How to enter a university? Enter the university without a exam: tips applicants

Every spring, eleventh graders think about how to go to college. This question makes the guys literally and crazy parents and loved ones. Therefore, let's talk about how admission to universities, where to go and how to make this process more to enter a university

On the way to success

You need to think about where to go after school. Of course, none of the children in the fifth or sixth grade still think about it. The whole panic begins with the ninth or tenth grade. This is the time for the final exams. If now you are already studying at least in the eighth grade, we advise you to think about where to go - your entrance tests will directly depend on this. In case of a good deal, you can be a contender for free (budget) places. Otherwise, you will have to pay for your training. With all this, the payment will directly depend on which university you entered and on what specialty.As a rule, the average price of tuition per year varies from 75 to 90 thousand rubles. But how to enter the university, if there is no idea about the process? Now we will talk about it.

Admission process

The first thing you need to worry about is what university to enter and what specialty. Since the introduction of the mandatory single state exam was introduced, this problem has become more than relevant. The fact is that each specialty requires the delivery of certain items and a set of specific points. It is obligatory for all directions to pass the Russian language and mathematics. One item (and sometimes two) is a profile. And he, as a rule, needs to pay special attention. In addition, decide which institution you want to go to, this will help you a list of universities of the city (or country).

From about the eighth grade, you should keep up in all subjects and with all this, focus on the disciplines required for admission. For example, medical universities will not be able to get without exams in chemistry and biology. To pass the exam in these subjects is quite difficult.

where to go

When you decide on a specialty and exams, pass all tests and get results, you can safely go to the desired university in order to apply for the chosen specialty.A couple of hours in kilometer queue of the same students - and wait for the results. As a rule, they are published on the websites of universities. Those who will be above the red line in the list have arrived on the budget, and those who are under it will wait for the second wave or will not be accepted at all (if they have not submitted an application for contract training either).

University or institute?

Quite often, applicants ask whether they should go to the university or to the institute. Someone in general has no idea what the difference between these institutions is. Let's see.

Getting into a university is usually more difficult than going to college. The fact is that in the people it is believed that the first institution has great prestige, and hence the turn of applicants, as well as the quality of education there is better. Institutions usually bypass a little and choose them as a second higher education. Both there and there you can enter after 11th grade after passing the entrance exams.

Another small, but rather important difference is the price of education. At university, prices are usually a bit high. Admission to the institute does not give a full guarantee of a low cost of education, but nevertheless you will feel the difference.

Now a little about the quality of education.As already mentioned, it is assumed that state universities, namely universities, provide the best education. This is nothing more than a stereotype. As shown in practice, it all depends on the student’s desire to learn, and how the teachers lead the classes (this depends especially on their own knowledge and character). So you can choose what you like and calmly apply for admission.

go to college without him

Eternal question

Everyone who has ever thought about how to enter a university has recently been concerned about another problem: how to do it without a unified state examination? The fact is that already from the 8th grade children begin to prepare only for the passing of the unified state exam. What he really is? These are tests for entering universities, as well as questions that need to be given detailed answers.

On the one hand, this approach is quite understandable - children need to be tested in order to test their knowledge. Nevertheless, from the first years of the introduction of such a system, it became clear that it was ineffective. The unified state examination does not allow the applicant to fully reveal himself: the answers can be given at random. With all this, it is not uncommon for honors pupils to get low scores, and losers - high. As they say, it all depends on luck.Starting from high school, children no longer receive knowledge, they are simply “trained” to pass exams. That is why the question of how to enter a university without a USE is more than important for the current generation.

The impossible is possible

Now it may seem that entering without a USE is just a fairy tale. To some extent, Russian legislation allowed children to enter higher education institutions without exams. But who has that right?

medical universities

First, there is such a chance for olympiad players. More precisely, their winners. If you are the winner of the All-Russian School Olympiad, you can expect that you will be accepted without entrance examinations. Everything would be good if in 2015 there was no new decree according to which you need to confirm your high knowledge of the USE. Points must be at least 65 on the subject in which you participated in the Olympiad.

More can do without the exam, candidates for master of sports, master of sports and players of different national teams. So if you want to go to university without entrance exams, go to the sport, take the leading places there - and the doors of universities will be open to you.But there are several other options on how to enroll in a higher education institution and not pass exams. About them now and will be discussed.

Foreign citizens and residents of the Crimea

If you are a foreign citizen and decided to enroll in a Russian university, tests, exams and other tests will bypass you. It is enough just to decide where to go and write an application in the set timeframe, to which you attach documents confirming your affiliation to another state. After that you will be credited to the budget place. However, all this is possible only if you pass the selection within the quota established by the Government of the Russian Federation for the education of foreigners.

Those who live in the Crimea, also have every right not to pass the exam. For the Crimeans, the exam is still optional. Do you want - hand over, do not want - do not. Therefore, the newly minted Russians are now somewhat easier than high school students from other regions of the country who are puzzled over how to enter a university without problems and nerves. In addition to the above, there are several ways.

