Harley Davidson Iron 883: features

No classical lover can calmlypass by Harley Davidson Iron 883, without stopping to admire. And really have something to admire. The creation of this bike reminds us that the gunpowder in Grandfather HD's flasks still exists, and its unique recognizable style does not sink into oblivion, but still corresponds to the spirit of the times.

harley davidson iron 883

The filling also deserves no less attention. "Harley" has always been able to surprise, and the fidelity of this tradition, perhaps, can be attributed to the overall marketing policy of the company. Try a ride on the Harley Davidson Iron 883 - and you immediately make sure that his old-bore, in some ways even chopper appearance, is deceptive. Under it hides a sports soul.

A new look at the classics

The motorcycle "Harley" is a symbol of a whole era. In the company's legend, a dream come true, thanks to perseverance, and a reward for success in the result, and passed on from generation to generation skill. And also, that is also important, a slightly disparaging attitude to the norms accepted in society. "I do not believe it!" The townsfolk shouted from all sides, and Arthur and William continued their witchcraft in a small wooden shed, lost in the wilderness of Milwaukee. They were not stopped either by the canons of motorcycle fashion, nor by technical standards. Thanks to this stubbornness, the legendary V-twin appeared, which today is considered a canon. Thanks to him, the deliberate retrospective of "Harley" became the classic of an inimitable American style.

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But new times dictate new rules ... Of course, the luxurious, more like a cruise liner among light yachts, the beautiful Electra Glide still raves today, but does it still cause an overwhelming desire to possess many? The producer is increasingly faced with a growing buyer. The target audience, of course, is replenished by young folowers, but the company's marketers note that this is rather an exception than the trend. This prompted the specialists of the American motomastodon to rethink some views on the classics. "And it's true, she does not have to be old-fashioned!" - they decided and started working on a new concept - the Harley Davidson Iron 883 motorcycle.

Behavior on the road

Amateurs put the arrow in the long hookschuckle at the "Sportsters". But in fact, in front of us is the same Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883, slightly rethought, and comparing it to sports Japanese is really stupid, it is not designed for dashing at extreme speeds. How much can you squeeze out of this style? Many people think that 120-140 is its limit, and even then, it's worth risking to drive like that unless you have to break away from the chase ...

No matter how it is! Harley Davidson Iron 883 can run up to even 170 km / h, and already falling off the spot, at the start even some sports will bypass. True, the owners complain that it is not easy to stay on the 170th in the saddle, air flows simply tear off the pilot from the motorcycle. But maneuvers, change of speeds, sudden braking and starts - this is the native element of "Iron". It is designed for aggressive driving, for a modern city with traffic jams, traffic lights and curved streets. All the same, a sports car is a sports car. Those who have experienced the superiority of this class of motorcycles are unlikely to argue with the claim that HD Iron 883 is one of its brightest representatives.

harley davidson sportster iron 883

Technical features

As you can easily guess from the name of the model, the engine of the device has a working volume of 883 cm3. Of course, V-twin, what doubts can there be? It's HD!

The 6-speed box has some features. Many owners note that the transfer switches with a knock. But this can not be unequivocally attributed to the shortcomings - many Americans joke, and for HD it became even a kind of chip. And in general, against the background of the roar of the engine, all other sounds just fade away.

Motorcycle is regularly equipped with quite a goodbraking system. Both wheels have two-disc brakes, and if the pilot sharpens the mastery of control, he can stop the bike in a matter of seconds. You can use one of the brakes, not a pair, but this is not easy. The weight of the motorcycle is not sufficient for this maneuver, it will be carried. The manufacturer provides the buyer with the opportunity to purchase an ABS system, of course, at an additional cost.

The suspension remained rigid, but reliable. Owners say that at first it may seem inconvenient, but you can get used to it. If you are thinking about buying this bike, please note that it has a very small ground clearance. Fixing in a turn can damage pipes or the footboard. And not for any terrain such a feature can be convenient.

Comfort of the pilot

"Iron", like any other motorcycle "Harley", "assumes the convenience of both the first and second numbers. Bikers note that the pilot's landing on him, like on other sportsters, resembles the classic. The bike will be convenient for the driver of any height. By the way, quite often Harley Davidson Iron 883 is bought by girls.

harley davidson iron 883 reviews

Owners opinions

Those who have already evaluated the features of the model, generously share their experience. If you decide to join the community of owners of Harley Davidson Iron 883, the reviews will help you not get lost at purchase.

Some do not like the regular suspension, someone does not like the size too much. However, this is, rather, a matter of taste. It is not necessary to speak about obvious defects of the model.

If you want to make your own opinion - go for a test drive. Fortunately, many salons provide such an opportunity.

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