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Volga is a real long-liver among all cars produced in Russia. GAZ 31105 is, in fact, a very modernized GAZ 24. This car still reminds of the Soviet past. Old models are still a symbol of a bygone era.

GAZ 31105 - photo and history of the car

This car has found its consumer in small provincial cities with light traffic and not too high-quality gasoline. This car can be repaired normally.

GAZ 31105 Volga has been produced since 2004. This is an upgraded version of the GAZ 3110. "Stop" several times removed from production, since its sales are small. When the factory made a statement about the termination of its release, motorists literally bombarded the company with letters in which they were very much asked not to stop the assembly. The leaders of GAZ decided to meet the fans of cars and production not only resumed, but also upgraded the model. This car has received a new Chrysler engine with a displacement of 2.4 liters. He was not just a novelty, many car enthusiasts appreciated this gift.And sales of the GAZ 31105 car began to grow.

Initially, the motors were assembled in Saltillo, Mexico. And then from there, the Chrysler GAZ 31105 power units were delivered to the assembly areas of the automobile plant. Cars equipped with a new engine, changed their model index. Now it is GAZ 31105-501.gas 31105

At this story "stop" is not over. In 2007, designers and engineers of the car factory held a restyling model. Changes have been made in the arrangement of the cabin, but they are not so significant.


GAZ 31105 "Volga" is made with the type of sedan. Russian sedans in their dimensions have already begun to approach the counterparts of the executive class. The “Stopped” is almost as big as the German Mercedes cars and surpasses the flagship models from the Swedish concern Volvo.Chrysler gas 31105

In 2007, the model acquired a new grille, as well as new rear lights with round lenses. The proportions of the body - a longer hood and elongated trunk - this is already a classic.

Long "Volga"

Few motorists know that, in addition to the usual “stop”, there is an even longer modification. So, engineers increased the base by 300 mm.The rear doors are 150 mm longer. This allowed passengers to significantly ease landing in the car. Its index is 311055. It is characterized by drop-shaped headlights. It is difficult to find fault with them and find some flaws. Is that the diffuser is made of plastic, not glass. However, this material is no longer used by leading import manufacturers.

Exhaust system upgrade

After the government of our country obliged automakers to manufacture products that would meet the Euro-2 environmental standards, GAZ managers decided to completely redo the current design of the exhaust system, and also rewrote the ECU program. In appearance, such a machine is difficult to distinguish, but those who are closely acquainted with the model range will be able to see a larger exhaust tailpipe.gas 31105 Volga

After such modifications and alterations, the engineers were able to double the volume of the exhaust system in this model, which automatically led to a more efficient blowing of the combustion chambers of fuel, and also made it possible to significantly reduce the resistance to the exit of exhaust gases.Of course, the toxicity of gases has decreased, and now the exhaust fits international standards.

What is inside?

As for the kits and equipment, as well as the ease of landing and control, the GAZ 31105 of 2004 is very different from the restyled car. In the first models, drivers just above 180 cm almost rested against the ceiling with their heads, and the steering wheel was practically on their knees, and the landing itself was uncomfortable because of the driver’s seat. The new modifications have significantly changed this situation.

Seats in front down lowered. Reviews of drivers say that this has significantly improved the landing. The wheel in a car of 2007 can be regulated on a departure and a tilt angle. In the 2007 cabin, a completely different, newer and more modern torpedo was installed, as well as door cards. It should be said that professionals from Germany worked on various elements of the salon of the restyled model. You can look at the GAZ 31105 (photo) and evaluate how the salon turned out, as well as the body.gas 31105 photo

Judging by the reviews, the plastic of the cabin is soft enough, no squeaks at speed can be heard. On the steering wheel you can find the control of the multimedia system. Also on the steering column between the devices, the driver will find the emergency stop button. The dashboard, by the way, has also changed. Now read the testimony has become much easier.

