Game Guilds War 2: review, features, passage and reviews

Everyone knows the western games of the genre MMORPG. The last of the major projects is called Guilds War 2. A review of this particular supplement will be presented later. This game still belongs to the era when people used portable consoles. At that time, work with the technology "Pay and Play" seemed purely Asian and inaccessible to the domestic gamer. But these times are long gone. At the moment, the project has been changed and gained considerable popularity. Consider the article all the details of the gameplay.guilds war 2 review

Features and subtleties

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the number “two” in the title. What does it mean? Few people understand this subtlety. This figure is a fan service. It is designed for guys who love the whole series of games. The described project is an addition to the original Guild Wars game. For those who have been in the project for quite some time, the developers have created special discounts and promotions. We are talking about the option Hall of Monuments, through which you can get in the form of a bonus, any unique things.However, if a person is not familiar with the game or quickly abandoned during the training phase, he should not be sad. In fact, these bonuses slightly affect the gameplay, they are rather just a small surprise that gives experienced gamers a good impression. The main thing in the project is to arrange all the forces guild wars 2 review reviews


There are five races in the game Guilds War 2. An overview of all of them is presented below.

  • ABOUTpeoplesomething special or interesting is hard to say.
  • Vikings, orNornsliving in a certain area, have a fairly large growth - about two meters.
  • Catscharrseem very aggressive.
  • Asura- these are cunning low inventors.
  • Plants-people who are known to all assylvaripretty pretty.

Each of the races has its own problems. For example, people suffer greatly from centaurs who are constantly trying to destroy their devices. Azura constantly suffer golem rebellions. The gamer's hero initially lives in the main region - the gameplay begins with him. He gradually pumped over time becomes steeper and stronger. Later he goes into all the details of the stories and finds out the name of the main culprit. His (he is the main boss) can be found at level 80 - at the last. guild wars 2 game review and full description


A review of Guild Wars 2, the reviews of which are excellent, should be continued with a brief description of the character creation system. In parallel with the general history, a biography of the main one is created. A person (player) can independently choose his character and mentor. These factors rather strongly influence what tasks the gamer will receive during the game process. Sometimes this “fork” occurs in the middle or at some stage. Some tasks have several different endings. All conversations related to quests, voiced. Unfortunately, there is no Russian version.


Guild Wars 2 Review: Heart of Thorns should make it clear: the game has specific differences. What they are and what they are about, all of this will be discussed below. In order for the reader to understand all the specifics of the game, the discussion is presented in the form of an explanation of the functioning of the options. Topical issues for gamers:

  • Should I start playing?
  • Is she so good?
  • What's so different about other MMORPG games?

All this further.

In the process you can see a large number of special NPC. They appear along with a certain sign above the hero's head.If we talk about the character, then his quests will work a little differently.

Most of the game world is “crammed” with various heroes and characters. They are distinguished by their importance, importance and role played. For example, those characters who expect the help of the main character are marked with a special icon on the map. We can talk about warriors, miners and cowardly rangers. As soon as the hero falls within the range of these characters, quests are included in the automatic mode. It is not necessary for the like, as in many games, to interact with the same warrior and so on. All gamers who are in the same location, are combined in the party. In the final, the reward is divided between the participants, and the actions are counted for everyone, no matter who committed them. As a reward can be experience, karma and, of course, money. All the characters with which the hero helps, can sometimes apply internal currency to their plot letters.guild wars 2 review high level content


The mailbox in Guilds War 2, a review of which will allow you to understand the uniqueness of the project, is a regular button in the internal menu. In order to read or send a message, you do not need to go to a settlement.

All quests consist of several tasks. A person can choose which one of them he wants to do first. The quest scheme is presented below. For example, to help a farmer, you need:

  • feed the cattle;
  • kill all rodents;
  • set traps and so on.

After completing one of the tasks, the progress bar is replenished. Thanks to her, you can clearly understand how much is left to finish before the quest is completed. The latter are scaled under the present gamers in the location. It should be understood that if a player is the only one in the area, then success will be counted quickly. The more gamers, the slower. guilds war 2 game features review

Dynamic events

Conducting a review of the game Guild Wars 2, it should be said about other features. Dynamic tasks are activated either automatically or after completing a specific task. An example of this is the situation. For example, if a gamer handles beds, a character such as an NPC often flies past him. He will ask for help, setting an example of how to participate in the battle. The screen will display special markers and strips of life that allow you to understand how much is left to protect people.If the caravan after the battle in the normal state, then the event will continue further. For example, a knight may ask for additional help - to protect the camp from attack. If a person fails the task, it will be postponed until a certain period, and participants will still receive an award. But it should be understood that it is small.