To act fraudulently?

Since we started to talk about all the methods of admission, then let's say about it. Although it is highly undesirable to resort to it. Or rather, it is not necessary and impossible!

If you do not know how to enter a university for free education, then ... you can use human greed. It is about bribing the selection committee or buying the results of the USE. Until 2015, there were a lot of similar cases, most of them were suppressed, but some still remained undisclosed. Bribing is illegal. From 2015, they canceled paper certificates of the USE results - they were completely replaced by electronic ones. Therefore, it is even more difficult to falsify the results. Choose legal methods of admission!go to university

After grade 9

If you want to go to college without passing exams, this, as already mentioned, must be taken care of in advance. There are many ways, one of them is to graduate from college, technical school or college after the ninth grade. Many universities and institutes cooperate with such educational institutions. If a student receives a secondary special education in a particular specialty, he will be able to enroll at once for a 2-3 year course without unnecessary trouble. This is a pretty good option for those who first want to get at least some diploma of education. Honestly, training in colleges and technical schools is no worse than in schools.The essential difference is the ability to work and gain experience. But if after the 11th grade the child does not enter the university on a budget, and does not even submit documents on a contractual basis, then he remains abandoned to the mercy of fate - without a diploma, work experience and profession.

So, if you want to go to a university without a unified state examination, and with all this behind you have a wealth of experience and at least some diploma that will allow you to support yourself, ask at the university you want to enroll in, which colleges, technical schools or Schools he collaborates. Because of stereotypes, this method often receives negative evaluations, although in reality it is a practical and logical move.

Do "where it will turn out"

There is another way to enroll in the specialty you need without a unified state examination. True, the unified state exam will still have to pass, but in those subjects in which you are best oriented. All you need is to enroll in any specialty at your chosen university and study there for a year. Successfully pass the session and go to the direction you need.

However, in this case, the student will have to "sweat" a little.The fact of the matter is that when transferring from one direction to another, a person is re-accounted for only some of the items that he passed during the sessions. All the rest, missing, will have to pass. And not during the next exams, but in advance, after the student submits an application for transfer to another direction.

University admission

It is good if your "old" and "new" specialties are close to each other. In this case, the number of items required for the delivery will be minimized. And if, say, after studying a linguist for a year, you are going to re-enter a medical school, it will be more than difficult to do. Unless, of course, you are not perfectly aware of chemistry and biology.

Honestly, this method sometimes saves children. True, many parents are not happy for him. Again stereotypes. If you do not know how to enter a university, and are not confident in your abilities, try to use this method. So you will "win" the year in order to properly prepare for entering your direction.

But there is a completely non-standard way to get into a higher educational institution without entrance exams and get a diploma of higher education. We will tell about it further.

Learning Innovation

Internet technologies are developing all over the world. They are introduced wherever possible. And higher education was not deprived of attention - many universities have created their own branches with the so-called distance learning. There have recently taken without EGE. True, this trend is beginning to fade away, as the flow of students increases every year.

In order to enroll in distance learning, find a university or institute that provides such services. See if there are any branches in your city (you will have to defend the diploma in person presence). After that apply and documents. This is done using an online application and sending the necessary papers or in person. Wait for the answer and get to work.enroll after grade 11

Also, distance learning can be done by transfer from another university. To do this, you need to take care that you do not have "tails" in the current university. Take an interest, what directions are on distance learning, and choose the one that you had to taste. After that, pass the session and write a statement at your university of deduction in connection with the transfer.Here you will need to provide a certificate stating that you are really ready to be accepted to another educational institution. Wait until you make an academic certificate, and you can safely submit all documents for distance learning. True, here, most likely, you will need to dosdat a few items. Do not worry - all changes will take place via the Internet in the online mode, so you will have the opportunity to quickly find the necessary information.

Honestly, about e-learning people respond is not particularly flattering. This is another stereotype. For example, parents who do not know about such opportunities draw pictures of themselves that in order to study successfully, a child should straining at the university, sit there until deep in the evening, and study at home until night. This is not entirely correct. The success of learning depends on each person individually. For many, distance education is an indispensable way to get a diploma. This is especially true for people with disabilities (for example, those who are uncomfortable to move around) and young mummies who just need to be engaged in raising a baby. Also during distance learning there is no need to break away from work.And the price of such education is more than sparing.

Mini reference

  • For admission without the exam, you will need special awards for achievements in science and sports.
  • Foreign citizens within the quota may be enrolled without the results of the USE.
  • The inhabitants of Crimea are now entering universities in Russia without passing the unified state exam.
  • If you are not confident in your abilities - go to any specialty, and then transfer.
  • Distance learning is also a way out. New and not yet well known.
  • Use only legal methods of admission to an institution of higher education.

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