Hotel "Atlanta" (Lazarevskoe, Pobedy st., 13): description, services, reviews

This article will be compared in the comparisonpluses and minuses of living in two places, such as Lazarevskoe, Atlanta Hotel (13 Pobedy Street) and the Atalanta Guest House, the address of which is Sochinskoye Highway, 2/5. So you can get acquainted with the conditions of stay and in the guest house with a very similar name. Lazarevskoe - for many a favorite village by the sea for an annual holiday. The main thing is to choose the right hotel, so that nothing can stop this rest.

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About location

Sochi is a very popular resort for loversbeauty and nature, and Lazarevskoye - it's peace and quiet, if they are necessary, and all conditions for unrestrained fun, if vacationers want it. Here, close to the mountains and the boundless sea, a box of evergreen forests, alpine meadows, healing mineral water in springs, clean beaches, dolmens and water parks - all this year from year to year attracts to rest in Lazarevskom near the sea dozens and even hundreds of thousands of tourists of different age and with different preferences. And no one left here without enthusiastic impressions, remaining for a long time, sometimes for life.

Hotel "Atlanta" Lazarevskoe recommends notrestrained in the means of tourists. In principle, any vacation can be spoiled by the conditions that the hotel or guest house offers. In this case, the hotel "Atlanta" - a good choice, where the guests in almost all of their requirements are met.

What is the difference?

Suitable housing even for a short period of timeselect carefully and with full responsibility. What are the opportunities for visitors to Sochi and what is the difference between the proposed options for hotels and guest houses? In the private sector the village Lazarevskoe "Atlanta", for example - high-grade hotel, and its "almost namesake" - guest house "Atalanta" (Lazarevskoye as well) - more affordable. Here you can choose from the possibilities - comfort or economy.

This region is valued andvarious options in the offer of accommodation for visitors to rest. Tourists, judging by the reviews, it seems that "Atalanta" is an intermediate option, not too expensive, but with its own, rather strict rules. Service there, of course, is not so good in comparison with what the hotel "Atlanta" can offer. Lazarevskoe in any case, rejoices the guests and everyone has the opportunity to offer a feasible option of housing, taking into account all preferences. Everyone is waiting here!


"Atlanta" (Lazarevskoye)

Very attractive is the location itselfThis hotel: a quiet private sector, about half a kilometer to the central beach, near the water park "Nautilus", a large market, a beautiful park, the Center of National Cultures. Especially love this hotel couples with children.

Hotel "Atlanta" has absolutely closedinternal territory, thereby guaranteeing security for the tenants. So, parents can rest easy, enjoying the vacation, which they have been waiting for so long. Despite the peace and quiet, the epicenter of the most striking holiday events is very close - a few minutes of walking, and the tourists are already at the carnival of life, without even losing sight of the hotel sign - "Atlanta". Lazarevskoye is not such a big settlement.

Sochi highway Lazarevskoe

Number of rooms

In the hotel visitors can offer roomsfrom single to quadruple, all of them are equipped with new modern furniture, with separate or double beds, with a bathroom and a shower, with a refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, wardrobe, bedside tables and individual safe. If there was not a suitable number for the number of berths, in the hotel "Atlanta" (Lazarevskoye) there is the possibility of installing additional seats in the form of a folding bed or a chair-bed. A set of towels and hygiene products will accordingly be increased quantitatively.

In order to book a certain number,you do not need to call or come to Lazarevskoye, you can do this via the Internet, by filling out a special form on the site. The global network, by the way, is free for all holidaymakers and is unlimited. Moreover, it is available around the clock. Almost every room has a balcony or terrace where you can so perfectly relax with a cup of coffee in the morning and arrange a tea ceremony in the evening. The equipment of the rooms is air-conditioned very happy on hot nights, and when the weather is rainy and chilly, additional blankets and blankets are issued.

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For vacationers, accustomed to home food oradhering to certain diets, the hotel has a kitchen, where there is everything you need to prepare dinner yourself. Only fry foods are not recommended. Also there is an iron and ironing board, at certain hours you can take advantage of all this and completely bring the wardrobe in order. The territory around and its accomplishment is what the hotel "Atlanta" is especially proud of. Lazarevskoye - a very beautiful place, and it would seem that people are difficult to surprise anything.

However, flowers, greens, night illumination inthe inner courtyard, the goldfish in the pond, the paradisiacal singing of birds around the arbor - all this is so cozy, so disposes to rest and relaxes nerves that have been strained throughout the year, that they simply can not remain indifferent. For children, too, space and a lot of fun - games both table and sports, there are darts and much more. The entire territory and the hotel itself in the village of Lazarevskoye are carefully guarded, video surveillance is installed, the access of strangers is, of course, limited. Especially valuable things can be taken to the luggage room.

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To correct health

Getting to Lazarevskoe, practically all tourists,even the youngest and not complaining about health, visit mineral springs, the healing power of which truly works wonders. Waters of Chvieshe, Matsesta, Kudespts literally work miracles with the human body. In a picturesque Matseste people suffering from varicose veins, all kinds of rheumatism and other joint diseases are treated, even diabetes mellitus recedes, even temporarily.

