How cool to fry burbot ????

How cool to fry burbot ????

  1. Ingredients
    sunflower oil
    Method of preparation
    Nalima clean, remove the skin (do not throw away the liver, it is pink, it is considered a delicacy, you can fry, leave it for an ear or cook something else). Cut into portions (I make a centimeter three wide).
    Prepare a mixture of flour, salt and pepper (instead of peppers you can take a mixture of spices for fish)
    Pouring pieces of burbot in flour, spread on a heated pan with sunflower oil.
    Put the finely chopped onion into the same frying pan.
    Fry until golden brown.
    Serve with boiled potatoes, buckwheat porridge.
    In general, nothing complicated, another fish can be fried as well.
  2. Burbot fried with eggplant

    Cut the burbot file into pieces, sprinkle with salt, pepper, season with flour and fry on both sides. Eggplant clean, cut into slices, salt, roll in flour and fry. In the frying pan put the fish, around it eggplant, pour with red sauce and warm up for 35 minutes.
    Put in a frying pan, sprinkled with herbs.
    Ingredients for portions 2:
    burbot 600 g
    wheat flour 3 st. spoons
    vegetable oil 3 st. spoons
    white sauce 300 g
    1 salt
    pepper 1 g
    White sauce: Pass the onion with flour in the refined oil. Add broth, prepared from the heads and fins of burbot, bring to a boil. Put the seasonings of black pepper, bay leaf, garlic. It's good to add a little sour cream or cream to it.

    Beef fillet deep fried.

    . Cut the fillets in small pieces 4-5, see Marinate the above recipe for 1-3 hours. Heat a large amount of refined oil to a boil, in a saucepan, pot or large-sized skillet. Pieces of fillets roll in breadcrumbs or in flour and lowered in small batches into boiling oil. If you put too many fish at once, it will cook, which will change the taste of your dish beyond recognition. Fry the pieces until golden brown. To take out on шумовку, after flowing of oil to shift in other ware. The oil can be used sunflower, corn or olive.


    Prepared fish cut into portions, salt, pepper and, wrapped in flour, fry in a well-heated frying pan until half-ready. Put the fish in a saucepan or on a deep frying pan, oiled. It is good to stir raw eggs with cold milk, add salt to taste and fill them with fish. Sprinkle with ground breadcrumbs and grated cheese, put in a non-combustible oven and bring it to readiness.

    On 5OO fish: 0,5 l milk, 34 eggs, 2,5 st. spoons of melted butter, 5060 g cheese

  3. We need to clean the fish, gut it, rinse it. Cut into pieces.
    How cool to fry burbot ???? vegetable oil spoons

    I prefer to salt fish, not flour. So that's it. Pieces of fish salt, put flour in a bowl. Slices of the finisher (mmmm-m-m) roll in flour and fry in a well-heated frying pan, in a boiling oil, until golden brown. . In another pan, fry until golden, a small onion, cut into half rings. Now it's all laid in a deep baking tray in layers, the ray is better from above, and pour it all over with sour cream. Put in the oven and bake. As soon as there is a golden crust, immediately remove. And quickly set the table. I'll come running now.

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