How to flash documents in 3 or 4 holes

In the process of activity of any organization, a large number of business papers appear that need to be systematized and filed. But how to properly flash documents, they know not all. There are certain rules that must be followed in order for the papers to be properly designed.

Why is it necessary to flash paper?

how to flash documents

Being interested in how to properly flash documents, you can think about, and whether it is necessary to do it at all? Of course, it may seem to many that the firmware is an old and non-modern way of handling papers. Nevertheless, today it is an effective option to bring the documents into proper form. The process itself must be treated very responsibly and scrupulously. It's one thing if the paper will be used only by your company, and a completely different question if they will be submitted to any instance. Many structures are very meticulous about paperwork, so incorrectly hemmed papers can be a reason for refusing to accept them.

In addition, poorly executed cases can simply crumble, and this can lead to the loss of important information on paper. For this reason, documents that consist of two or more sheets must be bound. Let's take a closer look at how to flash documents correctly?

Tools for work

In order to properly and beautifully perform the work, we need the tools: needle, thread, awl, clean white paper and stationery glue.

how to flash documents

The method of processing documents has a long history and has changed over the centuries. But now this question is relevant even in the conditions of modern technologies. For the firmware, you can use thin twine or nylon thread. There are several options for paper binding. You can flash documents in 3 holes or in 4. In our article we will consider both ways.

Preparation of documents

Before flashing documents, they must be prepared properly. Sheets must be freed from all fastening materials (staples, clips), after which you must take care that all of them are properly numbered.

In fairness it should be noted that the numbering is a very important element of any document. The fact is that when certifying papers, it is necessary to indicate the number of pages. As a rule, the numbering is placed in the upper right corner of the sheet in Arabic numerals. You should always remember the basic design rule, which states that it is necessary not to count pages, but sheets of documents. But the inventory is not included in the numbering.

Now that all the papers have been prepared, you need to stack them in the correct order.

Making inventory

Speaking about how to flash documents, you need to remember that any business should have an inventory, which contains the following information:

  1. Name.
  2. Date of this inventory.
  3. Brief annotation.
  4. The inventory itself. As a rule, this is a table indicating the sequence number, the name of the document and the date and number of papers.
  5. At the end of the signature and full name. the person who designed the documents.

Flashing 3 holes

When all the preparatory stages are completed, you can go directly to the process itself. Let's step by step how to flash documents in three holes.

Paper must be folded in a flat stack. On the left side of the margins should puncture three holes. This can be done with the help of sewing or with the help of a hole punch. The hole is best done by stepping back 1.5 centimeters from the left edge. Indenting is done so that the document can be read after the firmware. To make the holes smooth, it is convenient to use a hole punch.

All three holes should be on the same line, the distance between them should not exceed three centimeters. The middle hole should be located in the middle of the to flash photo documents

We give step-by-step instructions on how to flash documents (the photo is given in the article):

  1. The needle is passed through the middle hole, and the end of the thread is left on the reverse side.
  2. Next, thread the needle into the top hole. Both ends of the thread were on the same side.
  3. We thread the needle into the bottom hole so that it goes to the front side.
  4. Again, lower into the middle hole. Now that the thread has passed all the holes, it is necessary to tie it on the back of the documents on the knot. At the same time you need to leave the tips of a length of five centimeters. On the knot on top you need to stick a witness note.

flash documents in 4 holes

The second method of firmware

You can flash documents in 4 holes. This is done quite simply. It is necessary to punch four holes in one straight line.

And then sew stitches of paper, starting from the first hole, while leaving a piece of thread on the back side. As in the first case, the knot is sealed. It is recommended to flash documents twice to ensure greater strength.

How to flash documents for tax?

Very often, organizations have their own requirements regarding paperwork. In this regard, tax is no exception. Papers must be issued in such a way that there is no reason to refuse to accept them.

Paper held in three puncture. The distance between the holes should be three centimeters. Sew the documents with a nylon thread or twine. The case is sealed: 3 x 5 cm paper is glued, while the ends of the thread must remain free, and on it is put a sign of the witness and a stamp. But the financial statements should be stitched in 5 holes, and the knot should be sealed with tissue paper.

Witnessing inscription

After the documents are fully prepared and stitched, you need to issue a witness inscription. To do this, take a sheet of paper measuring 4 centimeters by 6.The phrase is written on it: “It is laced and numbered ... (the number is indicated) of sheets”. The number of sheets is indicated in words and numbers. Further, the position of the person who designed the case must be indicated, his signature and date shall be put. This label is glued on top of the knot, and the ends of the thread are left free. A stamp is placed on top, which should be partly located on the note, and partly in fact.

flash documents in 3 holes

The inscription must be properly formatted, since it is this that says that the papers are inviolable. In the event that the integrity of the case is violated, it is clear that the inscription is damaged.

Ways of firmware

There are several ways to flash documents:

  1. Thread and needle can be used in the case when the document has a small volume.
  2. With the help of hole punch and thread. This method is suitable for more extensive cases.
  3. With the help of a drill and a screwdriver. This option is only suitable for a very large volume of documents.
  4. In printing houses use autonumber and binding machine. You can use the services of professionals if you need to process a large number of papers in a short time. Archives and printing houses do an excellent job with such tasks, making everything quickly and correctly.

how to flash documents for tax

Instead of an afterword

In our article we reviewed the basic principles of stitching documents. However, it is worth remembering that each instance has its own views on the rules of paper handling. Nuances may arise regarding pagination or a witness record. Therefore, it is recommended to preliminarily clarify the requirements of the organization to which you are planning to submit papers. Especially worth paying attention to the wishes of the tax. Sometimes its employees require the presence of an inventory of documents in the form of a separate sheet. And ready-made papers are recommended to serve in the folder. Knowledge of such small nuances will avoid delays.

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