How to cook poppy for baking? Recipes and photos

One of the easiest and most common fillings for baking is poppy. But many do not even realize that before you grease them with a cake, or fill a bun, you should prepare it properly. Poppy grains in their raw form do not have the necessary taste qualities that we used to feel in poppy products. There are many ways to handle poppy in order to fill them with buns, rolls, cakes and other products. How to cook poppy for baking? You will learn about this by reading the article.

how to cook poppy for baking

A few poppy cooking rules

So, how to make poppy for baking buns, rolls, pies? In order for any poppy filling for baking to be tasty, you need to take into account several important tips:

  1. You can not neglect to buy poppy. Although it is very convenient to purchase it in packaged form, it is better to give preference to the weight of the product. The fact is that then there will be an opportunity to consider well all the flaws of the grains, for example, whether they are not eaten by pests. Poppy seeds should be whole, large and as identical as possible in size.
  2. Before cooking the poppy filling, the grains should be well washed in water. This can not be done only in cases where the ingredient will be passed through a coffee grinder or food processor (in which you can not put wet products).
  3. To enhance the taste and smell of the filling, the grains should be filled with boiled water and left for some time to become swollen. Then the water must be drained through a sieve. Sometimes it is appropriate to even slightly boil poppy in water.

how to cook poppy for baking buns

What can be mixed poppy seeds

How to cook poppy for baking pies or rolls? Now you will learn a few secrets. To improve the taste of the filling, and hence the whole baking, it is better to supplement it with other ingredients, among which may be nuts, apples, milk, honey, raisins, sugar, lemon juice, butter, candied fruits or other dried fruits. Also piquancy to the taste of the filling will give all sorts of spices, such as vanilla sugar.

Following these tips you can cook a delicious poppy filling. But it is equally important to mix the ingredients in the right proportions.

Classic cooking recipe

How to cook poppy filling for baking?The simplest proportion of mixing ingredients that most housewives use is costly.

For cooking will need:

  • 100 milliliters of sugar;
  • 200 milliliters of poppy.

Cooking Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. A poppy is poured with freshly boiling water and steamed for thirty minutes.
  2. After the specified time, water is drained from it (it is better to use a sieve for this).
  3. The ingredient is passed through the meat grinder twice for maximum grinding.
  4. Poppy mass is thoroughly mixed with sugar to a uniform consistency.

The finished filling is used for baking buns, pies and other products. But there is one significant disadvantage in it - it has a low viscosity, which is why it crumbles. Therefore, there may be difficulties in using this recipe, if the dough products have a difficult formation.

But since there is no need to purchase many products to make such a filling, and it is done quickly, many people prefer to use this particular recipe.

how to cook poppy for baking roll

Traditional honey recipe for baking roll

How to cook poppy for baking roll? The recipe consists of:

  • three hundred grams of poppy seeds;
  • hundred grams of granulated sugar;
  • one hundred and fifty grams of liquid honey.

Cooking Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Poppy filled with boiled water for a short time.
  2. Grains are filtered using a gauze cloth or sieve.
  3. All products are placed in one container and thoroughly mixed.
  4. Ingredients are crushed with a stupa to obtain a gentle homogeneous mass.

Although this delicate stuffing can be used for other confectionery products, it is best to complement the biscuit rolls.

how to make poppy filling for baking

Sugar free poppy filling

The lack of sugar is not an obstacle to the preparation of sweet confectionery. For example, you can make a poppy filling with honey.

The recipe consists of:

  • ten dessert spoons of poppy seeds;
  • five dessert spoons of honey.

Cooking Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Poppy is well washed in water, well wring out and put in a container.
  2. Honey is placed in the same bowl, after which the mixture should be mixed and boiled for about ten minutes over low heat.

Use the filler only after it is cooled. In addition to the pleasant taste, this recipe will please the hostess with its ability to serve as an adhesive element, thanks to which the dough will be better kept its shape. Therefore, such a filler can be stuffed buns and other products that have a complex shape.

Poppy filling with apples

For the piquancy of taste, you can add apples and other ingredients to the poppy filling.

The recipe consists of:

  • two hundred milliliters of milk;
  • fifty grams of raisins;
  • one medium sized apple;
  • hundred grams of nuts;
  • two hundred milliliters of flour;
  • lemon peel (one unit of fruit);
  • three dessert spoons of butter;
  • three dessert spoons of liquid honey;
  • fifty milliliters of granulated sugar.

Cooking Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Nuts should be crushed as much as possible.
  2. All ingredients, with the exception of apples, are placed in a saucepan, mixed and put on a small fire. They should be brought to a boil, while constantly stirring.
  3. After the mixture has cooled, a grated apple is added to it.

The filling prepared according to this recipe can be used for filling buns, rolls and pies.

ak make poppy for baking cakes

Poppy filling with spices

How to cook poppy for baking various delicacies? In order to peremazyvat cakes, it is better to use spicy stuffing.

The recipe consists of:

  • half a coffee spoon of vanilla;
  • two hundred milliliters of poppy seeds;
  • one hundred milliliters of nuts;
  • one hundred milliliters of raisins;
  • three dessert spoons of honey;
  • Four coffee spoons of lemon juice.

Cooking Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Poppy seeds are poured with freshly boiled water and filtered through cheesecloth.
  2. After cooling, the poppy is crushed in a mortar or through a sieve.
  3. Berries raisins should be poured over boiling water for a short time. After swelling the water should be drained. Then the berries are passed through a meat grinder.
  4. Nuts are also minced.
  5. All products, with the exception of lemon juice, are placed in a container and thoroughly whipped.
  6. Lemon juice should be added in a thin stream, for fear that the filling will become excessively liquid.

After mixing, the filler can be used. It is perfect for cakes and cakes.

how to cook poppy for baking pies

Poppy egg stuffing

One of the simple and tasty methods of cooking poppy filling is to add an egg to it.

The recipe consists of:

  • one unit of chicken eggs;
  • nine dessert spoons of poppy seeds;
  • five dessert spoons of sugar.

Cooking Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Poppy seeds for half an hour are placed in hot water.
  2. Then they need to drain, cool and grind in a blender or meat grinder.
  3. Sugar is added to the mixture.
  4. The egg is separately whipped separately, after which it is added to the filling and all the ingredients are mixed.

This recipe is different in that it is quite thick, making it convenient to use in the formation of pies.

So, now you know how to cook poppy for baking cakes, pies, rolls and other sweets. As you can see, there are a lot of options for cooking poppy filling. Each hostess will find a suitable recipe for himself, despite the fact that there are simple options available for everyone to afford, or more filling fillers with which you can surprise guests at the holiday table. To support the taste and style of dry poppy seeds can be added to the dough, from which the product will be baked.

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