Hieroglyph of wealth and prosperity

Today, the term "hieroglyphs" almost everyone associates with the style of Eastern writing. The material tells about the Asian symbol of wealth and the power that he owns.

From Egypt to Asia

Few people know that originally the word "hieroglyph" was used to refer to ancient Egyptian letters. The name for the incomprehensible karakul came up with an early Christian - Clement of Alexandria. He called this complex letter hieroglyphs, where the first part "ieros" means "sacred", and the second - "glyph" is translated as "hewn".

hieroglyph of wealthThe basis for writing became pictures. The man tried to briefly portray what he saw. Scientists believe that the letter arose due to the needs of the people to make calculations of products and property. In Egypt, symbols were also used to perpetuate the acts of the king and people who had departed to the other world.

In addition to the Egyptians, the symbols were used by the Mayan tribes, the Sumerians and even the Slavs (runes).

Now researchers can safely say that it was the Chinese letter that became the basis for other types of eastern hieroglyphic grammar.

World of characters

Writing in Asia originated in the VI th. BC.er., but here it is worth noting that this data is constantly changing. Some scientists believe that their story begins two or three millennia earlier.

The hieroglyphic alphabet has 47,000 characters, but experts themselves point out that only 4,000 characters are enough to understand, speak and write.

Most recently, the fashion for these scribbles. One of the most popular talismans is the hieroglyph of wealth.

First, they denoted the most basic concepts: fish, animals, poultry, food. Such writing was intended to convey through the icons (drawings) the main essence. Subsequently, the system began to transmit not only the image, but also sounds, thus, a language was formed. Very often, people from different regions did not understand each other's oral speech, but could easily communicate through hieroglyphs.

hieroglyph of good luck and wealth

Mystery lines and bends

The woman was drawn in profile. The squiggles were arranged as if they were depicting a pregnant lady. A child is a horizontal stick (head), which was pierced by a vertical - the body, on it was laid another line, symbolizing the arms. Legs were denoted by one line, since the baby was wound.If these two signs met together - it corresponded to the word "good."

The roof was drawn as a horizontal line with dots. The image of a woman under the roof is a sign of marriage, because it was then that the girl first entered the house of her husband.

No less interesting is the word "sadness". Autumn was drawn from above, and a heart from below.

The hieroglyph of wealth can also tell its unique story.

Real values

Money has always played a big role in a person’s life. Long since the Chinese, besides good luck and happiness, wished each other prosperity. Wealth is relevant now.

Usually such a symbol consists of three parts. The first is the upper horizontal line, which is the image of the roof. This sign is responsible for shelter for a person, is his talisman from the elements and misfortunes. Next, draw a rectangle. He means mouth. So the hieroglyph sees the person. The third element is the field. This square is divided into four equal parts. This item was responsible for the food.

hieroglyphs of happiness and wealthAll these pictures correspond to the needs of man. The ancient Chinese believed that if there is a roof over your head, and under your feet the ground that gives birth, then this is the basis of wealth.Sometimes under the symbol of the "roof" of the master depict another straight horizontal line. She was responsible for the warehouse in which the products should be stored. This small detail makes a hieroglyph of wealth out of simple abundance.

The essence of the sign

According to the theory of this country, wealth lies in reserves and reserves. But here it should be noted that the ancient sages clearly separated the material situation from spiritual values. They believed that the former very rarely becomes the cause for the latter. That is, money and luxury do not lead to the generosity of the heart and the wealth of the soul.

Philosophers understood that food stocks and gold coins cannot be exchanged for happiness, longevity, tranquility and well-being. These components are separable from material objects, such as money.

That is why very often this sign is combined with other symbols. The hieroglyph of good luck and wealth are inseparable from each other. The first symbol consists of two parts. The upper element is translated as "warrior", the lower one means "mouth". These two components are synonymous with fortune. Indeed, at all times, the fate of a man who became a soldier should have been inextricably linked with success on the battlefield.

hieroglyph of wealth and prosperity

Union of Hieroglyphs

Greater popularity has received a symbol of happiness. It consists of the “abundance” sign already known to us and the unknown part of the “divine energy” or “altar”. The sages believed that luxury itself is not capable of filling a person’s heart with warmth. You can truly rejoice only when the heavenly powers want it. The hieroglyphs of happiness and wealth are a combination of the main joys of life. Usually they complement each other and cannot exist separately.

Another symbol that must accompany each person is love. Such a sign consists of four elements. The first is claws. This part is responsible for the strength of feelings and relationships. Next, a lid or blanket is depicted. This element has the goal to envelop the person with the head. His target - the body should be given entirely to the impulses of the soul. The third component is the heart. This body is responsible for passion and affection. And the last component is a friend. This is a symbol of loyalty to the second half.

It is the hieroglyphs of love, luck, happiness and wealth that have the power to fix the life of any person.

The main element is prosperity

Chinese philosophy is famous for its depth to the whole world.Each of the characters that a person enters into his life has a beneficial effect on her. In order for the effect to be better, and the result is not slowed down, it is worth combining signs.

In itself, wealth is only responsible for attracting finance to your wallet. The status increases, the salary rises, the career thrives, you can even win a tidy sum in the casino or in the lottery. But gold and silver do not bring real joy. You need to have the power that will help to properly distribute money. Therefore it is worthwhile to combine the hieroglyph of wealth and prosperity.

hieroglyphs love good luck happiness and wealthThe union of these signs helps to properly allocate finances, make good business decisions and increase their income. Also, it enhances the effect of other, parallel characters.

Harmony Technique

The quiet and simple Eastern philosophy has found millions of fans outside its region. Today, more and more people practice feng shui. This art is designed to revive or enhance harmony in your home. It is worth noting that at present this knowledge has changed a lot and almost lost its original energy. Figurines, talismans, amulets were never the basis of the spell that spread art.

Hieroglyphs for attracting wealth, joy, love, happiness and prosperity work only if used correctly.

First of all, you should make sure that the letters you choose correspond to the translation. Often there are mistakes that lead to the formation of negative energy in the house. Therefore, before you hang the symbols on the walls, you should study each line in the figure in detail.

Practicing writing your own characters is also not worth it. This can cause trouble, which will lead to the wrong letters. Each image has its place. For example, success should be on the desktop or next to the documents, love lives in the bedroom, and harmony in the common room.

If there are other talismans in the house, then they should be placed away from each other so that energy flows do not break.

You can draw the signs yourself, the main thing without errors. But it is worth knowing that such a thing requires a complete return.

hieroglyph bringing wealth

Tattoo culture

Today, the hieroglyph of wealth is especially popular. Millions of people are constantly striving to be in the field of action of the magic of this symbol. In order for the magic bullet to fulfill its main purpose day and night, fans of this art stuff unusual foreign letters on their bodies.

The Europeans started this fashion, but more and more often they can meet a person with a hieroglyph on their skin in the post-Soviet space. The main advantage of such tattoos is mystery and originality. In this case, you can be sure: the probability that such a pattern will be on the body of a friend is very low. In addition, only the owner knows the exact meaning of the symbol. All others can only guess about the essence of the sign.

hieroglyphs to attract wealthThe hieroglyph, bringing wealth, has enormous power, to understand that not every ordinary person can. But the one who believes in the magic of the character will definitely get inspired in order to achieve his plans.

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