The car is equipped with electric drive for all windows, as well as mirrors with adjustable and heated. Also at the factory provided the possibility of installation of air conditioning.

Rear passengers will be very comfortable. The machine has a wide sofa. This is practically a business class. The factory took care of smoking passengers. At the end of the armrests you can find a cigarette lighter and an ashtray.

Restyled model now has a common key for all doors, trunk and ignition.

On GAZ 31105 cars, the stove is working properly, however, judging by the feedback from users, it has not changed, and there are still some problems.

Technical information

Engine GAZ 31105 marked as EDZ. This unit was produced in the United States since 1944. Then these engines were equipped with popular American cars.

Engine unit

An aluminum head is installed on a thin-walled block of cast iron. On it you can see two camshafts and four valves for each of the cylinders. Two balance shaft mounted on the bottom of the block. They are driven by a chain drive. Timing is a traditional belt.Carter is made of special steel, and it consists of two sheets. Motorists could appreciate it. It is not easy to break through.

Questions may arise about the durability of the valve cover, as well as the intake manifold. For some reason, these parts are plastic. This is strange, because the engine is made in the USA.

The injection system is distributed, it allows you to talk about increased power. The power that gives the new unit, and this is 137 horsepower, it can be compared with the same parameter of the car GAZ 31105 (406 engine from Zavolzhsky Engine Plant). However, the power knot from the States has better traction.engine gas 31105

On the Chrysler GAZ 31105 standard volgovsky fuel filters are installed, and oil and air filters are different. They were developed specifically for the new engine.

Another advantage of this model with the American “heart” is that such cars are completed with a special, dual-mass flywheel. It greatly contributes to the reduction of vibration during operation.

The EDZ does not have detonation sensors in its design, which is why GAZ 31105 is unable to adjust the ignition angle. That is why you should not pour poor-quality gasoline into the car.The compression ratio of 9.74 in theory allows the use of AI-92 gasoline, but if you load the car, you can hear the sounds of detonation.


The engine is a four-cylinder, 16-valve, with a volume of 2.4 liters. Engine power is 137 hp Torque - 210 N.M.

In their reviews, drivers say that the power reserve of the motor is quite large. The machine is able to pick up speed from 0 to 100 km in 12.8 seconds. The maximum speed of movement is about 185 km / h. Fuel consumption averages 10.8 liters. Overall dimensions - 4921 mm in length, 1812 mm in width and 1422 mm in height. The wheelbase of the machine is 2800 mm, and the weight is 1400 kg.


Box for cars GAZ 31105 - mechanical, five-speed. Synchronizers are installed on all gears in this gearbox. The box is the most unified with previous models, but it has several updated nodes.gas 31105 engine 406

Gearshifts are made in the form of rods with forks and heads. The lever has a damper that prevents vibrations. In terms of ergonomics, the engineers shifted the lever back 79 mm, and also down 27 mm and left 86 mm. According to drivers, transmissions are switched more easily and clearly.


The advantage of this model is a bezshkvornevaya suspension system.Now you do not need to lubricate this suspension every month. The pivot system is much more enduring, but when it comes to trouble-free work, it is significantly inferior to ball-bearing suspension systems.

Thanks to the stabilizers of the rear suspension, the car’s handling and directional stability have been significantly improved.

About prices

The price for the base model with an American engine is 259,800 rubles. The package includes power, electric mirrors, electric windows, velor interior, as well as central locking and fog lights. Also in the cabin made audio gas 31105

You can buy a long "Volga", if you pay an additional 120 thousand rubles.

About maintenance

If you look at the pricing of official service centers, the Volga with the Chrysler engine will only be a little more expensive to maintain. For example, to tension the pulley drive belt mounted units, you need to pay about 6.5 thousand rubles. At different service stations prices may vary.

That turned out such a machine. It can be said that a real breakthrough was made at GAZ OJSC with this model.

So, we found out what the Volga 31105 has the technical characteristics, design and price.

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