General compatibility: Scorpio and Leo

“They agreed. Wave and stone, poetry and prose, ice and fire ... ”Perhaps the words of the great Russian poet, like nothing else, can describe all the vicissitudes of the relationship between the two most eccentric and unpredictable signs of the zodiac and their possible compatibility. Scorpio and Leo are a couple whose relationships are built on the principle “either all or nothing”. If the proud Leo and the vengeful Scorpio overcome their distrust of each other and their negative qualities, then no one can destroy the power of their union.

compatibility scorpion and lionFirst impression

In the whole zodiacal circle one cannot find signs so different, and at the same time as similar as Leo and Scorpio. Behind the bright and sunny personality of a typical Leo, there is often an unbearable proud man and a tyrant. This is a man accustomed to, that the world revolves around him and his desires. And so the first meeting with Scorpio, who is likely to drown his arctic cold indifference, will bring the representative of the fire sign off balance and only strengthen the desire to conquer the impregnable and mystical stranger. And the beginning of their romance will be, at a minimum, like a supernova explosion.However, from this point on, it becomes very difficult to accurately predict their future compatibility. Scorpio and Leo will experience severe mutual disappointment in their partner. Or will find the most loyal supporter.

lion and scorpion in loveGeneral horoscope compatibility. Scorpio and Leo

The desire to dominate relationships is perhaps one of the main cornerstones, influencing the future compatibility of these two signs. With the stubbornness of a mule, Leo will in colors prove his superiority and rightness, which can sometimes irritate Scorpio a lot. After all, he, as a “gray cardinal,” was accustomed to think things over carefully, and not to rush ahead of the locomotive. However, if Leo notices indulgence on the part of Scorpio, then his pride will be terribly wounded, which can greatly shake their compatibility. Scorpio and Leo always consider themselves to be right, but their opinions on any issue are often drastically different from each other. And even if for the most part Scorpio prefers not to enter into arguments, Leo’s patronizing attitude can hurt him greatly. And a vengeful sign of insult water, as we know, never forgets. But if Lev moderates his pride and learns not to put pressure on his touchy partner, then Leo and Scorpio in love will achieve the highest mutual understanding and harmony.

horoscope compatibility scorpio and lionPoints of contact

If Leo and Scorpio stop forever playing tug-of-war and direct their irrepressible energy to what surrounds them, then very few people will be able to resist the strength of this pair. In the face of Scorpio, Leo will receive a faithful and faithful ally, whose extraordinary intelligence and calculus will help him more than once to achieve his cherished goals. Scorpio, in turn, will finally be able to relax and, having forgotten about its distrust and suspiciousness, feel in the arms of Leo as if behind a stone wall. Having reached a balance in the relationship, Fire and Water form an unbreakable bond and almost 100% compatibility. Scorpio and Leo will become king and queen in a game called life.

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