Cake "Herringbone": a recipe with photos

In the past few years, the preparation of a salad, biscuit or cake "Yolochka" has already become a tradition in many families, and each time the kids are looking forward to what the dish will be this time.

Determine the goal: what will the cake look like?

When the idea gained momentum and you nevertheless decided to bake a New Year's cake in the form of a Christmas tree, you should decide how it will look: it will be flat, like ordinary cakes, with a Christmas tree contour cut out on a pattern, or a standing tree with a lot of cream imitating needles , or design using mastic.herringbone cakeThere are a lot of design options, much depends on the confectionery skills and financial capabilities of the family, so we will consider an easy in terms of recipe, but laborious as a design option, because the most primitive ways are already available on the Internet.

List of required products

To prepare the “Herringbone” cake according to the classic and simple recipe, we will make a list according to which you need to purchase the products you need in the process:

  1. For the test: eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla.
  2. For the cream: cream or sour cream of good quality, preferably homemade, powdered sugar or sand, food coloring green. You should also buy a good cognac or rum for syrup, which should definitely soak biscuit cakes.
  3. For decoration: multi-colored candies "M & M" or "sea pebbles", peanuts in chocolate, small jelly candies, coconut chips.

The quantity and quality of decorations will depend on what form of cake is chosen, then - a matter of fantasy and inspiration. Only from him will depend on the appearance of your Christmas cake.

Dough recipe for basics

To make a cake, you first need to bake a biscuit base: take 10 eggs, separate the whites from the yolks and whip each part separately with one cup of sugar until a stable foam, and add 1/4 teaspoon salt and the same amount of vanilla to the protein part. Next, you need to combine both masses together, trying to act as quickly as possible so that the eggs do not settle. Mix two glasses of sifted wheat flour. It is important that the process of mixing eggs and flour does not exceed one minute, otherwise the baking dough will rise less during baking and the herringbone-cake will be undersized.Christmas cake for New Year

Pour the dough on a large round pan, covered with parchment and lightly oiled and send to the oven, heated to a temperature of 180 degrees. Bake until tender for at least forty minutes. Its diameter must be at least thirty centimeters. Then, following the same principle, we bake a biscuit of 8 eggs, 1 cup of sugar and 1.5 cups of flour with a diameter of about 25 cm, then of 6 eggs, an incomplete cup of sugar and the same amount of flour - a round cake with a diameter of 20 cm and another small biscuit of 4 eggs + 0.5 st. sugar and flour. You should also cook the top of the fir-tree cake: bake a small cupcake of 1 egg and 1 tbsp in paper form. spoons of sugar and 3 tbsp. spoons of flour - we will set a star on it.

Baked biscuits are completely cooled in the form of not less than 12 hours, then they will acquire a more stable taste inherent in this type of products. Already at this stage it becomes clear that the idea is ambitious, but it is worth it, since the type of cake made is very impressive, not to mention its taste.

How to make cream and syrup for impregnation?

Syrup for soaking biscuit cakes and giving them a more juicy aromatic state is prepared as follows: 800 ml of water and 3 cups of sugar boil and remove the foam that appears,then cool the syrup to room temperature and add 6 tbsp. spoons of brandy.

To decorate and make a natural-looking cake “Yolochka” we use whipped cream: 1 liter of cream is whipped to a fluffy stable cream with 2 cups of powdered sugar, which if necessary can be replaced with granulated sugar. Be sure at the end of whipping add flavoring in the form of vanilla, divide the cream into two parts and mix in one food coloring, diluted in half a teaspoon of water. It is important to ensure that the grains of the powder are completely dissolved, otherwise in the process of using the cream there will be unsightly shades of green.

Putting the cake together

Biscuit cakes soaked with syrup and put the pyramid, starting with the biggest cake. Coat each layer with white cream. Do not forget about the cake, which crowns the Christmas tree. Carefully cover the cake from all sides with cream, trying not to make the layer too thick, because the most painstaking work ahead is to draw needles with a cream. This is done using a pastry bag with a figured nozzle, with two ways:

  • Make small outlets on the surface of the entire cake, as in the photo below.

herringbone cake photo

  • You can slightly lengthen the strip of cream, so that imitation of spruce twigs was used, as in the first photo of the “Fir-tree” cake at the beginning of the article. This version requires less ability to wield a pastry bag, since small irregularities only benefit the overall picture.

Both options are good in their own way, but they require a lot of time and patience to turn the cake into a Christmas tree. When the whole area is covered with a pattern, we send the cake to a cold place for half an hour - an hour, so that the cream will freeze a bit and not float when decorating the Christmas tree with “toys”.

We dress festive "Herringbone"

When decorating the main thing - do not overdo it, so that the holiday delicacy does not look ridiculous. Small colored candies, marmalades, nuts in the icing and cherries for cocktails - all this can go to the course, only periodically take three steps from the cake to see it from the side. If there is mastic, then you can make garlands or ribbons, you can also make them from thin apple pastila, cutting it into strips.herringbone cake recipe

A star on the top of the Christmas tree can be prepared in the following ways:

  • Melt fifty grams of white chocolate in a water bath (in no case bring to a boil!), Add a dye of red or orange,Stir thoroughly until uniform. On parchment paper with a simple pencil to draw a star that matches the size of the cake. Liquid chocolate to move to a pastry bag with a thin nozzle and draw a chocolate star, drawing around the outline of the pattern. When it hardens - carefully remove from paper and hoist on the Christmas tree.
  • You can bake gingerbread cookies in the form of a star with a small wooden stick at the base - then it will be easier to install it on the cake, cover it with colored icing, or even fancy paint.

Simple cake decorating idea

How to make a herringbone cake in a more budget and not so large version? After all, not everyone needs a cake weighing more than three kilograms ...Christmas tree cakeYou can bake a regular rectangular biscuit of eight eggs, soak it in syrup and cut out the contour of the Christmas tree from it. Next, cover with a thin layer of white cream on all sides, along which you can draw needles with green cream using the same pastry bag or syringe. A Christmas tree-cake will be just as good, but not in a three-dimensional version, but rather flat, moreover: it is much easier to decorate it, since the whole area is immediately visible. This is very similar to coloring pictures with colored paints, you can invite your child to participate in this exciting process.How to make a Christmas tree cake

If this amount of cream is not to your liking, then you can cover the cake with green mastic, and from the same material of other colors mold toys in the form of balls, cones and candies, as well as other decorations of the holiday tree and arrange them on the cake.

Option for lazy

If such a photo recipe of the “Yolochka” cake seems too complicated, then you can go the following way: prepare a sweet mass, crush five hundred grams of cookies (for example, from baked milk or “Tea”), add two hundred grams of butter and a hundred grams of condensed milk, You can also mix 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder.herringbone cake photo recipeStir the mass thoroughly, give it the shape of a Christmas tree according to a pattern, and cover it with mastic or green cream cream according to the recipe above. Sweets "M & M" make an imitation of Christmas toys, and cut a star out of a piece of marmalade. Fast, creative and quite tasty!

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