Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs

Air signs of the Zodiac deserve special attention. There are only three of them - Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. And each has its own story ...


Aerial signs of the zodiacIf we talk about the aerial signs of the Zodiac, thenit is worth starting with this. The only sign that is an inanimate object. One Egyptian hieroglyph of this constellation depicts the sun setting behind the horizon line.

It is a delicate, refined and delicate personality. Not all, but many people born under this sign, can make the slightest trouble. These personalities should be harmonious and balanced. They need attention and communication. If Libra does not communicate and feel that they need someone, they will slowly die. They are devotees and loving people. If they fall in love, then from the heart and forever. To neglect their feelings means to give them severe pain. After all, if they are rejected, for Libra it is equivalent to a knife in the heart. They are creative individuals who create masterpieces with inspiration. People of creativity, as is known, vulnerable ... Resentment, rudeness, rude word - from this they can easily get sick. Libra can be compared with birds, for it is not without reason that it is an air sign. People who seem strong outside are actually vulnerable, tender, afraid of loneliness in the depths of their souls.

TwinsAerial signs of the zodiac characteristic

They are also classified as "air signs"Zodiacs. " Peculiar personalities, to whom one needs an approach. Such a person will not open up to everyone he meets - he will first study it. Only after he realizes that this person is worthy to open the door to his heart, he will do it. Few people are honored with such trust. And if Gemini allowed someone to get to know him better - this should be appreciated. He is a faithful friend who will always come to the rescue, listen, help and cheer up.

These individuals can not sit idle, howeverthey will only be interested in what they are interested in. And then they will succeed. Physically hardy, but because of fatigue may for a while fail. In this case, they need rest, full sleep and isolation from external stimuli.


The last sign in the list is "Zodiac Aerial Signs." For him, individualism and the humanitarian mentality are characteristic. For these individuals, routine is deadly. They need constant movement. Sometimes Aquarius can make others out of themselves because of their character traits. A very contradictory person, but what is unusual for him is that it is false and false. Unfortunately, he is so sincere that it is very easy to deceive him. Aquarius simply can not understand that someone is able to lie, because for himself he lies - he does not respect himself. He appreciates his friends and family. Communicating with them is what helps him to live.

What is the sign of the zodiacAerial signs of the Zodiac. Compatibility Characteristics

All of them are honest and open people, loving those who areis next to them, dying from boredom and bad attitude towards them. I would like to say that all the Zodiac signs are similar to each other. No wonder - this is one element. Which sign of the zodiac best suits those listed earlier? The answer is predictable - native, that is, the same element. For example, the Libra-Gemini union can rightfully be called ideal. They hate loneliness, adore art and parties and complement each other, sharing experiences. Or Aquarius and Libra - it will be a perfect pair, given the naive frankness of the first sign and the devotion of the second.

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Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs Horoscope: Zodiac Aerial Signs