Gasoline lawn mowers AL-KO: review of models, reviews

In our life it may well be that there may be no electricity. A breakdown at the station, a break in the line, etc. That is why, in order to take care of your lawn, it is better to purchase petrol lawn mowers. Al-ko is a company that manufactures and distributes this product and more. It is worth acquiring such a thing if there is really large areas of land in the possession that need to be cared for. Otherwise, the amount that will have to pay for this tool may not justify itself. But in any case, the purchase of gasoline mowers greatly simplify the task of lawn care, as well as reduce the amount of physical effort expended.

Al-ko Mowers Overview

Before turning to a specific review of individual models, you can provide some general information that combines the entire range of Al-ko lawn mowers. First, it is worth saying that the company has existed since 1931.This fact immediately speaks about the reliability and quality of products. In addition, in addition to the production of grass mowing units, the company also produces construction and water equipment, shock absorbers, and plastic products.

al-ko lawn mowers

Absolutely all Al-ko lawn mowers are characterized by the fact that they are reliable as well as very powerful. A high power figure for such equipment suggests that it will enable its owner to process a fairly large part of the lawn in the most minimal period for this business. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the petrol base of these machines makes them more practical to use than electric ones.

lawn mower petrol al-ko

However, there are some drawbacks that also unite all the products, and which also follow from the fact that all models are petrol. There are only two minuses. The first is the noisy operation of the unit, which is typical of all gasoline engines. The second is more weight compared to electrical products. Another need for purchasing an Al-ko lawn mower is periodic maintenance, which any gasoline unit needs.

petrol lawn mower al ko reviews

Design features

Due to the design features of Al-ko gasoline mowers, the models are durable and reliable, and almost all of them are capable of processing up to 1800 m2. The deck for these machines is made of sheet steel, which allows you to be sure that this part is reliably protected from the effects of corrosion. However, you should pay attention to the body of these machines. The thing is that they have a fairly low resistance parameter to the juice of mowed grass. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to wipe the mower after each use. Since all products of this company have gasoline engines, they are equipped with an easy start system. In other words, there is no need for manual fuel injection into the carburetor when starting the unit. In addition to this, almost all models initially have an integrated mulching function, which is carried out with the help of a built-in mulching wedge.

lawn mower petrol self-propelled al-ko

Model lawn mower Classic 4.66 SP-A

The name of the model range speaks for itself. These machines fit the description of the classic grass mowing machines. However, the manufacturer tried to make them more convenient and innovative.For these reasons, the Al-ko Classic gasoline mower has become a professional and quality tool for grass mowing.

Manufacturers have made an ergonomic handle, which, in combination with a wheel drive, allows a person operating this model, not to get tired even after prolonged use. The maximum area that this machine can handle at one gas station is 1,400 m². In addition, the grass tank has a volume of 70 liters, which will allow processing up to 1,100 m² of area, without being distracted by the emptying of the storage. The materials used to make the tank are steel and plastic. In addition, the storage has a built-in indicator that will give a signal when the tank is completely filled with grass.

lawn mower al ko classic

The engine of the lawn mower Al-co Classic 4.66 SP-A saves fuel, which reduces the cost of refueling. In order to reduce the weight of the product, manufacturers have taken aluminum as the basis for the manufacture of the frame, the wheelbase, and the handle. Steel remained only the body and deck. Such a successful combination of material makes the model more maneuverable, easy and increases service life.

Technical parameters of the unit

The following are the exact specifications for the Classic 4.66 SP-A model.

  1. Model maker - the company Al-ko Kober.
  2. The weight of the petrol model Classic is 31.1 kg.
  3. The location of the container behind and ejection of grass is carried out back.
  4. The minimum height of the mowed grass is 25 mm. The maximum height is 75 mm.
  5. The gasoline mower has 7 bevel height adjustment modes.
  6. The material from which the body is made is steel.
  7. The gasoline engine installed in this car is a Pro 125 OHV.
  8. The power of the device is 2000 W; 2.7 l. from.
  9. There is no mulching function.
  10. The number of revolutions at idle speed is 2850 rpm.
  11. The installed engine is 123 cm3.
  12. The gas tank is designed for 1 liter of fuel.
  13. Capacity of a tank for collecting a grass of 65 l.
  14. Grass mowing area ranges from 0 to 1400 cm.3.
  15. Four-stroke engine.
  16. The maximum cutting width of grass is 46 cm.

Lawn mower Al-ko Classic 5.16 SP-A PLUS

This model gathers at plants which settle down in Germany and Austria. German quality of each of the parts is guaranteed. Manufacturers themselves give a guarantee on their product for 3 years of operation. Engine power of this model is 2.7 liters. from. Of course,for a dimensional product, such power is somewhat small, but German engineers decided to compensate for this by installing rear-wheel drive on the unit, which pulls quite powerfully. The storage capacity for grass is somewhat less than that of the previous model, only 65 liters. The tank itself is made of impact-resistant plastic, which, moreover, is very easily removed and washed.

