How to cook jelly: healthy drink recipes

Kissel is a delicious and original folk dish, which is a thin jelly. It can be made from any product, as a rule, most often used are fresh berries, fruits, syrups, jams and compotes. You can cook and milk. How to cook jelly? This is a simple to cook jellyOptions for how to cook jelly, a lot. It is only necessary to determine the product from which the drink will be steamed, as well as the desired consistency.

Jelly Density

Before cooking jelly, you need to choose a certain consistency. The density of the drink depends on the starch used in cooking. So, the kissel will turn out thick if the following proportion is observed: 70 g of starch per 1 l of the chosen liquid (it can be water or juice). Kissel will be of medium thickness if 40 g of starch powder is added to 1 liter of liquid. And finally, the liquid will be jelly, if, when it is boiled in 1 liter of liquid, only 30 g of starch will be added. Do not forget that before cooking kissel, it is necessary to dilute the right amount of starch in cold clean water or juice.You should not boil a drink that has already been added starch for a long time, otherwise its qualities will be destroyed, and the jelly will turn out too liquid.

cranberry jellyKissel from jam

Jam is the traditional raw material for Russian jelly. For the preparation of such a drink will need water, the jam itself, starch, sugar, and citric acid. First you need to dissolve 200 g of jam in 750 ml of boiled water, put all this in a saucepan and put on the fire. When boiling, you need to strain the jam, then add a quarter of a teaspoon of citric acid (previously diluted in water), 2 tablespoons of sugar powder and bring to the boil again. Next, 2 tablespoons of starch must be diluted with a glass of cold clean water and, while stirring, slowly pour the resulting liquid into the pan. Now again it is necessary to bring the contents of the pan to a boil. At the same time immediately after boiling it is necessary to remove the finished kissel from the stove, pour into cups and allow to cool. The drink is ready!

Cranberry Jellywhat is good kissel

Another way to make a drink is from cranberries. It is remarkable, what is useful jelly. This drink helps with colds, stomach ailments.In addition, kissels are suitable for feeding children. To make this drink you need 100 g of berries, 1 tbsp. l starch, about 4 tbsp. l sugar, and water (about 3 glasses). Berries for jelly should be washed and grind, after which you need to separate the cranberry juice from the crushed berries. Cranberries should be placed in a pot of water. The contents of the pan should be brought to a boil, then cook for 5 minutes. Subsequently, you need to drain the liquid. In the resulting mass, you must add sugar, after which the broth is again brought to a boil. It is necessary to remove foam from the liquid during cooking. Previously diluted starch should be poured into a boiling pot, stirring constantly, gradually bringing the drink to a boil. At the very end, you should pour in the juice that is left over from the cranberries in the preparing jelly. The drink should be poured into containers for cooling, and then can be eaten.

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