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If you purchased a country plot of land or have a drinking source - a spring or a well - in the garden, vegetable garden or private house, the best solution would be to install special filters for water purification. Today, no one needs to be convinced of the need for such a device due to the environmental situation and the constant need for a clean fluid.

How to clean and properly?

A water filter from a well on its own plot of land is the best option for the owner. The presence of a cleaning device removes a number of pressing issues:

- how to conduct a public pipeline to your site;
- How to clean the natural liquid to an acceptable level suitable for drinking;
- How to measure the content of harmful salts and metals in its composition;
- How to avoid the development of diseases caused by dirty or radioactive water, etc.well filterInstalling a filter on a well or own well also facilitates watering of plants and plantings. The composition of the fluid affects the quantity and quality of the crop. The flow through filter also solves the problem of dependence on the amount of precipitation. The vital natural element will always be at the disposal of the residents of the house and the owners of the site.

Technical capabilities of filters

A modern well filter is an almost perfect device that can maximally clean water from all harmful impurities. Each type has its own technical capabilities and restrictions on the installation and use, purpose and degree of purification.

There is no guarantee that the liquid from the nearest stream is not contaminated with wastewater or any impurities. This is a question of safety and environmental friendliness, which specialized filters successfully solve.

The common belief that natural water from an underground well is safe and potable in modern negative environmental conditions is no longer relevant. Waste production and human activity are able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the soil and mix them.filter for hard water from the wellFor example, a filter for hard water from a well will cope with the problem of “heavy” water filled with metal compounds, rust.

Only four hundred wells in the world can be considered truly clean. She does not need processing. The remaining sources do not meet the standards of safe consumption. The salts of manganese, zinc, iron and copper dissolved in the waters are especially dangerous. The presence of livestock farms, pig farms or horticultures near the house can affect the increase in local springs and rivers in the amount of nitrogen and ammonia due to the use of fertilizers, compound feeds and various additives.

Filter Types

The market of modern cleaning devices provides the buyer with a wide range of different models for the price, level and method of cleaning, the principle of the filtration system, the size of the tank. The following three types of filters are mainly used:

  • mesh;
  • cartridge based;
  • sorption.

The strainer, as the name implies, uses in its design a grid with cells of different sizes for water purification with varying degrees of contamination. Some grids need to be cleaned of filtering products independently (these are the cheapest models that work on the principle of a strainer in a kettle).Others are cleared automatically and do not require at this point the cessation of fluid supply. The convenience of these devices is in small sizes.

The water filter from the well with the use of a cartridge contains a replaceable block of steel housing and plastic parts. Such devices can clean small volumes of liquids that require deep and thorough filtration - for cooking, drinking, washing. Changing cartridges is required quite regularly, depending on the intensity of use of the device. These devices are very well clean the liquid from chlorine, dietary supplements and a variety of chemical elements.well water filterThe carbon filter for the well is of a sorption type and contains activated carbon, which improves the taste and smell of water. Such devices are good for cleaning the spring and wells from pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, infectious pathogens. Sometimes such devices can additionally enrich water with ionic compounds, which increases the consumer qualities of the liquid, making it healthier and more tasty. Sorption devices are designed for rough cleaning.

It is also possible to install a combined or wire type flow filter.Wire devices operate on the basis of a wire winding that serves as a cleaning element, they are distinguished by a long service life and durability, but they are difficult to clean. They can not be replaced, especially if they are in the same casing pipe. The combined model includes a variety of elements of different types of filters.

Filter strengths

The well filter can solve a number of chemical and biological problems:

- make any water with any contamination drinking;
- clean it from iron salts and other heavy metals;
- rid the liquid of unpleasant odor and taste - rust, sewage, waste;
- to protect water pipes from additional build-up of rust and dirt, loss of functions due to oxidation;
- reduce stiffness by ion treatment;
- to clear from bacteria and causative agents of infections;
- to carry out mechanical cleaning of soil particles, etc.well filterIn general, the presence of any cleaning device in the wells is always welcome as an additional way to insure the health of the owners and pets, and the good condition of the garden.


The main disadvantages of modern filters include the parameters that differ in each type:

- if we are talking about mesh devices, then small sizes and the constant need to turn off the water to clean the mesh may interfere;

- filter for hard water from the well on the basis of activated carbon requires preliminary measures to disinfect it. Otherwise, additional reproduction of harmful microorganisms and bacteria is possible - favorable conditions for their life arise inside the filter.
Each type of filter has its drawbacks, but they are balanced by the pluses indicated above or by the low price of the device.

Cost of

How much does an average well filter cost? The price may vary depending on the method of cleaning and the presence of embedded technical details (from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles per meter).

Most affordable were and will be simple plastic household filters, but they do not last long. Galvanized devices clean the water well, they are also inexpensive, but can be a source of toxic metal ions.water filtersThe best filters are quite expensive - they are embedded devices made of stainless alloys.

Expert reviews

According to experts, the best filter for a well is a cartridge-type device for domestic needs and a deep combined cleaning system built into the well or well.The second option is quite versatile, but requires large material investments. This choice is justified in the case of the provision of liquid catering establishments or a large family farm.

Customer Reviews

And what are the opinions of people who buy water filters? In general, cheap and toxic devices are criticized because of their unreliability and primitive design. Replacing cartridges is also quite tedious and expensive.
Many users leave recommendations for the purchase of multistage cartridge devices that do not require frequent reloading and rather slowly consume cleaning charge.

How to choose the best?

Each filter for a well is selected based on the type of soil and the depth of the well level. It should be repelled from its own material capabilities, but it’s not worth saving on your health - the consequences will be much more expensive.flow filterThe choice of instrument should also be focused on the composition of the water in the well. This indicator can be determined by chemical laboratory analysis. It is possible that the result of the study will be favorable and a simple screen filter will be sufficient to meet everyday needs.well filter PriceIt is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the geographical location of the site and the individual characteristics of the well or well.

Responsible attitude to the choice of filtering apparatus will allow to get at their disposal a durable and very useful device.

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