How to get a Sberbank card and use it correctly?

Sberbank today in Russia occupies a leading place in dealing with personal deposits. Therefore, the arsenal of bank cards in this financial institution is the largest, and the future user of the card can always choose the best product. The article describes how to get a Sberbank card.

How to get a Sberbank card

The bank issues two main types of cards - credit and debit. In addition, 4 more varieties are separately named: gift, social, individually designed and universal electronic cards, but they can be attributed to debit products. There are some differences in the procedure for receiving credit and debit cards, as well as in functionality.

The bank mainly uses the services of two companies that provide bank cards - Visa and MasterCard. The answer to the question of how to get a Sberbank Visa card, and how - MasterCard is simple: the difference between them is only in the preferred currency of payment (the first is the US dollar, the second is the dollar plus the euro). It remains to choose the right and follow the procedure below.

How to get a credit card Sberbank?

To get a loan at a bank, you can use a credit card. The terms of its provision are somewhat different than with ordinary loans, but the convenience is obvious, especially when carrying out non-cash transactions. You can figure out how to get a Sberbank card atits nearest branch, which has the right to issue cards. You can get information on the official website of the bank. Choosing your favorite product, you can begin the process of registration.

Getting a credit card is akin to getting a loan, it just goes through a simplified procedure, because it does not require collateral. To apply, you will need to contact the Sberbank branch with a set of documents.How to get a bank card of Sberbank

Standard set includes:

  • Passport.
  • Documents that show the financial condition:

- form 2-NDFL for the last six months of work - for working citizens;

- certificate of the amount of pension or branch of the FIU - for pensioners.

  • Documents confirming that a person works:

- A copy of the workbook, certified by the employer (coverage should not be less than 5 years from the beginning of employment);

- A copy of the employment contract, certified by the employer page by page;

- original and copy of the certificate of state registration of the IP (notarized);

- for licensed forms of activity - the original and a copy (notarized) of the corresponding license.

As for the documents confirming the labor activity, they should not be submitted if the applicant has a salary card in the Sberbank. Usually, on the Sberbank website, under the heading describing how to get a Sberbank card, it is indicated opposite the name of the credit product, which documents must be submitted. Two options are possible: “by passport” or “by two documents”.

When will a credit card be issued?

After previewing the documents, the user will be asked to fill out an application form of a very extensive format with many columns relating to the identity of the applicant and his income. The bank is interested in the reliability of the future borrower.

After some time, the user will be notified that a credit card can be obtained. At the Sberbank branch, he is given a card and a sealed envelope containing a PIN code.In order to avoid further misunderstandings, before you receive a Sberbank bank card, you should make sure that the Latin name is written on the front of the card with the name and surname of the owner, as well as put a signature on the back side.How to get a Sberbank gold card

How to use a credit card Sberbank?

Credit card activation occurs automatically, maximum the next business day after receiving it. In the future, with credit resources stored on the card, you can perform two types of operations:

  • Make purchases, pay for services, transferring funds in a cashless way.
  • Withdraw cash.

In both cases, the available funds limit is reduced by the amount spent. The first 50 days there is a grace period. In this time period, the user can use the money on the card, and interest is not charged. Conditions for granting benefits are as follows:

- before the specified date it is necessary to have time to repay the arrears;

- use the card only for non-cash payments; if you withdraw cash from the card, this amount does not apply.

Before you get a credit card of Sberbank, it is necessary to clarify the level of interest on cash withdrawal.You should be prepared for increased fees for the operation. Even in the “native” terminals of Sberbank, it is 3%, for other banks it is even more - 4%. And in both cases, the minimum commission will not be less than 390 rubles.

Card limits

The credit limit is set by the bank in accordance with the requests of the applicant and data about his reliability and income. For most Sberbank credit cards, its maximum size is 600 thousand rubles. Only for two types of cards it is significantly lower - for cards of instant issuance (120 thousand rubles) and for youth cards (200 thousand rubles).

In addition, the user himself has the right to set their own limits on such operations as cash withdrawal, the amount of spending on purchases and payment for services, money transfers and so on. This option is sometimes needed if third parties use the credit card other than the owner. To establish the restrictions, you should write the appropriate application to the branch of Sberbank that issued the card.

By analogy with ordinary loans for a credit card, Sberbank establishes a mandatory monthly payment, the amount of which depends on tariffs and terms of service.How to get a Sberbank Visa card

Loan repayment methods

To repay the loan, the user must deposit funds on the card account before the due date of payment. Interest will then be charged only on the used part of the loan.

There are four possible ways of non-cash loan repayment:

  1. Debit cards of Sberbank using the "Mobile Bank".
  2. Internet service "Sberbank Online".
  3. ATMs or terminals that can transfer money from other cards.
  4. Current accounts in other banks.

How to get a debit card?

Sberbank's debit card is used exclusively as an electronic means of payment.

To find out how to get a Sberbank debit card, please contact your nearest office. It is issued to individuals aged 14 and over, having a registration (both permanent and temporary) in Russia. You can go two ways to get a debit card:

The first is to personally contact the Sberbank office, show your passport and fill out the necessary documents.

The second is to apply remotely via the Internet. Documents in this case will need to be signed already upon receipt of the card.

The appeal is considered for a short time. After the call from the bank, the applicant arrives at the Sberbank office and receives a debit card along with an envelope containing its PIN code.

How to use a debit card?

The card account is replenished mainly from the income of its owner. In the future, with the resources stored on the card, you can perform the following operations:

  • Withdraw cash (at Sberbank ATMs without a commission, with other banks - with a commission).
  • Cashless to make purchases and pay for services.

Sberbank for card users has provided a number of convenient services to help track operations online. In particular, you can manage your account using the Sberbank Online and Mobile Bank remote services.How to get a Sberbank debit card

In most cases, the debit card is issued for three years, after which it is automatically reissued. Exceptions can only be made if the user has not performed any operations on the card for a certain period remaining until its expiration date.

To get a new card, you do not need to write applications: you need only 2-3 days before the expiration date to visit the office of Sberbank, which issued the old product, and present a passport.

Gold cards

In some cases, the user may be interested in how to get a gold card.Sberbank.This is interestingproduct for both credit and debit cards. Their owners enjoy impressive privileges, including discounts, bonuses, multiple offers and enhanced security of operations. The commission, however, is also increased.

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How to get a Sberbank card and use it correctly 21

How to get a Sberbank card and use it correctly 56

How to get a Sberbank card and use it correctly 86

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How to get a Sberbank card and use it correctly 40

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