Gold piercing in the navel. Navel Piercing: reviews, photos

The word "piercing" is translated from English as "puncture". If you plunge into history, it turns out that the piercing in various parts of the body served not only as an ornament, but also carried a meaning. For example, it was possible to judge by a particular puncture to which group of the population a person belongs.

It is known that still wild tribes of Africans pierce some part of the body. This not only demonstrates their belonging to a certain tribe, but also protects against evil spirits. At least that's what the African people think.

Types of piercing

Modern society is used to thinking that piercing can be done at any place. It all depends on the personal preferences of a girl or a young guy. Previously, such a familiar piece of jewelry, like earrings in the ears of a young person, signaled her puberty. Nipple piercing gained popularity among the warriors of ancient Rome and emphasized that its owner is hardy and fearless.

Belly button piercing

Nose piercing is traditional in India.The female population still pierces the left nostril of the nose. It is believed that this side is associated with women's health, and the puncture greatly facilitates childbirth.

Tongue piercing is known among fans of ritual rituals. Most often, shamans resorted to it, who believed that this procedure was capable of expanding the subconscious. Navel piercing came to taste the people of Egypt. In the old days, this species was regarded as belonging to a revered caste and gave many privileges.

Nowadays, the most common piercing is the puncture of the earlobes. At all times, society loyally perceived such a tribute to fashion. But at the end of the 20th century, other piercing options began to be used: an earring in the nose, eyebrows, navel and in intimate parts of the body.

Navel Piercing Photo

At first, the social system did not approve of such hobbies, which fell on the young part of the population. But over time, dissatisfied exclamations on the subject of piercing subsided, and at the moment it is rare to surprise anyone.

Belly button piercing

Today, piercing is a kind of self-expression. As a rule, it is resorted to by young individuals who are looking for their “I” and are eager to stand out from the crowd.But there are also older people who like to experiment with their appearance. Girls mostly prefer navel piercing. Photos are often full of taut young belly, decorated with jewelry. Those people whose work is connected with creativity: musicians, writers, artists, actors and directors often pierce their lips, ears and nose.

Due to the fact that recently it is precisely the navel piercing that is popular, the market is filled with a variety of jewelry for this particular area of ​​the body. Every day the choice of accessories is becoming wider, including the precious metals: gold and silver. Today, navel piercing is extremely popular. Reviews about him are very different, but positive prevail!

Gold piercing in navel

Jewelers confirm that among lovers of jewelry there is a growing number of those who prefer white and pink gold. However, the yellow remains the most beloved among the admirers of the "despicable metal".

Gold piercing in navel

Many girls who are going to get pierced in the navel, note that yellow gold favorably emphasizes the tanned skin. In second place - white gold jewelry.They, too, are admirable when the topic “Piercing the navel” rises. The photo eloquently shows that white gold items are distinguished by their special charm and chic.

Different decorations

Many women prefer contrast piercing for the navel. It looks like this: white gold with black precious and semiprecious stones is used as an ornament.

Also perfectly combines white gold with yellow. Ballot ladies choose earrings for navel piercing. This can be a miniature bar-shaped ornament, studded with crystals and diamonds.

Navel piercing reviews

Also popular are earrings in the form of pendants with a variety of figures in the form of animals or flowers. Among lovers in demand is not only a gold piercing in the navel. The photo eloquently demonstrates that the younger generation is actively experimenting not only with metal, but also with stones.

For example, they combine colors: smoky quartz with the glow of pearl pearls, delicate quartz with pink cubic zirconia. Such a list can be continued indefinitely! The main thing is to choose the shades that would add zest to the personal image.

Puncture procedure

How painful is the navel piercing? Reviews of various people are unanimous in that this is a medical manipulation. And it should be carried out by a professional. Of course, a puncture is a painful procedure, but everything will depend on what type of skin a person has and how sensitive it is.

Navel Piercing Earrings

However, the most important thing after the navel piercing is the care of the puncture site and the choice of jewelry. Experts do not recommend inserting silver jewelry, as this metal has the ability to oxidize and cause allergies.

Leaving after a puncture

Although the piercing is an easy procedure, leaving after it will take time, patience and some knowledge. If you do not follow the tips, irritation may occur at the puncture site, and in some cases, infection. Professionals identify three stages of tissue healing:

  • The first stage of piercing: an open bleeding wound and a slight soreness, which is considered normal for this period.
  • The second stage is healing. This time can be delayed for a couple of months. The puncture site is covered with a crust, which is not recommended to touch with dirty hands. At this stage, no pus should be excreted.The puncture site is noticeably delayed, but you still need to take care of it. These are quite ordinary hygiene measures: change bed linen and towels weekly, avoid contact with pets, wipe the skin on the navel with paper napkins and avoid physical exertion.
  • The third stage is the formation of scar tissue. It forms around the edges of the puncture and eventually hardens, acquiring a beautiful texture. From this point on, we can assume that the healing has happened completely!

After navel piercing

What not to do

  • Swim in open ponds and pools until healing has begun. If this moment is still unavoidable, then you should protect yourself with a waterproof plaster.
  • Play with the decoration in the navel, regularly fiddle with it and rotate at the puncture site.
  • Systematically change jewelry.
  • Wear underwear and clothing that rubs against the navel or clings to the jewelry.

If there is a suspicion that a person is of a hypersensitive type, then gold products are not recommended for primary piercing. Along with silver jewelery, an allergic reaction is possible.Therefore, it is desirable to postpone the piercing of gold of any kind until the wound is fully tightened.

Following all these simple rules, you can ensure that the healing of the puncture will not bring any special problems. It only remains to follow the waist, the harmony of which favorably emphasizes a suitable decoration in the form of a golden butterfly or a mischievous lizard.

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