How to clear coins? How to clear an old coin?

Any person who either keeps the coins as a keepsake, or collects them, discovers over time that the coins have turned black and dull. This fact is especially unpleasant for coin collectors, because it is not only a valuable collection, but also things that have witnessed history. So how to clean the coins?

Start of the cleaning process

how to clear coinsFirst, the composition and the date of issue of the coin are established. Then the degree of damage is determined. The further process depends on this. The main methods of cleaning coins are chemical and mechanical, the second is the most frequently used.

  1. Mechanical: remove special brushes (for example, brass) dirt, sand, earth, corrosion bumps.
  2. Chemical: clean gold and silver coins, coins with a metal base, covered with corrosion.

It is important to remember!

If you have little experience, then you do not need to invent your own recipes and listen to the advice of ignorant people.After all, abrasives (soda, salt and others) may damage the coin. It is impossible to clean product drawings with needles or brushes with hard bristles. Mechanical methods to clean the coins must be extremely careful, because they can scratch and damage the drawing.


how to clean old coinsIt all depends on the metal and the degree of pollution:

  1. If it is light, then the coin is washed with warm soapy water (its composition does not matter), while removing contamination with a brush.
  2. But if it is more difficult, then the composition of the coin must be taken into account.
  3. If the clay or earth clogged the picture, then take the soap solution from the laundry soap and put the coin in it for 10 - 15 minutes. After that, dipping the toothbrush into the solution, brush the coin, trying not to scratch it. Then put the product on a piece of lint-free cloth to dry.

How to clean old coins based on their composition?

1. Gold.If the money is made of gold, then they just need to be washed in soapy water and left there for a while. Then take pieces of soft cloth and put the coins there, without rubbing, to dry. No friction allowed! Tip: it is better not to use tap water, buy distilled at a pharmacy.How to clear an old gold coin, if there are black dots on it? Perhaps this is not dirt, but when the melt hit slabs of slag. Restorers advise Delu's Reinigungsbad tool. They can also clean old gold coins, such as the czarist chervontsy.

2. Silver.How to clear coins from silver? Here it is necessary to pay attention to the sample, the higher it is (80% and more), the more careful it is to clean it. If the sample is higher, then it is a special solution, low - lemon juice. The coin is dipped in juice for 2 hours, then washed in a soapy solution, then lightly polished with a piece of flannel. Baking soda can be applied to both samples: 2 tsp. Soda is dissolved in 100 g of water, at the bottom we put the coins so that they do not touch. They must sometimes be turned over to remove dirt. Be careful, because silver is a soft metal.

how to clear an old coin

3. Iron.How to clean coins from iron? They are cleaned with diluted hydrochloric acid, then finished cleaning with a brush made of brass wire.

4. Copper.How to clean a copper coin with the presence of oxide on it? First, a layer of oxide is detected: patina or cooper. Patina on products leaves time, it is chocolate, greenish black and black and protects the coin from damage. Do not clean, if there is no corrosion on the coin, the patina is flat.If it is a layer of mediola, then it is difficult to clean it yourself, contact your restorer. Copper coins clear Leuchtturm Reinigungsbad. Or make warm soapy water and wash them in it.

A few more ways to clean old copper coins:

A) Cut the lemon in half, stick the coin into the pulp, wait 15 minutes, then take out the coin, brush it, rinse it under cold water, and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

B) Flour mixed with coarse salt, there is added 1 drop of vinegar. This rub the coin and put it on for 3-5 minutes, after which the banknote is rinsed with running water and wiped dry.

how to clear a copper coin

How to clean coins from platinum and palladium?

They do not need to be cleaned at all. Just washed with warm drinking water. Do not take water from under the tap (there is chlorine there, chlorine will settle somewhere in small details, then not get it). Regular towel not to wipe, better paper napkins. At the same time, tearing off a piece and turning it in half, put the coin in one piece and promakivat second.

Other methods

How to clean coins at home in a fast and easy way? Make the mixture using soda, toothpaste and ammonia.The composition is placed in a jar and closed it. Then they take a bit of the mixture, put it on a coin, rub it with fingers (with a soft-bristled brush), rinse it with water, wipe it dry.

Or mix a glass of boiling water with citric acid (1/2 tsp), drop the coin into it for 5 seconds, remove it, rinse with water, and wipe it with a dry cloth. Better a few times to do. If you hold it longer than 10 seconds, the product will turn pink.

clean coins at home

After cleaning, you can not dry the coins on the battery, near the fireplace and so on! If the coin after cleaning has become too light, then it is put in the sun for 3-7 days, sometimes turning over. The rays of the sun will help to form a light patina.


How to clean the coins from rust and not damage them? For their cleaning use chemical reagents with slow action, for example means "Trilon B". First, determine the thickness of the oxides, on the basis of this designate and the time of exposure.

After cleaning, the coins are given a natural look with a 10% sodium hyposulphite solution, dropping the coin there for 15 seconds, after which it must be rubbed with a piece of soft cloth.

 how to remove coins from rust

If the coin turned green, then take a rag, moisten it with either vinegar or citric acid and then wipe it, then wash it in a warm soap solution to neutralize the acid.

Getting rid of plaque

How to clean old coins if they raid? It all depends on how much they have changed in appearance.

  • If a red-brown or cherry-red color is visible on the coin, then you have copper oxide. Such a coating is cleaned with 5-15% solution of ammonia or ammonium carbonate. The coin is completely immersed in the solution.
  • If a yellow or yellow-white color is visible on the coin, then lead was used as a ligature, or the product was in contact with lead for a long time. This plaque is removed with a 10% solution of acetic acid.
  • If there is a white plaque on the coin, then, most likely, zinc was used as a ligature. Then they take distilled water, they keep a coin in it for 2-3 days. If necessary, clean with a soft toothbrush. If the coin is green (black), they take ammonia, wet them with cotton wool and wipe the product, then rinse it with soapy water.

What to do when bronzyanka?

If the coin shows grains of a pale green color, the metal begins to crumble at the same time, then this means that the metal is struck by a bronze tank. It is extremely difficult to clean it yourself, it is best to take the coin to the restorer.

Coins are not for collectors

High-grade silver: put in ammonia for 3 minutes and then rinse. If silver is low-grade, then boil 200 g of water, pour it into a glass, add Trilon B there, stir, wait until it dissolves, put the coin for 3 minutes, rinse, dry.

Useful tips

  • If you have antique coins, it is still better to refer them to the restorer or collector. Because then no cleaning will help.
  • If you want to gain experience, then use low-value coins.
  • You can not clean them with acid, because it is possible to spoil the product in such a way that it loses all value and value.
  • If the coin is old, then put on gloves, put it in a bag and carry on the restoration or evaluation.

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