God Loki in Norse mythology

God Loki - the most mysterious character in Norse mythology, belonging to the caste of Scandinavian gods-aces. Beginning his life with innocent pranks, over the years he has turned into a cunning and evil god, able to reincarnate to achieve his goals. His whole life consists of helping some gods and giants and harming others. Loki is unpredictable in his actions, he as an element is inseparable from the danger and destruction leading to changes and the birth of a new life. It combines both good and evil, death and survival. He is called for help when there is no longer any hope of salvation. And at the same time, without knowing the barriers in malicious acts, Loki represents the embodiment of evil, which contributed to the death of the gods and the destruction of the traditional world order.

Loki (god): mythology tells about his family

His parents are the giant Farbauti and Lauveya (Nal). In the Scandinavian myths, it is said that Loki had two brothers, Henir and One.Loki's first wife was Glute, akin to the elements of fire, from which he had two daughters. The second time he married the giantess Angrbod, from which three monsters were born - Hel, the goddess of the kingdom of the Dead, the wolf Fenrir and the giant serpent Yermungand. His third wife was the devotee Sigyun, who gave birth to the sons of Nari and Narvi. Loki tested himself in the maternal role, having turned into a mare, he seduced the Svadeblífari stallion, and gave birth to a wonderful eight-legged horse Sleipner, capable of traveling through nine worlds. But Loki didn’t stop there to continue his clan. In one of the legends it is said that he became the progenitor of all witches, when he ate the burned heart of an evil woman, why he conceived and gave birth to witch offspring.

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Appearance and character

In all myths, the Scandinavian god Loki is a handsome, tall, slender green-eyed man with reddish hair. In the decoration of the deity elements of men's clothing dominate, although, taking on a different appearance, it can appear in women's dresses or in the natural form of animals in which it reincarnates. In the character of Loki there are many qualities that can cause admiration.Inherent in him: intelligence, charm, eloquence, the ability to convince. In verbal battles, he always emerges victorious, since he values ​​the power of the word and is able to find weaknesses in those around him that he skillfully controls. Not all of his actions are consistent with generally accepted standards of morality and decency. He is often frivolous, inconsistent, impulsive, prone to ridicule and insult, and never learns a lesson from his mistakes. In his idea of ​​order, he is ready to act, achieving the goal in any way. He happens to perform tasks deemed unworthy of the gods, but at the same time he is proud and self-confident. Unborn from God, he set himself the goal of becoming him and achieved this, gaining divine status, which only the inhabitants of Asgard are awarded. Loki is able to find a way out of any difficult situation and does not respect other gods for the fact that they are not able to transcend their competence.

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Insidious fun of the gods

Loki attracted the brothers Hönir and Odin to his amusements. One day, while walking with his brothers along the river bank, he threw a stone at an otter who was about to eat the caught salmon. So he killed the son of King Troll Heidemar, who appeared in the guise of an otter.To alleviate the heartache of the father of the murdered young man, Loki and his brothers decided to steal for him the treasures belonging to the dwarf Andvari, who assumed the form of a pike. To do this, Loki invented the fishing net and, having caught a pike with it, took all the treasures stored in the rock from the dwarf. Among them was a ring with a curse on the dragon Fafnir, Regin, the blacksmith, Siegfried nibelung. Among other adventures, mention should be made of the kidnapping of jewels Frain, which was initiated by Brother One, and the performer - Loki, who, reincarnated into a flea, outwitted those who wanted to seize the jewel that appeared before him in the shape of seals that fought near the Singastein stone.

Loki vs giants

God Loki helped the gods and people to fight the giants, because of which he often found himself in situations close to death. When the giant hold stole the hammer of Thor, Loki was able to return it to its owner with cunning.

