High Castle, Lviv: how to get there, history and interesting facts

Lviv is one of the most attractive and interesting for tourists settlements of Ukraine. A High Lviv Castle is the hallmark of the city. In our article you will learn many interesting and interesting facts, get acquainted with the history of this complex, and we will also tell you what attracts tourists to these beautiful places.

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General Attractions

So, High Castle (Ukraine, Lviv and its sights will charm you) belongs to the medieval castles. It is located on one of the heights of the city. It is surrounded by the historical part of the settlement, which in the past was a fortification. The landmark got its name from the ancient defensive fortification of the city - a high castle (the opposite of a low castle, which was destroyed in the XVIII century). It is easy to guess that the castle served a defensive function.The structure of the High Castle of Lviv included the Detinets, the roundabout hail and the frontier. It is important to note that such a composition of fortresses in Russia and in Europe was met quite often.

Historical information

Initially, the fortress was wooden, enclosed with earthworks. It was located on the top of the Castle Hill. It is believed that at the end of the XIII-beginning of the XIV centuries it was surrounded by a stone. There is a record in historical documents that in 1362, when King Casimir seized the Galician principality, the castle was soon embodied in stone.

Thus, the castle repeated the outline of the top of the mountain on which it was located, that is, it became an elongated rectangle with towers at the corners. The highest was the tower on the west side. She was a watchman. The inner plan of the courtyard was divided into two zones, the princely palace acted as a separator. The barracks were hidden inside the walls. There were also ammunition depots, and a deep well was cut down in the rock.

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Lviv’s high castle was taken by storm only during the siege of 1648. The Cossacks were under the command of Maxim Krivonos, after that the garrison was withdrawn, and in less than 30 years the Turks captured him without a fight.Not one hundred years later, namely at the beginning of the XVIII century, the castle was captured and heavily destroyed by Swedish troops, commanded by Charles XII. After that battle, the fortress ceased to be considered a strategic object. Thus, in the second half of the 18th century, residents of Lviv began to dismantle the towers and walls of the castle for building materials. This disgrace did not last long. By the XIX century, the castle has already been dismantled. A hill strengthened by planting trees on the slope. In 1835, a park appeared in this place - the High Castle of Lviv. Residents and tourists love it. Since then, the city authorities have begun to provide funding for the support and development of this beautiful corner.

World Heritage Site

Mount High Lviv Castle is the most visited point of the city. For his inspection can be identified a few days. Indeed, in the park and around the castle there are many beautiful objects. After all, the city center is under the protection of UNESCO and is considered the greatest jewel of the world. Lviv is called “Ukrainian Vienna” and even “Little Paris”, since the city was founded a long time ago, in the 13th century by Prince Daniel Romanovich, who was later proclaimed king.It was he who gave the settlement a name in honor of his beloved son. And that ancient fortress, which gave the name to the mountain and the park, was built during the founding of the city.

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Features of the park

I must say that the city government takes care of the High Castle Park. Citizens are proud of him. Travel agencies include this place in every city tour. Not only lovers of antiquities and military architecture should climb the hill. The mountain is located in the old part of Lviv. It is considered one of the highest points of the city. The surrounding Emerald Park is recognized as a monument of landscape architecture. This place is famous for its unsurpassed views of the panorama of the city. This is where the history of Lviv begins, which has been going on for many, many centuries.

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What else is on the mountain?

Species playground and park High Lviv Castle have many interesting objects. The elevation itself is included in the list of natural reserves of Ukraine, since it occupies two terraces. Rising to the top, tourists will be able to see the ruins of an ancient fortress and a mound, they were created in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Union of Lublin. On this mound there is an excellent viewing platform.

For lovers of romance, a separate tip is to visit this place on the eve of sunset. So you can see how “Ukrainian Vienna” is immersed in the rays of the setting sun. We guarantee a charming look.

There is also a television tower, which was erected in the middle of the twentieth century, namely in 1957. You will see the man-made cave, which is guarded by two stone lions. Previously, they guarded the old town hall, and today they serve in this place.

Below on the second terrace there is another observation deck, a restaurant, as well as the Gardener's House.

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Powder tower

Lviv High Castle has another object that is worthy of attention of tourists and lovers of antiquity. We present to your attention a powder tower. Historians believe that it belongs to one of the oldest buildings. Studies by archaeologists have shown that it was erected in the sixteenth century. All its features and manners of construction once again prove that the powder tower is a model of military defensive architecture.

As the name implies, ammunition was stored here in the Middle Ages. In peacetime, piled crops. Today in the walls of the tower housed the house of the architect.

What to look for from the observation deck?

Fans of high-quality images can make good shots on the observation deck, as the mountain rises above the city at 413 meters above sea level. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to know in advance what can be seen and photographed from a bird's eye view.

A good view opens to the Assumption Church, the Austrian City, the Citadel, the Armenian Cathedral, the Carmelite and Brigit Churches, as well as Lychakov.

In addition to urban landscapes, a magnificent view of the natural scenery. So, you can see Bald Mountain. You will recognize it immediately, because a cross was erected on it. In addition, you will see the waste mountain range stretching into the distance.

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High Castle in Lviv: how to get there?

You want to visit the castle and park? How to find this place, we will tell further. It is not difficult to find a mountain. After all, it is noticeable from anywhere in Lviv. If you are moving from the center, you are sure to find many signs that will direct you to the sights. But if you can’t get there by yourself, then the good-natured residents of the city will be happy to explain to you how to get there.

And still...How to get to the park High Castle Lviv? There are two ways.

Option one: the city has a street with the same name - High Castle. There you will find a steep, but not a long staircase.

Option two: if you go along the second path, then you will spend a little more time on it, but it will be much easier to go. There is a small serpentine on Krivonos Street, on it you can climb a mountain even by car.

Traveler reviews

High castle in Lviv is visited by guests of the city. Many of them have a great overview and amazing atmosphere. A clear view of the panorama of the city opens on a sunny day. We advise you to equip yourself with comfortable and stable shoes, as you will have to climb up the slippery pavement. On viewing platforms for rent issue binoculars. So you can see in more detail the details of the city that are inaccessible to the naked human eye.

Climbing the stairs to the top of the High Castle of Lviv, in the stalls you can buy souvenirs and magnets with the symbols of the place and city. Also, for a fee, Lviv artists will make your portrait in 5 minutes.

panoramic platform and park


Many travelers, climbing the Castle Hill, linger on the top for a few minutes. After that, tourists go to see the sights around. Take your time, enjoy the view and the atmosphere that you will no longer find in the world. Take a soft blanket and snack before leaving the mountain. After lifting you will certainly want to eat a good meal. Be prepared to walk a lot.

We wish you a pleasant journey! If you have already visited the High Castle of Lviv, then leave your comment about this place on our website.

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