Gaming netbooks: a review of the best

The first time after the appearance on the marketnetbooks were very popular. Each second person needed a device that was characterized by compact dimensions, a quality display (the diagonal of any device of this type - no more than 12 inches) and good functionality. Such indicators allowed to easily use gadgets and carry them without much difficulty. Now netbooks have lost popularity: they are gradually replaced by tablets, smart phones and ultrabuki. This device can hardly be found on sale, however it is still real. Anyway, some gamers are interested in what game model is better, and what company to prefer. Games for the netbook are installed with ease from special sources.gaming netbooks

Whose netbook is better?

All major manufacturers have already stoppedto be engaged in release of netbooks as demand for them practically is absent. Their analogue can be called tablets, working with the right keyboard connection. But this does not mean that the devices are not sold at all. Completely they disappear from the counters around 2019.

Gaming netbooks of the following are popular in Russiamanufacturers: HP, Asus, Acer, Dell, Apple. Some consumers prefer Chinese companies. They are in demand and are characterized by increased build quality. However, their main drawback is a small margin of power.

Asus R209HA

Before the crisis began, the best netbookit was real to buy for 10 thousand rubles. Now this amount has increased two or three times. This is due to a shortage of products and a sharp jump in the dollar. That is why the average cost of good netbooks is 17 thousand rubles.

Model R209HA from the famous AmericanThe manufacturer has a fine design, high level of functionality and small dimensions. The battery is not bad, allows you to work with the device for about 13 hours without additional power. Among all available models, this netbook, whose memory is standard (32 GB), is interesting for high performance. This made it possible to make it the best. The case is equipped with special ports that make the device multifunctional and capable of working with many additional devices. The netbook was small. He is pleased with the power of the battery and its practicality - all this makes it a good option.


  • well cope with the work on the network;
  • has an excellent external design;
  • a powerful battery (3800 mAh).


  • bad camera.

netbook games

Acer ASPIRE R3-131T

Not all gaming netbooks are capable of boastinglarge volume of internal storage. This distinguished itself with one important detail: its hard drive is designed to use 500 GB of memory. Other manufacturers prefer to embed a small amount of available storage and, accordingly, install a port for working with a memory card. This solution is convenient, but not for all customers. Most often gamers pay attention to this model.

The device performs without any complaintsThe basic tasks that the owner sets him. "Winds" for the netbook is suitable, it is even pre-installed in advance, and if there are problems, you can buy a disc and install a different version. Moreover, the manufacturer at the release said that the netbook is a good platform for games and noted the quality of graphics. However, as it turned out later, the device does not cope with any of the described options. This is evidenced by numerous reviews.


  • Touch screen. The case is transformed. Perfect for those people who like to work with modern gadgets.
  • Sold several modifications, so you can choose the most suitable.
  • Built-in port for working with the Network (wired type).
  • The screen is covered with tempered glass, which helps protect it from chips and scratches.


  • There are difficulties when working with wireless access points.
  • The LAN adapter operates at a speed of 100 Mbit per second.
  • Bad viewing angles.

Windows for netbook

Dell INSPIRON 3162

This netbook is a standarddevice without touch panels and with a traditional body. It can not be said that this model is something different from the previous ones. "Windows" for the netbook of this model is a preinstalled OS. Select in it can only color design and design in general. The device is bright and eye-catching. There are modules for working with wireless data transmission and access points. Also distinguished solid-state drive. Its capacity is 32 GB. If desired, you can purchase a more powerful modification, but it will cost extra money. The device is compact, weighs a little, which makes it convenient to transport it. The manufacturer has acted in such a way that the keyboard of the netbook is protected from the influence of liquids (moisture). This will ensure its operation in any conditions. If you spill a cup of coffee, then nothing terrible will happen. Due to the fact that the screen is coated with anti-glare substance, the device can be used on sunny days.


  • protected from water ingress;
  • The screen is covered with a special anti-glare agent;
  • the case received bright shades.


  • bad viewing angles, because of which the image quality deteriorates.

inexpensive netbook

HP Stream 11

Inexpensive netbook, included in the list of budgetdevices that have spread among gamers. The model is unique, attracts the attention of customers due to color design and good performance. The manufacturer has always focused on creating commercial products for businessmen and other serious people, so seeing such an assortment in the assortment is rather strange. The netbook has one distinctive feature: because of the color design and rounded shape, it is more suitable for women. No serious person can come to negotiations with such equipment. The netbook does not have super-strong characteristics, however it does not lag behind its "related" competitors. In other words, a good and convenient option, allowing both play and show presentations.


  • color color;
  • matt coating of the case;


  • weak battery.

sony netbook

Apple MacBook Early 2016

This device does not fit into the budgetsegment, but is in demand among players. Like other gaming netbooks, it has compact dimensions. He does not stand out among his competitors with his indicators, rather he is on the same level with them. The device has earned good words from customers, as it works without failures and has a relatively optimal price tag. Although many believe that it is slightly too high.

The display is excellent, quality color transmission andhigh margin of brightness. There is support for solid-state drives, which is an added advantage. The battery is capacious, the processor does an excellent job even with heavy applications. The case is thin and light. Games for the netbook can be installed both from the official store and from outside sources.

Gamers notice stable work, there are no failures. Many popular games are easily put. In general, the device is not bad, and most users recommend it.


  • excellent sound;
  • works well with resource-intensive games;
  • qualitative matrix;
  • powerful rechargeable battery.


  • too overpriced;
  • one interface port.

netbook keyboard

Sony Vaio P

The Sony netbook is suitable for those consumers whorequires a high-quality, multifunctional and convenient netbook. The design of the device is amazing: the case is glossy, the display is of good resolution. You can work with both third-generation networks and wireless points. The operating system is Windows Vista. The thickness of the device - only 20 mm, the weight with a battery for 4 sections is almost 600 g. This figure is considered to be a record for a netbook record. The cost of the device is high. It is $ 900 with the purchase of the base configuration and $ 1,700 for the model with 128 GB of memory.

Consumers are advised to purchase Sony's netbook because of its excellent functioning even with time-consuming processes.netbook memory

Irbis NB21

Earlier netbooks were produced with 10 screensinches. This made it possible to make them as small as possible in size and weight. At this stage, such characteristics - an indicator of belonging to the budget segment. That's why we need to understand that there will not be additional functions and options that will make it easier to work with the device. The device received the basic components. It is in demand among students and gamers.

Inexpensive netbook has a small display. Its resolution is 1024 × 600 pixels. There are no touch options, as well as wide viewing angles. With the latter, obvious problems. The device works on a processor with 4 cores. Each of them operates with a frequency of 1.8 GHz. In order for a netbook to last longer from the charge of the battery, it is necessary to reduce the functionality of the chip to 1.3 GHz. RAM is 2 GB, it is possible to work with external drives up to 32 GB. Embedded modules for wireless interaction with networks and bluetooth. The USB port is a drawback. He is alone and works quite slowly.

Pros and Cons of Irbis NB21


  • small size;
  • little weight;
  • the ability to work with a TV through a netbook;
  • record low cost;
  • like other gaming netbooks, this has the function of transmitting sound over the wireless network.


  • short battery life;
  • bad screen;
  • interaction only with microSD cards.
  • a small amount of memory.

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