How to choose a corporate Beeline tariff?

The operator "Beeline" offers a whole line of tariff plans for individuals and legal entities. The latter are most often serviced on corporate terms: use the appropriate tariff plan and postpaid payment system. The conditions provided for such clients are somewhat different from those to which individuals are accustomed, for the most part this is due to the payment system. How to choose a corporate Beeline tariff, how to check the balance on a number if it is registered on the legal entity. face and serviced on postpay? Consider these questions in more detail in this article.

Beeline Corporate Tariff

Choosing a corporate tariff "Beeline"

It is quite simple to decide on the tariff plan that you need to connect: all offers are sonically called “For business”. In total, five tariffs are provided (for the Moscow region). They differ from each other in the amount of the monthly fee, the number of services included in the tariff and the possibility of using the 4G Internet (only 3G Internet is provided for two of the five tariff plans).For those subscribers who are not planning long negotiations and do not need a large volume of SMS messages and Internet traffic, an option has been developed for three hundred rubles. For a relatively low monthly fee, you can get 100 minutes of local communication, the same number of text and multimedia messages, as well as 2 gigabytes of Internet traffic.

How to check the balance on Beeline corporate tariff

Beeline, tariffs for corporate clients: “For business 600”

This tariff implies a slightly larger volume of the same services, namely:

  • you can talk to Beeline subscribers and other mobile operators within your region for free for 600 minutes;
  • 600 free messages (text and multimedia) are provided;
  • Internet traffic in the amount of ten gigabytes is also included in the monthly fee - 600 rubles.

Tariff plans with 4G-Internet

The next three tariffs mean not only a high subscription fee (in comparison with the previous options), an impressive amount of services, as well as the ability to use 4G-Internet on the Beeline number. Corporate Internet traffic rates also offer limit. After exceeding the established volume, the speed limit is set.Having connected the tariff for one thousand rubles, the client receives 15 gigabytes of traffic and one and a half thousand messages and minutes.

If you increase the monthly fee by five hundred rubles, then you can activate the tariff "For business 1500". According to its conditions, the subscriber receives 20 gigabytes and three thousand messages and minutes.

beeline corporate internet rates

For mega-sociable subscribers a maximum package is provided - for three thousand rubles a month. Having connected it, the subscriber will receive:

  • thirty gigabytes;
  • six thousand messages;
  • six thousand minutes.

Advantages of the “Everything for Business” line

  • The ability to connect to the number of other devices and, as a result, the use of the packages provided by the tariff plan together.
  • Unlimited communication with Beeline subscribers, regardless of the region in which they are registered.
  • When traveling around Russia, the Beeline corporate tariff of the line we are considering operates on “home” conditions: packages can be spent on making calls and sending text messages outside their area.
  • You can pay the bill, which is formed in a month, within 20 days after receiving it.

Features postpaid payment system

How to check the balance on Beeline (corporate tariff)? This question can often be heard from new subscribers who do not fully understand the principle of postpay. As such, there is no balance on a number serviced on corporate terms: after a month has expired, a subscriber (organization) is billed, which must be paid no later than the 20th day of the next month. If the Beeline corporate tariff is connected on the number, the client can receive the following information:

  • * 110 * 06 # - receiving data about the residual packets (minutes, messages and traffic);
  • * 110 * 04 # - view the invoice that has been issued but not yet paid;
  • * 110 * 10 # - getting information about the cost of services at the time of the request.

When connecting to a tariff plan with a postpaid settlement system, a prerequisite is an advance payment. The amount deposited in this way is not debited from the account and can later be used to pay for communication services.

Beeline tariffs for corporate clients

Another feature of the postpaid system is the need to travel to the office at the conclusion of the contract, since it is about concluding an agreement with the legal entity. the face. The package of documents that should be taken with you can be clarified on the official website of the Beeline company.

Now you know how to check the balance on Beeline (corporate tariff) and which tariffs can be connected to the number of a legal entity (organization). You can familiarize yourself with the tariff plans that are available for your region on the official resource of the operator by first selecting the area in which the SIM card is registered in the upper part.

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