From the “Younger Edda” we learn how Loki tried to teach the giant Tiazzi, turned into an eagle and preventing the wandering ace-gods, to fry bull meat for a meal. When Orel Tiazzi snatched the largest pieces out of the fire, Loki stabbed him with a stick.Suddenly, the stick and the hand of God stuck to the body of the eagle, which, together with him, soared into the sky. On the request to let him go, Thiyatsii set a condition - to deliver him the goddess Idun with golden apples, who confer eternal youth. The god of cunning Loki lured Idun into the forest, where the giant Tiazzi was waiting for her, who by force began to force the goddess to give him magic apples. The rest of the gods, deprived of "rejuvenating apples", began to grow old quickly. They threatened Loki with death if he did not return the magic fruits to them. Loki's resourcefulness saved him from destruction. He borrowed a falcon feather, flew into the possession of a giant and, seizing Idun there, delivered it to Asgard, turning it into a nut. When the eagle Tiazzi flew in to pick up the goddess, the aces set fire to him and killed him. For the murder of Thyaci, his daughter Skadi, armed, came to the gods to avenge her father. The gods offered her compensation in the face of her husband from the Ases. The condition for the world Skadi was an offer to make her laugh. This task was successfully completed by Loki, tying a goat's beard to his genitals.

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God of deception, cunning and cunning

It is said that Loki is the god of lies and deception. Usually he is not vindictive, but if he gets angry at someone, he will take revenge using all his cunning.In the tales, he appears as a getter-thief, forcedly or on a whim resorting to deceit and cunning, then in the interests of the gods, then against them. The “younger Edda” tells how the giant promised the assam gods for one and a half years to build a city with the help of his horse, for which the gods were obliged to pay with the sun, moon and goddess Freyja. So that the giant could not complete the construction on time, Loki reincarnated into a mare and in every way distracted his horse from work. In another case, when the giant Geyrred caught Loki, transformed into a bird, he set a condition: to save life, to lure the giants of the Thor's thunderbolt into the country, and Loki deceived his comrade to save himself. Then Thor was able to escape death thanks to the miraculous staff and the iron gauntlets lent to him by the poor giantess Grid.

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Responsible for the death of the gods

The most tragic story in relation to the gods is connected with the death of the good god of spring and light Baldr - the son of Odin and Frigg, who began to dream dreams that predict death. The mother of God is trying to protect him from his destined fate, going through the whole world and collecting oaths from all stones, metals, plants and animals that they will not cause harm to the life of her son. She misses only one small twig of mistletoe.And when the gods begin to entertain, hurling spears and arrows at Balder, he remains unharmed. But at the end of the fun, the god of deception Loki appears with a dart in his hands, made of missed mistletoe. He persuades the blind brother Balder Head to take part in the fun of the gods, promising to send his hand. Head throws a dart and mortally wounds a brother. Horrified of what happened, the aces cry, and Loki, reincarnated as the giantess Thekk, refuses to mourn the slain, thereby blocking his way back from the realm of the dead. Fearing the wrath of the gods, Loki is forced to flee from Asgard. Again, he appeared before the gods during a feast, arranged by the sea giant Aegir, where he killed his servant, thereby breaking peace between the giants and the gods. Then he provoked a scandal, accusing each of the gods of cowardice, sins, lies and debauchery. After a fiery revelation, he admitted his guilt in the murder of Balder. Enraged by denunciation and confession of murder, the gods attacked him, and Loki fled, hiding for a long time in a distant hut. When the aces found it, Loki, turning around with salmon, dived into the river under the waterfall, but Thor blocked the stream with stones and caught Loki.Then the gods tied him to three stones with the guts of his own son, which turned them into iron chains, and threw them into a cave. The daughter of the giant Tiazzi placed a poisonous snake above his head. When the snake exuded poison, then drops, falling on the face, brought Loki unbearable torment, from which he shouted and beat on the chains, which caused an earthquake.

Loki the god of fire

Loki the seducer

All myths are a clear confirmation that Loki is a very sexy god. He appears as a skillful seducer, who is able to impress upon his victim that she is the most desirable object of his irrepressible passion. He loves to flirt and incline to love relationships beings regardless of gender. Giants, goddesses and animals - no one could resist his charms. In Loki's sexuality, his natural freedom is expressed, not limited by any rules of morality. He also has a strong male and female principle, confirmed by the fact that for some children he is a father, and for others he is a mother. The feminine principle and his name he received on behalf of his mother, Lauwei, and that was a long time ago when the pedigree came from the maternal line.