And the water of Kudepstskaya is truly magical. It is characterized by a high content of iodine and bromine, it is very good for people suffering from heart failure. Even very nervous with water intake Kudepsts calmed down, and not very nervous - just relax. Sludge mud Sochi is strongly recommended to people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and also treat the nervous system. All the necessary information is provided to guests at the Atlanta Hotel (Lazarevskoye). Reviews about the excellent results of treatment are very numerous. In addition, the hotel has a lot of other, very diverse information.


In this category you can consider the reviews of tourists,who spent their holidays in Lazarevsky, and specifically - in the hotel "Atlanta". Positive feedback is overwhelming. There are also negative, apparently, from those living with increased demands for quality of service. But judging by the rest of the letters left on different sites, dedicated to rest by the sea, "Atlanta" tourists liked.

The reason for this is, above all, highprofessional qualities of the staff, his literacy, courtesy and readiness to help in any difficulties. Administration also always meets the wishes of its customers. A huge role is played by the irreproachably correct planning of the hotel itself, its convenient location, and increased security for tourists and their children. In addition, a separate convenience - the possibility of booking through the Internet and payment by electronic card (both prepayment and repayment of all amounts required for residence). And the most interesting is that the most wonderful entertainment is in walking distance from the hotel!

atlanta lazarevskoe reviews


First of all, both children and adults usually visitthe water park "Nautilus", which is literally next door. After a long road and a whole year of work with a minimum of entertainment, the best start to a holiday for the whole family is going to one of the largest water complexes on the Black Sea coast, three hundred meters from the sea. Places there is enough for everyone - a water park can simultaneously entertain more than two thousand people.

The situation there remains cozy,has an active movement, and still all visitors celebrate a thoughtful design, bright greenery, magnificent water reservoirs. Four swimming pools, one of which is for children, six different slides - from ordinary tubular to the most extreme, fountains, geysers, chaise lounges in recreation areas, as well as bars and cafes. There are no breaks and days off in the water park.

room equipment


Absolutely new construction in the village -Dolphinarium "Lazarevsky", which was created using the most up-to-date technologies: swimming pools with high-quality technical equipment, coaching staff of professionals, and marine dwellers possess exceptional talents and in general - cute, especially for children. They are not just mammals, all these Pacific walruses, northern sea lions, polar white whales and Black Sea whales - local - bottlenose dolphins.

These are reasonable, similar in intelligence and in characterclose to humans sea creatures. They differ in their genuine interest in communicating with people, and any person consciously or subconsciously, too, will be drawn to them. Because marine animals carry in themselves such unsolved mysteries as the human ancestral home. Here, the show is held, and you can also swim next to these cute animals, get to know them better. The Dolphinarium is also within walking distance of the Atlanta hotel.


To stay in this hotel, you needwell in advance to book the room you like. Additional bonuses: for children under five years who do not need an extra seat, only utilities are paid at a rate of two hundred rubles a day. If a child requires a cot, she is paid at half the cost of a full-fledged place.

From October to May, prices are strictly contractual anddepend on many factors: the weather, the dollar rate, etc., and therefore it is impossible to fix them. Swimming pool for adults and children, Internet, climate control, TV, refrigerator, use of kitchen with all gadgets and dishes, iron, ironing board - free of charge.

guest house atlanta lazarevskoye

Guest House

"Atlanta" (Lazarevskoye) is a hotel with a guestAt home the name acquired another letter - "Atalanta". This is not the name of the US state, but the name of the ancient Greek heroine of the various myths associated with Artemis. Atalanta has a different address: Sochi highway (Lazarevskoye), 2/5. This guest house is nestled in the camp site "Seagull", or rather - its branch.

The location is also very profitable. Nearby are the same water park, many shops, canteens and cafes and a huge shopping complex. The beach is literally next door, it is superbly landscaped, the infrastructure is well developed and year by year it is getting better. On the territory of the guest house "Atalanta" you can visit a cafe with a complex food, swim in the pool and practice in the gym.


Here, of course, not so chic as infive-star hotels, but there are a lot of pluses in comparison with Atlanta. The most important is the organization of food. If in Atlanta you can cook something that is not roasted yourself (there is a barbecue corner in the garden, though), and for the most part you should eat where you have, then at Atalanta you own a cafe with three meals a day, where you can order any diet.

In the rooms - absolutely in all - air conditioners,TV sets, refrigerators, bathrooms, tables and chairs, cabinets and cabinets. And all rooms have a balcony in order to view the magnificent surroundings. There is a transfer from the railway and air terminal. There is a laundry room where you can use a washing machine and then an iron. There is a wired and wireless Internet. Reviews about this guest house are the warmest.


Neither the Atlanta Hotel nor the Atalanta Guest House inthe top ten hotels of Lazarevsky were not included. And even in the top thirty. Nevertheless, such a two-or three-star vacation, judging by the description, is not so bad, right? And all because there is an opportunity to develop a spa business in this region.

Today Lazarevskoye is a well-known microdistrict,the largest resort and recreational center of the Black Sea region. Climate and landscapes like nowhere else contribute to this popularity - humid subtropics with characteristic lush, smooth pebble beaches, the sea without breakwaters with constantly exchanges water ... Paradise, and only.

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