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It often happens that the child stops growing. When his peers continue to gain centimeters in height, the impressionable teenager is very worried about the fact that he did not become taller. Especially insulting is the girls who dreamed of a modeling career. It is widely believed among people that human height is a genetically inherent parameter that cannot be changed. However, scientists have proven that it is still possible to be higher than others, just for this you need to put a little effort.

If you are still in the growth stage, that is, your age has not crossed the border in twenty-five years, then familiarize yourself with natural ways that will help you solve this problem and get rid of psychological discomfort.

How to become high

Balanced nutrition, or How to become successful

It is not only that, eating right, you saturate the body with all the substances necessary for growth and development.The fact is that a person with extra pounds visually looks much lower than his slim friend. In general, an athlete with a taut figure will seem high to others, and his plump comrade walking along will be a little lower, even if in reality the opposite is true.

It is not necessary to torture yourself with strict diets. It is enough to adhere to such principles:

  • Protein products are a treasure for a person who wants to grow. Eat more lean non-fat poultry. And fish, milk and dairy products will help you build muscle.
  • Your enemy is simple carbohydrates, and you should know him by sight. Carbonated sugary drinks, chips, fast food, sweets look very attractive, although in reality, under a beautiful wrapper, as is often the case, there is a real monster who hunts not only an attractive figure, but also health.
  • Models are getting high for a reason. They eat food rich in calcium, because only this substance nourishes bone health. Without this component, the growth process will not start. Calcium-rich dairy products, as well as spinach and kale.
  • Recent research scientists have found a direct relationship between zinc content in the body and the growth of boys. With a shortage of this substance, the growth process slows down. Oysters, crabs, nuts and sheep meat are rich in zinc.
  • Often the girl is interested in how to become high, but at the same time she tries on her own tight diets, which imply the rejection of fish and mushrooms. These products contain vitamin D, which directly contributes to the activation of the growth process.

Observance of these principles will not only help you to become higher, but also greatly enhance your health, which means that your mood will always be at the highest level, and you will always be ready to observe the following recommendations.

People have become taller

How to become high: physical activity to help you

Physical activity is not only beneficial for people of any age, they are simply indispensable for maintaining health and creating a positive frame of mind. As for the desire to grow up, you can become higher by performing exercises with jumping rope or just actively moving. Just 30 minutes of sports per day will help you feel more confident and rapidly approach your goal. Try to follow the following principles:

  • Buy a subscription to the gym. You will not only improve your physical shape, but also become more active, and your health will become stronger. When this principle is fulfilled, there is an additional motivation: you must admit, it is very foolish to spend money on a subscription and not attend classes.
  • If you have the opportunity, become a member of a sports team. This will help you develop competitiveness in character, and people who support the spirit of rivalry grow quickly. This is due to the adrenaline released in the body.
  • It happens that for some reason a person cannot attend specialized sports facilities. It does not matter. You can actively spend time walking the street, training a dog or just running in the morning.

Sports people are usually happier than others. But this does not mean that all the time you need to devote physical exertion. To become higher, the body needs to be given time for proper rest.

Can be taller

People grow up in a dream

HGH performs its functions only if the person is in a state of deep sleep. This does not mean that you should sleep without a break, but devote at least 8 hours a day to this activity. For teens, this rate should be increased to 9 hours.

Do not forget that genes play a role in the growth process of the body. If your family members are high, then you will become the same, even if you do not pay attention to all the above recommendations. Otherwise, without their observance, you will not be able to achieve the goal.

Became taller

Do not interfere with the body to grow

Perhaps the prerequisites for increasing growth your body has. Sometimes you yourself deliberately prevent him from achieving the goal. Many girls are interested in how to become high, writing off low growth on genetics, while smoking another cigarette. So, the factors that prevent the body to grow:

  • Smoking and alcohol, as scientists have found, affect the height of a person. No direct relationship between these factors was found. But studies have shown that adolescents who have been addicted to bad habits for a long time grow much more slowly than their peers who do not have harmful hobbies.
  • The use of steroids leads not only to slowing the growth process, but also to health problems. You should not even try to apply them.

Be higher than others

Coffee and human growth

Often girls think how to become tall while continuing to drink coffee. But not everyone knows whether caffeine slows the growth process.Contrary to popular belief, caffeine does not affect the growth process. So various studies have shown. However, there is a second side to the coin. Coffee affects the quality and duration of sleep. As everyone knows, productive rest is the key to the growth process. Therefore, caffeine intake, at least, should be severely restricted

Sooner or later you will stop growing

If you think that you will have enough time to comply with all the above recommendations, then you are mistaken. Sooner or later your growth will stop. And this will mean that none of the ways will start this process again. For some, it stops at 20, for some, at 25. But it happens absolutely for everyone. Therefore, pull yourself together now so that in the future you don’t bite your elbows on the fact that you could achieve your goal, but laziness was stronger than you.

If you have already reached the age when the growth process stopped, then you have another way to simply become high. He is banal simple. You need to increase your height visually.

Just become high

Visual increase in growth

It sometimes seems to all of us that our familiar people have become taller.In fact, they just visually increased their growth. You can do this by following these principles:

  • Do not slouch, straighten your shoulders. Poor posture visually makes a person lower.
  • Tight-fitting clothing will emphasize your height from a much more favorable angle than baggy.
  • The girl on the heels does not look taller, but also slimmer.
  • Shorts and miniskirts visually lengthen the legs, while leggings can visually shorten them.
  • Dark tones will help to appear thinner, and therefore higher.
  • Vertical striped clothing will help to appear significantly taller and slimmer.

Sometimes you want to become high even in adulthood. Then some risky methods come to the rescue.

Models get high

Hormone therapy, or bone augmentation

Hormone therapy is used in adulthood, when growth has finally stopped. For this purpose, a special medication is purchased in specialized medical institutions, which should be used according to the recommendations of the doctor. But he has one major drawback. From receiving it, absolutely all bones grow, not just the ones you need. The choice is yours, to take such a risk or stay at your height.

Useful tips

Finally, pay attention to some tips that will help you achieve your goal:

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits to provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Sit exactly so as not to spoil your posture.
  • Attend massages to help improve posture and lose weight.
  • Stretch your muscles periodically with special exercises.

And the most important advice. Do not hang your nose. Self-confidence decorates a person much more than tall.

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