Housing from the developer "Morton": "Butovo Park 2"

Everyone wants to acquire their own housing,let small, but his apartment. For Muscovites, the housing issue is particularly acute: renting a house is quite expensive, and it is almost impossible to acquire property. Due to mortgage lending, state programs of support and financial assistance, this issue can be solved with considerable savings for its budget. And it is better to give monthly 20-30 000 rubles for your apartment than simply rent someone else's living space for the same money. It remains only to decide on the apartment itself.

Modern developers do not just offerhouses, and huge residential complexes with their own infrastructure. Moreover, new buildings, located beyond the Moscow Ring Road, are increasingly gaining popularity, and in the south. We want to present to your attention a large-scale project from the company "Morton" - "Butovo Park 2". Reviews of real residents of houses already handed over will help to make an objective assessment of the residential complex and determine how suitable it is for living.

Morton - "Butovo Park 2"

About the area

District Butovo Park-2 (Morton) was oncenot at all attractive. But at present it is a large area with developed infrastructure. It is actively built up, Moscow will grow in this direction. Buying an apartment here, even the smallest, you get a Moscow residence permit, and with it all the privileges that residents of the capital enjoy. Apartments in the constructed houses can be purchased with or without finishing.

New quarters and neighborhoods can boastits own infrastructure, which in many ways facilitates and simplifies the lives of residents. There are shopping and entertainment centers, shops where you can buy everything you need. In the new buildings of the district, mainly young families with young children live. Developers, taking into account this fact, took care of the construction of additional kindergartens, schools, as well as sports grounds and play areas.

Butova Park 2 (Morton)

Transport accessibility of the microdistrict -an important aspect of his popularity. Currently there are already several metro stations, there are enough minibuses and buses that will take you to any point of the capital. In general, apartments in Butovo - an excellent option for those who want to save on the purchase of real estate, but it is not ready to say goodbye to the developed infrastructure of the capital.

about the project

So, the apartments in "Butovo Park 2" ("Morton")are very popular. Now the project is at the hearing of many, it is actively offered by real estate agencies. We will try to reveal the secret of popularity and love of potential tenants.

Apartments "Butovo Park 2" (Morton)

So, the new buildings "Butovo Park 2" ("Morton")Economy class are being built in a southerly direction. The complex will occupy the Drozhzhino microdistrict, located just 5 km from MKAD in the direction of Warsaw highway. It is proximity to the capital in many ways and attracts potential residents who are not ready to lose the infrastructure of Moscow. According to the project documentation of the Morton Company, Butovo Park 2 is only part of a larger project, Mortongrad, which occupies an area of ​​22 hectares.


Integrated development is carried out on the site,surrounded on all sides by a forest park. This is an ecologically clean area: in a walking distance from the new building in "Butovo Park 2" from "Morton" chic pine forest with clean air, saturated with a mixture of essential oils, and in 15 minutes drive from it - a clean lake and a river. This is an excellent area for life, minimizing the impact of nearby highways. All those who have already bought an apartment here, among the advantages, just, and note the purity of the air. There are no harmful industries here, which only improves the ecological picture. A favorite vacation spot for many has become a great lake: here come whole families and spend weekends on warm summer days.

Morton - "Butovo Park" 2nd line

Transport accessibility

Well-established transport links between the area andlarge Moscow - something that can offer all residents of the GC Morton. "Butovo Park 2" is located just 5 km from the Moscow Ring Road, so from here you can get to anywhere in Moscow. This is how the developer is positioning his project. How is everything the case?

Everyone was taken care of by the company "Morton". "Butovo Park" (2nd stage) has already managed to get enough positive feedback. Near the complex there are four public transport stops. From them you can get to the metro station and to Podolsk. In the immediate vicinity there are stops for another 11 shuttle buses, which are in charge of various directions in Moscow and the Moscow region. The real inhabitants of the houses of the second stage, which have already been put into operation, confirm the transport accessibility. At all stops there is a schedule of traffic with a detailed route. That's why even a new settler will not have any problems.

