How to enter the engineering menu on the "Android"?

Modern smartphones are not only an opportunity to make calls, surf the Internet and experience various games. Devices running the Android OS have a fairly large number of different secrets and extensions. Some of them are available in the engineering menu. But what is it? How to enter the engineering menu? Are there any risks in working with this part of the gadget firmware? Let's start with the question of why this menu is not in the public domain.


The fact is that everything that the user has access to, even if mistreated and removed, will not cause irreparable harm to the smartphone. The same menu with incorrect exploitation can lead to the fact that the gadget will differ little from a simple tin can, which place in the trash can.

how to enter the engineering menu

In addition, everything that is really necessary for the user is always in the public domain. Hidden features are more intended for those who are professionally engaged in software repair of smartphones.By the way, many masters recommend that before entering the engineering menu “Android”, take a sheet and a pen. For what? So just in case, write down all the stock data. It helps a lot when something goes wrong.

What is this menu?

Under the engineering menu means a special program used by developers at the end of the formation of the software platform of the gadget. At the final stage, it helps to change the working capacity of the device and correct its various functions at the program level. The same menu is used for testing.

how to enter the engineering menu android

Before using this menu, you should make sure that your smartphone is working on a MediaTech processor. Why is this so important? On other chipsets, for example, Qualcomm, the engineering menu is noticeably curtailed and may be completely absent. How to enter the engineering menu of Samsung, the question is generally not worth it, since all the devices of this brand work on other types of processors.

Version of "Android"

Is there a difference between how to enter the engineering menu "Android 5.1" and a younger or older version of the platform? We note that there is a difference even in the brands and models of gadgets. As mentioned above, there is no entrance to the engineering menu for Samsung, although some say that the following commands work in this case: * # * # 8255 # * # *, * # 0011 # or * # * # 4636 # * #.

How to open the menu

And here we come to the main question: how to enter the engineering menu? This is possible if you enter a special code. This can be done through the dialer. What to enter?

  • *#*#3646633#*#*
  • *#*#4636#*#*
  • *#15963#*

After the introduction of the command, most smartphones are automatically redirected to the engineering menu. In rare cases, you need to press the call button. If nothing happens after that, check that the input is correct. If there is no error, but no result, then the entered code does not suit you.

how to enter the engineering menu android 5 1

In the event that you have a tablet that does not have a dialer, or if none of the codes worked, you can download the application specially from the Market. For example, MTK Engineering or MobileUncle Tools. Applications are free.


After it was possible to enter the engineering menu, you need to find the department for which all the above procedures have been done. There are three options to test and determine any indicators. We understand what's what.


Let's start, perhaps, with this part of the gadget. Through the engineering menu, you can configure almost all the parameters of the camera. In another mode, you can turn it on to determine the operating current. Few people are interested, but in some cases it helps to solve certain problems associated with autocorrection or focusing.


Often, the question of how to enter the phone’s engineering menu interests the user precisely because he wants to make his gadget louder. If the manufacturer has not set the maximum settings, you can independently adjust the sound in the speakers and in the microphone.

how to enter the phone’s engineering menu

These operations can be carried out in several separate modes:

  • Sip. This item is intended to set up calls over the Internet using convenient parameters.
  • Mic. In this section, you can change the sensitivity of the microphone to any of the parties, for example, to make the microphone not catch breath, and so on.
  • Sph. This section is responsible for the auditory speaker. It is recommended to use it if you can hardly hear the interlocutors who are calling from different devices, and adjusting the volume with a rocker does not help.
  • Sph2. Not every smartphone can use this function, as it is intended for the second auditory speaker.
  • Sid. It is better not to change this parameter, since it is almost impossible to set it up correctly. He is responsible for the echo effect.
  • Media. Use this section if you are not satisfied with the volume level of multimedia. Here we are talking about music, video and so on.
  • Ring. The name of this parameter speaks for itself - the ringtone or the volume of an incoming call.
  • FMR - radio tuning.

When working in each section, you should understand that you should not play with each of the parameters.


In the connections section you can test and adjust all possible types of connections that are in the gadget. These include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition to these obvious types of wireless connectivity, you can check how well WLAN CTIA and even the FM receiver work.

how to enter samsung engineering menu

It is curious that in a separate section “Disabling detection” you can adjust the frequency of the signal.

Display and touch screen

These sections will help test and customize the screen of the smartphone and the backlight. The first is responsible for correcting the backlight, controlling the lines of the display and setting the backlight. By adjusting the sensor, you can test it for the presence of broken segments, touch response, and so on. You can also calibrate the sensor through the engineering menu.

Memory and USB

The question of how to enter the engineering menu, are set and those who are faced with the disappearance of memory on the device. By the way, in a separate section, you can test the SD card.As for the memory of the gadget, the menu contains all the information about the module. In the engineering menu, you can test the performance of the USB port.


This section is searched by quite a few and gets upset when they don’t find it. Maybe it is not in the engineering menu? In fact, you can see the status of the battery, the percentage of deterioration and the rating of the processes that most affect the device, in the “To the degree” section and in the “Battery Journal”. The reason for this strange name is incorrect translation from English. By the way, there is simply no transition from Russian to any other language in the engineering menu.

enter the engineering menu android 4 4


As mentioned above, in most devices with such a processor, the engineering menu does not work or is significantly reduced. You can get into it through the normal menu. It is necessary several times to click on the item, which is referred to as "Kernel version". You will open a new function, in which there are five separate items. What kind?

  1. Automatic Test. Fully consistent with its name, conducts automatic testing of all necessary systems.
  2. Single Item Test. This section gives you the opportunity to choose one of 25 tests.
  3. Test Report.When you click on this option, you can study the test reports.
  4. SW add HW version consists of various numbers that display smartphone data.
  5. Device View. Here is information about the equipment.

Not all smartphones with Qualcomm will highlight just such a menu, but it's worth a try.


Knowing how to enter the engineering menu "Android 4.4" and other versions of this operating system, it is worth understanding that if one of the settings causes a gadget to fail, the ability to restore it becomes very small. Therefore, as soon as you decide to change something in the settings through the engineering menu, be aware that the life of the device may end there. If something does not suit you in the work of the gadget, it is better to contact an experienced master and describe your wishes in detail. He will be able to soberly assess the possibilities and make a verdict.

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