Hotel Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa 5 * - overview, features and reviews of tourists

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * - one of the best five-star hotels in Turkey. It is located near the city of Avasallar, on the place where there is a very convenient traffic interchange.

Many tourist operators of Russia offer to relax here, because the hotel staff provides everyone living within its walls with the most comfortable conditions and quality service.

general information

Hotel Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * is located on a fairly large area - 45 000 square meters. m, on which there is a building with a number of rooms, many places for entertainment, swimming pools, conference rooms, bars, restaurants, and many other things. Not far from it there is a huge number of attractions that tourists will certainly go to get to know.

It was built in 2014 and since then remains one of the most popular hotels in the resort.alan xafira deluxe resort spa 5 turkey


The number of rooms in Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * (Alanya) is 805 luxurious comfortable apartments.Depending on the number of people for whom the number is designed, it can be attributed to one of the following categories: standard, family and presidential.

All of them are equipped with electronics and furnished with modern high-quality furniture. They have a modern air conditioning system, which allows you to create the most favorable climatic conditions in the room, regardless of the season.

Also on the plot there are 18 two-storey villas, in each of which there is a family type number.


Each standard class room is designed to accommodate from one to three people. Its area ranges from 32 to 37 square meters. From the windows there is a beautiful view of the sea and the beach or the pool.alan xafira deluxe resort spa 5 rooms

As for furniture, there is a standard set of it. There is a necessary number of beds: a double bed and in some rooms an extra single bed. Also here is a drawer for storing personal belongings and a plasma TV with the ability to watch satellite channels. In addition, guests can use the phone, safe and even a spacious mini-bar for a fee.

Each room at the Alan Xafiza Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * has a personal bathroom with a shower, a WC, and a full set of bath accessories.


Family class rooms are designed for four people, but if necessary, they can be added another bed - folding sofa. Each of them in the territory of 50 square meters. m accommodates two bedrooms and a bathroom with all necessary accessories.

In one of the rooms there is a double bed, and in the second - two single beds. They also have furniture for storage, as well as one plasma TV in each bedroom. The bathroom has a hair dryer.

If necessary, a cot can be provided in the room.alan xafira deluxe resort spa 5 reviews


Presidential class room - this is a luxury apartment in the hotel Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 *. It is located on two floors and covers an area of ​​150 square meters. The furniture and the number of spacious rooms are designed for a maximum of four people in a room.

The presidential suite has two bedrooms and a living room. Each bedroom has a private bathroom.fully equipped with all necessary furniture, bathroom equipment, and bath accessories. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi access.alan xafira deluxe resort spa 5

Conditions for children

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * belongs to the category of family hotels, as its territory has all the conditions for children. First of all, this is a big club where parents can leave their kids in the company of their peers. Here, under the supervision of experienced animators and nannies, they can play educational games, meet new friends, and just have fun. There are several attractions for fun and active pastime.

The hotel has a large children's pool, which has special children's slides. Not far from it is a playground.

As for the nutrition of babies, this at the Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * (Turkler) also pays a lot of attention. Each cafe and restaurant here has a menu that contains delicious and colorful dishes. In institutions there are separate comfortable highchairs.

If necessary, hotel guests can hire a professional nanny who will look after the baby.For all who enter family-class rooms, if necessary, the hotel provides a baby cot, and a wheelchair can be offered here on a paid basis.

Adult entertainment

All guests of the hotel Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort Hotel & SPA 5 * have the opportunity to have fun from dusk to dawn, while on its territory. First of all, parties that regularly take place here deserve a lot of attention: every evening a show program with participation of animators begins on a separate platform, which lasts until the very morning. There are 15 people in the animation team, among them there are quite a few Russian speakers.

Starting in the morning, hotel guests can participate in various sporting events, which will definitely not make the audience bored. Also, hotel guests can go on various excursions - their prices are quite reasonable.alan xafira deluxe resort spa 5 alanya prices


Hotel Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * (Turkey) has its own beach where only its guests can relax. On its territory is always clean, here is a picturesque nature. Despite the fact that it is located within walking distance of the building, at a distance of 500 meters, you can get here by riding a bus that leaves regularly from the hotel.

Along the coastline, the beach stretches for a distance of 100 meters, which allows you to comfortably accommodate all guests, without creating mass.

For guests here are provided free sun loungers, umbrellas and towels, as well as mattresses. On the beach all is well equipped: there are dressing rooms, showers and toilets.

Sport and pool

In Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort Hotel & SPA 5 * there are two pools. One of them is located in the building of the hotel, on the first floor. Its area is 300 square meters. m, it is constantly running the function of heating water.

The second (open) swimming pool is on the street, and its area is 3000 square meters. m. Around it is a huge sun terrace, equipped with everything necessary for a good rest: sun loungers, beach umbrellas, and towels. Everyone on a hot day can be treated with soft drinks and cocktails in the bar, which is located here.

For lovers of adrenaline here there is a large water park, in which there are high slides, both for children and for adults. In total, there are 10 of them here.alan xafira deluxe resort spa 5 alanya

All connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle always have the opportunity to maintain their health in a huge gym, which is also located in the hotel.It contains a wide range of simulators acting on different muscle groups. Here you can play tennis, basketball and volleyball on specially equipped grounds. For money, you can go in for water sports or go bowling.

SPA area

The building Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * has an excellent SPA-zone, which guests of the hotel can visit. On its territory there is a hammam, in which everything is decorated in accordance with Turkish traditions. There is also a Russian bath and sauna. You can visit them for free.alan xafira deluxe resort hotel spa 5

If desired, any guest can use the paid massage service.


Throughout the hotel you can find a lot of catering establishments. In particular, there are four restaurants in which guests are surprised by dishes of the Mediterranean, European, Turkish cuisine, as well as barbecue.

There are also a lot of bars, which in total there are 6 pieces. They are located, as a rule, near the pool and on the beach. One can be found on the first floor of the hotel. They offer a wide selection of appetizers, light salads, and various beverages.hotel alan xafira deluxe resort spa 5


Prices in Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * (Alanya) are quite reasonable, given the level of services and leisure facilities offered.If two tourists are planning a week-long vacation at the hotel, then for the entire stay in the all-inclusive system in the standard class room they will need to pay about $ 1,100, which is quite inexpensive by local standards. This cost, as a rule, already includes a transfer from the airport to the destination, flight, meals, and insurance.

Reviews of Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 *

The hotel is very popular. In most cases, this is due to the presence of a large number of positive reviews about the living conditions in it.

Hotel guests often celebrate the good work of the hotel staff. In particular, they note that there are very good maids who conscientiously clean every room, and every day. Three times a week, bed linen and towels are replaced in the rooms. Administrators working at the reception desk are fluent in Russian, which provides ease of communication for Russian-speaking tourists. They can kindly provide answers to many questions of interest to guests regarding their stay at the hotel.

Excellent comments can be observed on the conditions of rest in the hotel.Many guests are pleased with the close finding of a cozy and picturesque beach where you can relax at any time of the day. According to vacationers, the hotel provides transportation of tourists to its territory, and the bus, with the help of which it is done, runs every 15 minutes.

According to the guests, the hotel has a large selection of necessary equipment, well-equipped swimming pools, a magnificent water park, as well as establishments where they cook amazing dishes.alan xafira deluxe resort spa 5 turkler

Parents who take their kids on a holiday, speak positively about the conditions with which the kids are provided on the territory of this hotel. According to them, they always have something to do at Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 *, and all the entertainment offered here is of a developing nature. Professional nannies and animators are engaged in children here, many of whom can speak Russian fluently.

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