How to turn on the recording of the conversation on "Android"?

Surely every owner of a smartphone on the platform “Android” at least once thought about how to record a conversation with the interlocutor at the other end of the wire. Someone is simply interested in the very fact of such an enterprise for entertainment purposes, while for some it is necessary for work. The latter may be journalists who need such records for the accurate execution of articles or private detectives, whose duties include knowing everything and everyone. As such, there are a lot of scenarios for using this functionality and it makes no sense to paint them all, because we are interested in the very possibility of recording telephone conversations on Android.

call recording on android

In principle, many modern gadgets, even at the budget level, can easily solve this problem with the help of the built-in software “stuffing”. All smartphones in theory have this functionality, that is, you can record a conversation on “Android” using standard tools, but not every manufacturer activates this feature in the stock firmware.

Smartphone manufacturers policy

Some gadgets on this platform have open access to the API (internal device code) for regular and third-party applications. That is, in our case, this option will be the best for recording conversations on “Android”: you do not need to install anything, but rather use the built-in software, moreover, in a couple of clicks and without any adjustments.

However, in a good half of the devices, such functionality is not used or is completely blocked. The fact is that in most countries where smartphones are imported, there is a very tough policy regarding privacy and privacy in general. Sometimes the presence of programs embedded in the firmware for recording telephone conversations on the “Android” can lead to criminal prosecution, so it is easier for manufacturers to initially abandon this functionality than to deal with constant complaints from consumers and distributors.

Features of firmware

Moreover, the developers of smartphones act in various ways to hide this functionality: they either delete the driver responsible for this, or hide the entries in the system libraries.Such prohibitions, of course, can be circumvented with the installation of administrator rights (root-rights), but it is not the most noble thing to flip through the volume code in search of the desired string. It is easier to pre-purchase a smartphone from a more “compliant" brand.

recording phone conversations on android

As for specific manufacturers, judging by user reviews and information from the official company forums, the phones from ZTE, Meise, Lenovo and Xiaomi have built-in applications for recording telephone conversations on Android. In the Samsung devices and in the “Huaveya” there were no such programs, but the stock firmware did not in any way prevent the installation of third-party software for such purposes. Sony, LG, Vivo, and some models of Asus flatly refused to install applications for recording conversations for Android. The latter become more compliant when receiving root-rights, but not every user will want to get involved with it. Here we are talking about breach of warranty and stability of the gadget. Therefore, the risk, especially for new phones, is quite high.

Programs for recording conversations on "Android"

Established means, if any, are provided in the device, and the manufacturer has opened access to them, are not distinguished by an abundance of functionality, as well as convenience, at least by most of them.There are no sorting, marks, conversion to the desired format and other things.

program to record conversations on android

Third-party software for recording conversations on the "Android", as a rule, has more advanced features, full functionality and ergonomic interface. Therefore, those who are interested in such a direction, it is better to pay attention to third-party utilities, which will be discussed below. The ratings were taken into account user reviews and popularity of the product. It is also worth noting that the programs of such a plan cannot guarantee their stable operation on your devices for the reasons stated above.

Automatic call recorder

Similar applications for recording conversations on the "Android" in the "Google Play" darkness, and, with that name. Therefore, before downloading software, be sure to pay attention to the developer of the program, it should be Appliqato.

program for recording telephone conversations on android

Judging by the reviews and the number of downloads, the application enjoys enviable popularity among users. As for the field tests, the utility handled them perfectly. The only spoonful of tar that most users complain about is advertising.The problem can be solved by purchasing a paid license well, or, for lovers of piracy, a hacked version.

Distinguishing features of the software

In general, the functional shareware copy can not be called circumcised or defective. Everything works well and seriously enough: automatic recording of the conversation on Android, data storage in DropBox and Google Drive clouds, intelligent file sorting in real time, as well as a wide range of settings for yourself.

The paid version slightly expands the functionality, but quite a bit. It becomes possible to use the voice recorder and a menu branch opens where you can set up saving conversations with your favorite contacts.


This utility is not inferior in quality to the previous respondent. The application can also record conversations in automatic order and save them in the “clouds” of DropBox or “Google Drive”. In addition, the program provides protection for user data, including similar call records using a pin code.

talk recording apps for android

Separately, it is worth noting the well-executed interface of the utility, where each item is clearly signed and has a help icon, on clicking on which an auxiliary window pops up with a detailed explanation of the selected functionality.For beginners, this is a particularly useful thing, and experienced users more than once resort to a master assistant for more advanced settings “for themselves.”

As a "spoon of tar" here appears not quite convenient processing of files after recording conversations. In order to see some details, you need to tap three times, and only then the full information about the file will be displayed on the screen.


Quite fastidious application for "correct" smartphones, where in some cases you have to resort to installing root-rights. But, judging by the numerous and complimentary reviews on the product, it is worth it.

phone recording apps android

The program is distinguished by a simple and at the same time nice interface, where everything is in its place. You will not have to stray here. The developer went by analogy with the regular phonebook for "Android", so all the functionality is recognizable and easy to learn. Also worth noting is the competent sorting of files upon completion of the recording: everything is laid out in selected folders, with the corresponding notes and is available in two clicks.

As for storing data in cloud services, the free version is not capable of this, you will have to buy a paid license.The latter, by the way, adds the ability to record calls from the middle of a conversation and automatic memory cleaning.


Zvondik is a rather popular application from domestic developers. The majority of users have not found reviews on the utility flattering and some critical flaws. The only thing is to clarify that the program, as well as in the case of ACR, is extremely fastidious to the manufacturers of the smartphone, as well as to the firmware. Therefore, a good half of the gadgets may need root-rights.

android best talk recordings

The free version of the product has all the necessary functionality, including data storage in the “cloud” of DropBox. It is also possible to select the file format that will be output on the output after recording, and converting one type to another directly in the application. In addition, users more than once sang the praises of the developer for a lot of even small, but extremely useful "chips", such as vibration at the start of the recording, various interface topics, and most importantly, the ability to fine tune the functionality to fit your needs. In general, after using this application, one feels that the owner of the software with the soul approached his brainchild.Therefore, it is really nice to work with him.

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