. If a person dreams of a bag of money, his imagination will hardly be realized. It is also useless to ask, for example, a new cool phone or car. People who are hoping to improve their financial situation have the right to think of a new good job, moving up the career ladder, additional earnings. This will attract your life stability and prosperity, such a desire is considered good.A person who does not have their own housing may wish to purchase it.

Christmas rituals

It’s impossible to guess something bad, the Universe will, at best, be indifferent to such requests. You should not make plans for revenge on enemies, dream of hurting someone. High chances of implementation have good plans. A person has the right to wish to meet his love, to have a child, to gain good health.

Meet a soul mate - a popular wish for Christmas. Many people are counting on love, voicing their dreams on Christmas night. However, it is impossible to guess a particular person, since no one has the right to dispose of the life of another person. But it is not forbidden to imagine the qualities that a lover should possess.

How to make wishes

The fulfillment of Christmas wishes is a miracle that many believe in. How to correctly express your dream so that it will come true and as soon as possible? It is worth listening to the recommendations, which are listed below.

make a wish for christmas
  • It is necessary to talk about your dream in the present tense, as if it was already realized. You can imagine the pictures of the future life, in which there is already what the person dreams about.
  • Specify a specific date of execution of the desire can not.The universe must decide when the dream will come true.
  • The particle “not” is also not worth using when making your request. The wording should be positive, for example, not “I want to lose weight”, but “I want to find harmony”.
  • The more details - the higher the hope for the result. For example, if a person dreams of a new apartment, he should imagine what repairs he will make in it, what furniture he will buy.

The most important rule is that the goal must be achievable. If a person does not believe in the possibility of fulfilling his dream, he should not count on it.

Make a wish

It is time to move from theory to practice. What are the wishes for Christmas? Technique number one is simple and affordable. A person should make a cherished wish before going to bed on January 6th. It needs to be written on a sheet of paper and put on the windowsill. It is also advisable to light a candle or hang a Christmas star on the window, which is easy to do with your own hands. Sheet with desires placed under the star.

How to make a wish for Christmas

Legend has it that when the angels descend to the earth, they first look at the houses, on the windows of which the star hangs and the light burns.


How else can you achieve the fulfillment of wishes for Christmas? Technique number two will appeal to those who are constantly thinking about their dreams, can not let it go. Within forty days it is necessary to visualize your cherished desire, starting from the seventh of January. Dive into the world of fantasy is necessary every evening.

Christmas wishes

The dream should be presented in all colors, to experience the pleasure of this occupation. It is necessary to do so as if the desire has already been realized. On the fortieth day, birds should be treated to bread crumbs, this will increase the chances of success.

In the open air

What other technique can be advised to those who are going to make a wish on the night of Christmas? Method number three is suitable for people who are willing to stay up until three in the morning. Legend has it that at this time the sky opens. God sees and hears all who appeal to him, and the angels descend from heaven.

rites for christmas

In order to make a wish, you will have to go outside. Next, you need to look up and ask God to fulfill his cherished dream. It is assumed that all wishes made on an open-air Christmas night come true almost instantly.Of course, with one hundred percent probability to predict the speed of the realization of a dream in life is impossible.

Draw an angel

How else can you achieve the fulfillment of desires? The rituals for Christmas described above are suitable for everyone. Whereas technique number four assumes the presence of at least minimal drawing skills.

It is necessary to take a blank sheet of paper and draw a Christmas angel. Of course, the artistic value of the picture does not play a special role. An angel can be depicted as a person imagines him. The main thing - to draw him only one eye. The opportunity to finish the second will appear when the cherished dream will come true. Then the drawn figure needs to be cut.

make a wish for the Nativity of Christ

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the desire is made directly in the process of drawing and cutting. Then you should hang a picture on the Christmas tree or on the wall and wait for the implementation of your request.

Guessing health

What other effective rituals for Christmas exist? Fulfillment of desires will help achieve and technology number five. It is relevant primarily for those who want to recover from the disease.

how to make a wish for christmas

On the morning of January 7th, you need to wake up as early as possible, wash your face with cool water. A special conspiracy was previously pronounced: “The Savior was born, the light appeared to the world. I will be saved through Jesus Christ. ” Instead, the text can say a prayer and turn to the Universe with its request. This must be done on an empty stomach.

Alone with the night

Of course, not all effective techniques of wish fulfillment are described above. Method number six also implies the need to go out at night. It is important that a person at this time be completely alone, even the presence of close people is not allowed. If this is not possible, you can stand by the window in a dark room.

Next you should look into the depths of the sky, listen to the sounds of the night. All this will help mentally connect with the universe, feel alone with it. Then you need to mentally list all that a person expects to achieve within a year. The more specific the goals, the easier it will be to achieve them. Next, you need to light a red candle, preferably purchased in the church shop.It must be placed where nothing will prevent it from burning out to the end. Candle will play the role of a lighthouse, attracting the realization of desires.

During this ritual, you can also get rid of all the negative things that are present in life. To do this, you must sit at the window, peer and listen to the night. Then you should cover your eyes with your palm, quietly name everything you want to get rid of. Next, you need to drop all the negative from yourself with your hand so that it goes into the depths of the sky. Of course, such requests should not harm other people. For example, if a person does not like his boss, he cannot be dismissed.

Wishes Notes

Scrapbooks with wishes for Christmas are very popular. When using this technique, it is recommended to take into account your zodiac sign. Leoes, Sagittarius and Aries should wait until dark and light a green candle. Next you should concentrate on the flame, throw all thoughts out of your head. The cherished dream is written on paper, then the text is re-read several times by candlelight.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will help to achieve the realization of the cherished desire air.A note with a dream must be put inside the ball. Then the balloon should be filled with air, tied up and allowed to fly into the sky. For some time, you can admire his flight, thinking about his desire.

Water will come to the aid of Scorpios, Pisces and Cancers. Write their wishes to them best on the banks of a river or lake. It is advisable to find a reservoir where there is an ice hole (or the water does not freeze). Dream sheet needs to be turned into a boat, and then send it to sail. For some time you should watch his journey.

Assistant Dev, Taurus and Capricorn will be the land. Your request to the universe must be written on a piece of paper, which is then placed in a flower pot. He falls asleep on Christmas night. Then you need to plant a flower, for which you will have to care for at least until the dream comes true.

What time to make a wish for Christmas to make it come true

Correct timing also plays an important role. What time to make a wish for Christmas to make the cherished dream come true? There are several answers to this question. It is safe to say that the best time to make a request is three in the morning. If a person also makes a wish on the street, then it will definitely come true.

What to do if it is not possible to make a request to the Universe at night? What time to make a wish for Christmas? This can be done absolutely at any time. The sixth-seventh of January is a magical time when no request is left unheeded.

What else can you do

What else can a person do who hopes to fulfill his wishes for Christmas? Anyone can just go to church, think about their dreams, make a request to the Universe, which will certainly be heard. Then be sure to light a candle. A wish will come true, if it is kind, correct and pure.

Addressing heaven to fulfill your dream, you should not forget about gratitude. Words of appreciation must be pronounced at the end of each ritual.

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