For each zone of the game created a special chain of tasks. In the starting areas, the gamer gets the usual tasks, but their number decreases with increasing character level. If we are talking about combinations of dynamic tasks, they end up with the fact that a person must defeat the boss.

It should be noted that this idea is not new. Some events may be repeated. For example, when coming to villages, a gamer every time notices that the undead always creeps next to the beds. The player will kill certain shamans all the time. However, this is not annoying.

Skill sets

We continue to review the possibilities. The game Guilds War 2 has a special type of skill sets. They are highly dependent on the class of the character itself. Even details such as weapons have an effect on frivolous nuances.Each class of the hero can heal or save from the death of a neighbor. Some characters are able to be in several guilds. All resources are distributed automatically. No need to rush to mine, for example, ore to pick up everything for yourself. Some details can be easily sent from the bag to the bank. It should be noted that due to this, it will be quite difficult to overfill the inventory. During the creation of a pack of devices of the same type, each of them is easier to assemble than the previous one. Loot is sold immediately, as soon as the hero decides to do so. And you do not have to go to the capital, you can create everything using the interface. Auctions are common to each territorial server, regardless of which gamer plays. The only difference is the location (country). Because of this, it seems that the market is one. Its condition is monitored by game developers. guild wars 2 reviews

Combat system

Review and full description of the game Guild Wars 2 will continue the story about the features of the combat system. For example, it is forbidden to press only the skill keys and stand in battle. In order to avoid strikes or flying arrows, it is enough to use rolls and strafe. Weapons change quickly and on the fly.For example, many players start a battle with arrows, and then switch to an ax. It allows you to quickly stun an opponent and go to a safe distance.

An overview of the Guild Wars 2 classes is presented above. Heroes have special attacks consisting of combos. An example of this could be a local magician who makes a wall of fire, and a hunter using bows. Last shoots. His arrows ignite. With this solution, the opponent can easily and quickly damage the opponent. Such a combination can express the ability of your character, without having to have a partner.

“Trinity” (tank, support and damage) is appreciated, and its importance is quite strong. Resurrect and treat can be with the help of characters: an engineer, a cunning thief. Damagers are all those who received excellent readings of armor. It is rather difficult to organize a game on these roles. However, this does not mean that they should be avoided. Characters are multifunctional and have many different characteristics, so there is nothing easier than to replace the missing member.

Level and Benefits

If the level of the hero rises, then the "ability" relies much more. Guild Wars 2 reviews confirm this.Only ten of them are active. The game is created in such a way as to help a person choose the most useful, perfectly suited for the style of the project or in another particular situation. Understandably, some sites with builds exist, but the game has been greatly improved, and the balance has not once tolerated changes. In order for a gamer for a long time not to enjoy the excellent conditions of the class in which it is composed, other participants try to put it on the input of mechanics and work. guild wars 2 game review

Features for "veterans"

The main change in the game was that the developers removed the receipt of items for the monotonous steps. There was also a rejection of the raids in the game Guild Wars 2. Review high-level content on.

Veterans have some special features. For example, if we are talking about Azeroth, the heroes from the dungeons are not known for their special characteristics. Their visual nuances are paramount. Weapons and armor are provided. They have a beautiful appearance. Because of this, the owners again "fall in love" with the interface.

Standard features have excellent feedback from customers. Of course, they are no better than the modifications that gamers get for real money. However, always everything desired can be purchased.Paid items should be many times better than other outfits.

With this solution it will be very easy to balance in the game. The gameplay is as simple as possible. But you need to understand that after all the main essence of the project is the hunt for special characters. The difficulty is presented in three modes. Themselves dungeons (locations), there are eight pieces.

Purely theoretically, you can quickly return to the zone where the tasks ended, and the quests remained. It is allowed even at the end of the game to come back to the underwater cave and defeat a very strong, intelligent hero in just a few seconds. You can take revenge on any character for the fact that he has ever caused damage to the gamer. Skills and sets of weapons are open, but everything else - health, attack - is proportionally reduced. And the further, the more indicators are reduced. This is done to create more gamer interest.


Users say that most people like this game. Management is as clear as possible, and the storyline is impressive. Sometimes difficult moments can occur, but a little persistence does not hurt. The owners of the game notice good graphics.The only problem is that the interface is not Russified.


In the game Guilds War 2, the review of which is presented in the article, you can also use the crafting option. Thanks to her, it is allowed to get new recipes and weapons. Ready schemes are considered effective. You can create special options that allow you to survive with cool things.

Achievements are diverse and have several types. The simplest are the daily options for achivok, and then with the passage of the plot you can already dive into more interesting quests. Passage of the game Guild Wars 2 is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is only necessary to make an effort.

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