New buildings in Butovo Park 2 from Morton

Road condition

Of course, many Muscovites move toown transport, that is why during the construction of the complex "Butovo Park 2" ("Morton"), the state of the road surface, the presence of traffic interchanges was taken into account. The complex is located in the direction of Warsaw highway. Of course, the developer, with the support of local authorities, is trying to make the exit from the neighborhood as convenient and comfortable as possible. But the fact remains: in the morning and evening hours there is going to be a huge cork, it can drag on for a couple of hours. Of course, it is almost impossible to avoid traffic jams in Moscow, but there are those parts of the capital where traffic is most dense. So Butovo - just the same option. All those who are planning to buy housing here, it is worth considering the options for travel on public transport, especially the metro.

Stages of construction

"Butovo Park 2" is being built in several stages. The project is represented by 15 buildings with a height of 9 to 25 floors. At the present time the second stage has been completed, the houses have already been commissioned and inhabited. The third stage of "Butovo Park 2" (Morton) involves the construction of the expected house 2B. It is located not far from the object of the second stage, just 4 km from the Moscow Ring Road. This is a more refined project. The developer pursued one simple goal - to build a large complex for the comfortable life of modern residents of the metropolis.


Currently, the sale of apartments LCD"Butovo Park 2B" (the third stage). "Morton" took care of the infrastructure of the area. At the moment, the project of the third stage is not endowed with its own infrastructure, but its residents can use what was built during the delivery of the objects of the first and second stages. The project has already proved its success, the houses are surrendered according to plan and make the residents happy with their quality. Nevertheless, many still worry about the feasibility of purchasing an apartment in a new building of the Morton GC. Butovo Park 2B has many advantages. But our task is to make the most objective review.

"Butovo Park 2" third turn (Morton)

So, the main problem of the complex islimited parking spaces. Do not believe the promises, it is better to trust the facts. Corps of the first and second stages have already been commissioned for a long time, and there is no multi-level parking. The constructed kindergarten and school also will not suffice for all children living in a new microdistrict. In fact, houses are rented much earlier in operation, than the infrastructure develops. This point must be taken into account when buying property. Of course, Morton is an experienced developer who has managed to implement more than one project, he will certainly fulfill his promises and complete all the infrastructure, but according to current forecasts this will not happen soon.


Buying an apartment, we pay attention notonly on the district, its infrastructure, but also the planning solutions offered by the developer. If several decades ago the apartments were typical, the layout did not differ in variety, then modern tenants can choose the best option, based on their preferences and wishes. So, what can the Morton Company offer? "Butovo Park 2" - a modern project, created specifically for residents of the metropolis. The developer focused on the comfort of each tenant, which is reflected in the planning decisions. Here you can find a small cozy studio or an excellent one-bedroom apartment with a spacious kitchen-dining room and isolated rooms.

"Butovo Park 2b" third turn (Morton)


Apartments from "Morton" ("Butovo Park 2 B") are surrendered,both with a rough finish, and furnish "on a turn-key basis". Many are skeptical about finishing, considering it a waste of money. But all those who bought an apartment with her, did not regret a bit, which is reflected in numerous reviews. All works are made qualitatively, using modern building and finishing materials. The project was attended by qualified designers who managed to take into account the basic preferences of modern tenants and make the interior comfortable, concise and very modern. It remains only to get things, add accents - and you can live. The apartments are quality double-glazed windows, which do not allow noise from the street to penetrate inside, modern plumbing is installed, on the floors - laminate of class 32, the walls are covered with dense structural wallpaper. Repair really does not cause censures, fully justifies the expectations of the tenants.


The obvious advantage of the project Morton Group of Companies"Butovo Park 2" is an affordable price for apartments. Real residents note that this is really an opportunity to purchase spacious accommodation of the chosen layout in an excellent area of ​​Moscow with significant savings for your budget. Currently, you can buy a one-room apartment here for only 3 700 000 rubles. But more advantageous options are "kopeck piece" and "treshki". A spacious one-bedroom apartment with a large kitchen, a separate sanitary unit, isolated rooms and a balcony can be purchased for only 4,800,000 rubles.

Summing up

Butovo Park 2 (Morton) is an excellent option forthose who are not ready to lose Moscow residence permit, access to the developed infrastructure of the capital, but at the same time it is limited in means. This is a budget alternative to real estate inside the Moscow Ring Road. The area is actively built up, its infrastructure is developing - all conditions for a comfortable life are created. Excellent location, ecology - all this "Butovo Park 2 B". The third stage ("Morton") of the project will be commissioned in the first quarter of 2018. Pay special attention to this complex, because at the moment you can buy an apartment here on favorable terms. Buying a home should bring only positive emotions, which we wish you.

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