Good deeds Loki

In the myths you can find Loki’s good deeds that deserve respect.Take, for instance, his adventures at Svartalheim, from where he returned with magical objects — a hammer intended for Thor, a spear given to Odin, and a magical ship given to Freyr. He could have kept these magical attributes for himself, but distributed them. Loki helped the peasant, the loser in the contest to the giant, to return the son whom the giant demanded as payment for the loss. The brothers Odin and Hönicher tried to help a desperate father, turning the boy into an ear growing in a field, now into a swan feather in a flock of swans, but the giant found him everywhere. And then the Scandinavian god Loki comes to the rescue. He orders his father to build a barn for the boat, whose windows should be barred with iron bars. He goes with the boy to the river, where, having caught a halibut, he turns a child into an egg, hiding it in the belly of a fish. When a giant appears to search for a boy, Loki goes fishing with him. The giant, having caught a halibut, opens a fish to a fish to find the boy in eggs. Loki quietly picks up the boy's fallen egg and turns him into a man. The boy runs away and hides in a barn, and the giant who has started after him in pursuit gets stuck in a lattice with his head.Then Loki kills the giant, cutting it into pieces. In this example, we again see the divine trinity of the family of Loki, but no longer doing malicious acts, but doing good.

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Loki - skillful werewolf

Loki is known as the skilful god of transformations. His unique ability of reincarnation in any animal, changes in appearance and gender, gave rise to the expression “the mask of the god Loki”. To accomplish its good and evil intentions, it turns into a horse, fish, insects, birds and pinnipeds. But most of all it suits the spider, similar to it by its name in the Swedish language - lockke. Often, to achieve his goal, he takes on the feminine appearance of the goddess Freyja, the giantess Tekk and Angbord, and uses disguise in women's clothes. The magical attributes of Loki are magic shoes.

God of fire

In one version of the origin of Loki - the god of fire. It is believed that his name comes from the word "logs" - fire. Like it or not, in the distant Stone Age people revered Loki as the god of fire. His element was indomitable fire, burning a bright flame. There is a legend that once the God of fire Loki arranged a competition with his own element - the Spirit of fire. Sutya it - who will eat more.God himself mastered only a portion of the available food, but the Spirit of Fire grew into a giant and began to eat everything — food, dishes, a table, leaving only ashes behind. The first wife of Loki when he was the God of fire was Glut, which means "shine". She bore him two daughters - Eiza (coal) and Enmiru (ash). All the names of the family were closely associated with fire and heat, so the peasants honored Loki and as the god of the hearth. In a deep sense, Loki was a God-bearer, evoking divine fire hiding in every earthly being.

Loki's habitat

Loki never had a permanent residence. He traveled to nine worlds, but most often he was met in Yotunheim. In Asgard, for a number of reasons, he appeared very rarely, only when there was an appointment with an ace there. No one knows where he is now, whether he was freed from the shackles and left the dark cave, but it is believed that this does not prevent him from reincarnating into another guise and traveling in all nine worlds. Even the expulsion from Asgard, the cruel punishment that brought deep wounds to the body and soul, could not change it.He remained strong, cunning and dangerous for those who did not like him.

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Loki in the modern world

People born from January 21 to February 19 are considered born in the month of Loki. An insidious deity tries to influence their fate and constantly exposes them to various tests, testing their endurance, honesty and frankness. Those who passed the test with honor are rewarded with various gifts of fate and wish fulfillment. If you treat Loki with disdain, you can get from him various troubles. He can connect his fans to his unquenchable energy and will protect him from deceit, deception and fraud. Although for help he likes to demand a fee, it is better to immediately contact him with a gift. Of the gifts he prefers spirits, candy, cakes, funny trinkets, as well as loud fireworks. Accepts offerings in size and price that a person can afford according to financial status. In order for Loki to be kind to you, you should more often light candles and utter the words of the conspiracy: “I light candles, I invoke Loki.

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