How to get blue color? Mixing colors

Whatever you may say, this color is magical, but it causes ambivalent feelings: on the one hand, it is a kind of sadness, and on the other, peace and tranquility. This article will look at how to get when mixing colors. Find out what shades exist, as they are called. Consider what percentage is necessary to solve the task: how to get blue?

how to get blue

Blue colour. Psychological perception

This shade since ancient times attracted mankind. He has always been given special attention. So in ancient Egypt, the process of sacrifice to the gods was depicted in precisely this color. In astrology, it corresponds to the planet Venus. In the esoteric, it is used for meditation, concentration, as well as for the process of self-knowledge. In the modern world, psychologists relate to this tone ambiguously: on the one hand, it contributes to concentration in order to achieve a goal, but on the other hand it is able to otleit a person from reality, brings emotional coldness to the world view.

In psychology, various color tests are used, and one of the most effective is the Luscher test, according to which the tone we describe symbolizes calm and self-satisfaction. This test is able to determine the stress-resistant state of a person and communication skills. Each time the test is striking in its accuracy; as a true friend, it can provide answers to questions that have long been brewing inside.

how to get blue color mixing colors

Shades of blue

Our described tone is noble and stylish. He hides the calm of the cold sky and the raging passion of the sea. How to get blue color? Mixing colors will give a large number of related tones and semitones, the recipe percentage is varied. The number of its shades are many. And how beautiful they are called! Based on only one name, you can understand how we love this shade, how it inspires and gives strength. So, as an example, we give the following names of shades of blue: cornflower blue, gray, Niagara color, cyan, ultramarine, celestial, sea wave, blue, azure, Persian blue, royal blue, indigo, Prussian blue, sapphire, blue-black.Here are the main shades of the tone that we are describing. In addition to them, there are a lot of half-shades, this is how versatile this tone is.

Even any shade can have different characteristics: blue is frivolous and playful, because it is not for nothing that they say “blue dream”, in other words, unrealizable and unreal. But the shade of "indigo" is identified with highly developed mental abilities. Mentally gifted children are often called indigo. Also it is necessary to take into account the person’s clothes in the choice of the interior in favor of this tone, and the first thing that can be said about him is that this person has an analytical mindset. But back to the main question: how to get blue?

how to get blue when mixing colors

Mix colors

After all, it is the primary color, but we can get a large number of its shades using different tones. So, how to get blue when mixing colors? Consider getting “Royal Blue”. To do this, it is necessary to use as the main tone - blue, adding to it an insignificant part of black and a drop of green. As a result of this blending, the desired shade should turn out.How to get a blue color, but a brighter shade than the previous one? To do this, use the same colors that we described above, but in this case, you need to halve the amount of black. As a result of mixing should get a beautiful dark blue shade.

Now consider the colors from which to get the blue color of the sea, the shade of turquoise. To do this, you also need to use the main hue of our tone, and the additional one will be a green tone, taken at a ratio of one to three. You should get the unforgettable color of the sea, the color of the eyes of a beautiful girl, mysterious and deep, at the same time exciting and soothing. Now I would like to find out what tones are needed to get the blue shade "Wedgwood." In this case, the peculiarity lies in the fact that the main color will not be blue, as it was before, but white. To the white original tone, you need to add half of our described tone. Given the amount of primary color, and as a highlight or as a cherry on a cake, add a drop of black. The result should be a pacifying, calm shade of the same tone that we adore.

Consider this option: how to get blue when mixing orange colors in a very small amount with our basic tone, which in this recipe we define as the original. As a result of this operation, the shade should turn out to be heavy, even terrible. The result obtained is identified with a dirty and harsh sky during a wild storm, when the sea roars like a wild beast, and the wind howls and tears the sails of ships.

what colors are needed to get blue

Blue in nature

What colors are needed to get blue in nature, you ask? In our real world at the level of physics, this tone is perceived by the human eye in the range of 440 - 485 nm. In other words, the spectral blue color is felt under the action of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength, the digital value of which is indicated above.

Blue paint

How to get blue color by artificial means, you ask? As you know, natural dyes of this color are very rare, and therefore valuable. Fuchsin is considered one of the dyes of the aniline series. Its essential drawback is that far from that beautiful blue tint that one would like to get, in this case the magenta gives a bluish-red tone.The result of waiting will make you disappointed.

what colors to get blue


In conclusion, summing up, I would like to note that the main question of our article is how to get blue color. Mixing colors in different proportions will be the answer, but do not forget that today the acrylic paint described shade can be attributed to a dark blue with a purple tone. This type of shade is called ultramarine. Moreover, the issue of mixing paints is relevant for young artists who, in addition to theoretical information, practice is important. The ability to form your own style, still based on theoretical knowledge, is one of the main tasks. I would like to believe that this material will be useful and interesting.

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