Of the minuses, as already mentioned, only a small power of the motor of the product, otherwise, some advantages. The engine of these models is quite long and at the same time economical. Assembly of the Austrian unit, the highest quality. The storage tank for cutting grass is also equipped with an alarm indicator. Owning a self-propelled drive and the ability to fertilize the lawn with mulching make this model very attractive.

Highline lineup

As with the Classic models, there are several units that make up the Highline. One of these machines is the Al-ko Highline 527 VS. You can start with the fact that this model was introduced not so long ago and is a novelty of this particular series of lawn mowers. In general, the units of this type are self-propelled.The machine has a steel body and is also very simple in its maintenance and operation. The maximum mowing width is 51 cm, which allows you to quickly and efficiently process large areas. In addition, the unit has 7 positions for adjusting the height of the mowed grass, from 30 to 80 mm.

lawn mower al ko highline

Just like some Classic models, the Al-ko Highline 527 VS has the ability to fertilize other plants with mowed grass. In other words, it also has the function of mulching. The speed of the mower ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 km / h and is fully adjustable. When buying this model in the kit there is always a plug for mulching, knives for mowing, as well as a container for collecting grass of 70 liters.

Features and advantages of the model

From the features of this model, the following can be highlighted:

  • The presence of the ability to adjust the speed of the wheels of the unit.
  • The powerful internal combustion engine with a manual starter has a pleasant easy start.
  • Of course, as in other models, it should be noted that there is the possibility of adjusting the height of the cut grass in 7 positions, the range of which is from 30 to 80 mm.
  • The model differs in that it can switch to 4 modes of operation. That is, mowed grass can be used for mulching or can be placed in a collection box. And it can also be simply thrown back or sideways.

Model Highline 46.3 SP-A Edition

A distinctive feature of this particular mower is that the grass collection container is filled starting from the rear. This allows you to fill the entire tank. At that time, as with other models and other firms, the storage is filled in front. This suggests that the claimed capacity will actually be much smaller than indicated on the paper, since the back of the tank will remain empty. The XXL wheels on the Al-ko Highline 46.3 SP-A Edition self-propelled gasoline mower with easy travel guarantee that the movement of the unit will pass easily even on uneven surfaces and without the use of great effort. In order to facilitate the launch of this model, its engine is equipped with an intelligent quick start system. In addition, it also has an air damper, which will automatically regulate the air supply, maintaining the gasoline-air ratio at the required level, at any temperature and throughout the entire period of operation.

Model Al-ko Silver 46 B Comfort

This model is less powerful and smaller in size than others.It is designed to care for small lawns. For the same reason, the cost of the Al-ko Comfort lawn mower will be lower than that of its older brothers. A feature of this model is that its body is displaced, and also has an aerodynamic design. These two indicators together make it possible to completely fill the storage with mowed grass. Also, this machine is equipped with an ergonomic handle that allows you to control the unit for a long time and not get tired at the same time.

lawn mower al ko comfort

The collection box, which has an aerodynamic air duct, a signaling indicator, as well as a special housing geometry, make using this model even more pleasant and comfortable. The function of mulching in this model is the same as in others. The weight of the machine is 27 kg, the width of the grip is 46 cm, and the height is adjustable from 25 to 75 mm. The storage capacity for grass is 65 liters. In addition, for safety use of this model, it has an arc safety switch.

Reviews of petrol lawn mowers Al-ko

Of course, each customer has his own opinion about a particular model of these machines, but the overwhelming majority of reviews are still positive.If we talk about the Al-ko Classic 5.16 SP-A PLUS lawn mower, then from the merits, people say that it mows well and the effort required to move is minimal. The only small flaw that the female half of buyers notes is the difficulty in launching. However, for the male half - this is not at all difficult. Other buyers have noted that it starts up almost from the first spurt. When the engine is running at the Classic model range, nothing dangles, does not falter, and does not coward. Adhesion to the surface is also high.

Highline Reviews

Just as in the previous case, there is a positive trend in the feedback left by people. Al-ko lawn mowers are much to their liking, and people, more often than not, have an excellent build. Since it is carried out in Austria, the unit is perfect for those who want to have the tools of the highest European quality. In addition to the high quality of the assembly, it is also said about a fairly simple start of the engine of this machine. People who have been using these devices for a long time have noted that the first 2 or even three seasons of the tool works without a single slip at all.Some owners noted that the function of a separate height adjustment for each wheel separately is very convenient. It was also noted that it is convenient to use the lawn mower because of its small size.

Reviews mowers Comfort

The advantages of these models include their high power and at the same time moderate fuel consumption. However, people also note the presence of deficiencies in this series of mowers. To such they carry a strong vibration, due to which often the bobbin has to be changed. They also note that there are problems with the adjustment of idling, makes more noise than other mowers. Some even claimed that the knife flew off at them, although it was properly secured. Some owners believe that the mower is too expensive for its number of shortcomings.

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