How does the nail grow?

Keratin is a very strong material. It comes from the Greek word "horn". Now it is clear why the nail is compared with the horn. The human nail in structure is very similar to the horn of the rhinoceros, the so-called "bundle of glued hair". And everyone knows that the rhinoceros are exterminated because of their horns. Imagine how valuable our nails are. And, of course, it is very important to know how to look after them, so that they are beautiful and grow quickly. Let's see how the nail grows.

Structure and growth of the nail

Before you understand how the nail grows, let'sbriefly consider its complex structure. The nail consists of visible and invisible parts. This nail plate, lunochka, nail rollers, eponymichus, peel, free margin and hyponychia. The most important part is the lunar, as this is the end of the nail matrix and it is from here that the nail begins to grow. This part of the nail should be taken care of properly.

Matrix is ​​a kind ofof the epidermis. Its hardening and thickening is due to keratinization. And this makes it less connected with the nail bed. The white color of the crescent explains this. The nail, as it grows, becomes thinner, attached to the nail bed and turns pink. The factory of the nail plates is the lunula. This group of cells synthesizes keratin. And it protects it from damage and bacteria - cuticle. This is the basis of nail growth.

Nail growth speed

This speed for all people is individual. On average, 0.1-0.12 mm per day, somewhere between 0.5 and 1.2 per week. How many nails grow, interests many people, but the main thing is to understand what affects their growth. For example, it was noted that the nails grow faster on the "working" hand, since the blood circulation in it is better. And, the more often you use your nails, the faster their growth. The growth of nails affects: good, warm weather, daytime, pregnancy, nutrition and vitamins, care for the matrix.

In fact, how many nails grow is not important, most importantly,that they looked well-groomed, healthy, strong. Although after 20 years, the growth of nails slows down, you can do a lot to make them look healthy. Saturate yourself with vitamin B through such foods: cabbage, eggs, sprouted wheat grains, brewer's yeast. Do not forget about iodine-containing products: sea kale and spinach. Iodine accelerates the growth of nails.

Regularly massage the matrix with cream or oil. Correctly cut and cut nails - this is of great importance for growth. The ideal shape is round, repeating the contour of the finger. Use these tips and achieve good results.

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